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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Get Something Awesome for Your iPhone in the Form of These Top iPhone 5 Accessories

No iPhone is ever old. If you’ve still got your hands on the iPhone 5, here are some of the top iPhone 5 accessories you must definitely try using once.

AluPlug By Just Mobile
Just Mobile AluPlug™ is the high-performance wall charger for your smartphone, tablet and other USB-powered devices. With two full-power USB ports, AluPlug™ will slot into any standard wall socket to deliver fast, reliable charging. Clad in high-grade aluminum with exquisite knurled finishing, the striking AluPlug™ brings Just Mobile’s unmistakable design heritage to a wall socket near you. Plug in to luxury and charge your USB devices in style. What you’ll get to enjoy is Just Mobile’s design as well as a convenient charging port for most of your USB gadgets. Since you’ll get to use two USB sockets at the same time, charging multiple gadgets won’t be much of a problem. Especially in a world where USB gadgets are increasing every day, this wall charger does sound like a brilliant accessory for your home or office.

The Holding Cell-Cell Phone Holder for your Bed
The Holding Cell is simple to use and can be mounted beside the bed by sliding the panel under the mattress so your phone is within arm’s reach, perfect for cell phones and baby monitors. Wherever the user puts it, this handy storage unit will adjust in size to fit any phone or device. The charging cord is safely captured through slots in the bottom to keep it from being lost, and there is even extra storage space for additional cord. The unit can be angled to allow for easier viewing of a phone’s screen, and folds neatly away when not in use. The Holding Cell provides the perfect place to store a phone, baby monitor or other electronic device during the night or any time the user needs a safe and easy-to-access storage and charging solution so your charging cord is never on the floor.

Jebsens CA02 Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount
Keep your smartphone handy in the car with no hands at all by using the Jebsens CA02 magnetic smartphone car mount. This reinforced magnetic holder is one of the top iPhone 5 accessories that has an intense attraction that can hold any smartphone in place. The high quality rubber base can effortlessly handle bumps and vibrations in the road while keep your phone steady. Rather than obstruct your view, the Jebsens CA02 sits neatly in the air vent. The cradle-free holding is super simply to use; just attach to the vent and it will hold your phone. Because of the freedom of the magnetic design, you can place your phone in portrait or landscape orientation which is perfect for hands-free calls and GPS navigation. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel with the Jebsens CA02 magnetic smartphone car mount.

Satechi Universal Game Controller
Have a better gaming experience on your mobile device with the Satechi Universal Game Controller. You can now transform the inaccurate and clumsy controls on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with this full featured controller. Equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, this controller has a total of 14 buttons, two joysticks, as well as a direction pal for the ultimate, enhanced gaming experience. Featuring a spring holder to secure your device in place, you can actively play your games with two hands without worry of dropping your and giving yourself total power over the game. The Satechi Universal Game Controller is compatible with a variety of apps including iCade games in the app store, a wide range from the Play Store including GTA 3, and loads of Windows games just as Call of Duty.

DuoMount – The World’s Most Versatile Car Mount
Conveniently store and access your phone, tablet, or GPS with DuoMount, the world’s most versatile car mount by InfiniApps. This mount conveniently slides into your existing CD slot to provide one to two spots for your phone or tablet. Featuring two magnetic knobs, they can be rotated in a variety of ways to keep your phone safe as well as a passenger’s phone. The secondary knob can also be used to steady a larger tablet, keep track of your ear buds, or to always have access to your charger. By simply inserting a metal plate into your phone’s case, you can easily use DuoMount. Requiring no tools, DuoMount is effortless to install and takes just moments. This durable mount is compatible with phones from the iPhone to Droid RAZR MAXX to the Galaxy Note 4 as well as iPads, GPS devices, and more.

Popcord Key Ring Charging Cable
Top up your phone’s battery anywhere you are with Popcord, the key ring charging cable. Available with both Lightning and micro USB connectors, this cable is one of the best top iPhone 5 accessories designed to always be with you on your key ring. It complements many phones on the market and has a sleek yet unassuming design. Until it’s plugged in and working, few would even know it is a charging cable. Available for Apple iPhone with Lightning ports and virtually all micro USB devices, you have your choice of black or gold. Weighing just 12 grams and measuring only 2.5 inches when closed, you’ll forget Popcord is there until your battery indicator turns red. Take advantage of the increasing availability of USB ports and charge your phone anywhere with Popcord, the key ring charging cable.

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