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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Top 5 Latest Gadgets You Must Have a Look Once

Christmas is coming year and so are your days to gift your dear ones something special. Try some of these latest gadgets this year as your best gift idea.

Bose Wave Radio IV
Replace your outdated radio with the incredible Bose Wave Radio IV. This speaker delivers unmatched, room filling sound that will make you think you’re at a live show. Available in a sleek platinum silver, the Wave Radio IV features the award winning waveguide technology with the quality you can expect from a Bose system. Complete with an AM and FM tuner, the large screen displays both the artist and song for each track played. The included remote is ultra slim and totally controls the Wave Radio IV from the volume to the pre-set stations. Use the Bluetooth adapter to access music from internet radio stations or anything on your smartphone or tablet.

Me-PEN – Stylus Memory for All Modern Apple Devices
The more you use smartphones, the more you crave for more memory. Just to make sure your digital creativity doesn’t get limited to shorter storage space. what you need is a Me-PEN. Time to be creative and more productive with this new range of latest gadgets. You can also use the Me-PEN as a quick interchangeable pen module (Stylus OR Ballpoint Pen) which even includes a highly sensitive capacitive stylus nib. The stylus comes with a high strength machined aluminum memory housing and tip as well as a barrel option for machined aluminum or electro-conductive plastic. The Me-PEN helps you create and keep your artistic works—all without affecting your phone or tablet’s limited memory space. Using intelligent integration, the Me-PEN is a stylus and a memory drive happily rolled into one. It’s all form. It’s all function. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s sleek, sharp, and stylish—you might even say it’s a stylish stylus! But that’s not all—it’s also a state-of-the-art storage device that ensures your data is saved and protected immediately by flash memory.

Dojo – The Ultimate Internet Security Device
Make sure your family safely uses the internet by using Dojo, the ultimate internet security device. Dojo provides a layer between your devices and the network to protect you from any threats or risks to your security and even privacy. Because it’s super smart and sophisticated, Dojo learns your internet patterns to better determine a threat before it’s too late. It actually blocks the risks before it happens, making sure your information is safe. This wireless device was designed to be moved around with you. It glows to indicate a possible threat and you can easily check the app to view, manage, and action any risk. Keep your family and life secure on the internet with Dojo, the ultimate internet security device.

Ray Super Remote – The Ultimate Universal Remote
Get the world of TV at your fingertips with the Ray Super Remote, the ultimate latest gadgets  that works as a universal remote. Ray packs all of the controls of your clunky, cumbersome, and outdated remotes into one easy to use touchscreen tool. Manage your entire entertainment system with a couple swipes and taps on the touchscreen that is protected with Gorilla Glass. This remote connects to your entertainment devices via Wi-Fi, giving you seamless control and accessibility as it flawlessly switches between modes and devices. Search every single channel, including premium ones, with ease and see results with beautifully bright and clear color images. Spend less time fumbling with remote and more time discovering with the Ray Super Remote, the ultimate universal remote.

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