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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kaisr Sofa, Vitchelo Headlamp For Your Next Camping Trip

This year head for a camping trip in style by going for the coolest camping must haves. These include the Kaisr Sofa, Vitchelo Headlamp and more.

Vitchelo – Headlamp W/ Red LED For Hunting, Camping or Running
At a camping trip, one of the biggest concerns is to have a perfect lighting solution. While those bulbs do work at the campsite, you still need something that is more portable. Something like the Vitchelo headlamp that will be with you no matter where you go in the woods. It features a combination of narrow and white lights that will ensure you save energy in the best way possible. And battery life too. There is a lockout feature that will prevent you from draining battery life when the headlamp is not in use. A perfect companion for your camping trips indeed.

Lawson Hammock (Blue Ridge Camping Hammock)
Camping on the ground is risky. You tend to get prone to being attacked by insects and other harmful creatures. Why not shift to a higher ground level instead with the Lawson Hammock. The spreader bar and arch pole design keeps the bed of the tent pretty flat and perfect for resting during your camping trip. You won’t need additional trees to tie them and that’s what makes this hammock one of a kind. Get one now and head for your next campsite like a pro.

Kaisr – Inflatable Air Lounge
The KAISR inflatable sofa is a lounge for the beach lovers. It can inflate within seconds and take your beach life to new heights altogether. The design is lightweight and super easy to carry which is where lies its benefits. So whether you’re spending a sunny day at the beach or simply lounging in your backyard, this is perfect for every outdoor meetup. The fact that it serves as an inflatable lounge chair makes it a great everyday carry for those who want to travel light without compromising with their comfort and style.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fancy Smart Watches to Track Time Wisely

No matter how glued you are to your Smartphone, the essence of those fancy smart watches is still unbeatable. Check some of the new entries in this category.

Ferro Watch – A Timepiece Redefined by Porsche Tachometers
If you like sports car tachometers, you’re going to fall for the Ferro Watches. The uniqueness of this wristwatch lies in its design inspiration from sports car tachometers. There’s a single hand on the dial which has been housed beautifully in a classy polished wire lug case. These watches are 100 meters water-resistant and have been made out of polished stainless steel case with 22mm lugs, an onion shaped screw-in crown, and stainless steel pin buckle. The index markings used on this watch will make it easy for you to read time as this watch houses only one dial. Reading time just got a whole lot more sophisticated.

Where’s Woody Watches
For those of you who prefer elegant designs, these are the perfect watches to go for. They have been made beautifully out of wood which makes them classy and highly sophisticated. There are four styles to choose from, each of them having a wooden face with a vertical grain. The numbers on the face have been designed as thin notches to match with the overall design. These wristwatches are sleek and minimally designed and that’s what makes them unique and truly one of a kind.

Hammered Pocket Watch for Apple Watch by Bucardo
We are still in an age where smartwatches haven’t become the only timekeeper even now. That’s why these smart pocket watches are still there. For those who like to culture vintage style in a modern era. These will fit into the band slot of your Apple Watch and convert into your smartwatch into something more retro and vintage-like. The pocket watch feel is brought by the hammered mark on the front of the dial that springs open whenever you try to access the watch.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Best Gadgets For Your Kids: Octopus Watch, Pockit Stroller and More

Want to make your parenthood a bit more easy? Try these gadgets for new parents and observe the magic for yourself. Here are some of the best examples you must go for such as the Octopus Watch, Pockit Stroller and more.

Pockit Stroller – The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller
Carrying your child whenever you’re traveling is a lot of concern. But not if you something as cool as this Pockit stroller. The coolest feature here is that it folds down to a mere seven inches when not in use which makes it easy for you to carry it on the go. Much unlike the traditional strollers, this one is compact and lightweight.

Octopus Icon-Based Watch and Scheduler for Kids
Building good habits is a very much essential for modern kids. In an age where technology has taken over every brand of our life, let’s leave this section with technology too through the Octopus Watch. This is one of the coolest wristwatches designed for the modern kid that can be comprehended by the. It will teach them to be responsible and independent in the long run. Other than this, you can also program visual reminders on the watch and make your  kids follow their daily routine in a whole new way.       

Photon – World’s First Robot That Grows With Your Child
Learning how to code is essential for modern kids. From seeing, hearing, measuring distance as well as surpassing obstacles, the Photon robot will give your child an opportunity to code at a very young age. There is a corresponding mobile app that will make the kids learn coding through tasks and achievements. They get to earn reward points on passing levels to boost up their morale which is what makes this robot a perfect tech companion for your kids now. For more information about Octopus Watch, click on the given link.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows, Yoga Mats and More For Your Fitness Life

Start your day well with these super awesome yoga accessories. Yoga is essential for our everyday life and is a perfect way you can relieve yourself from the stress you go through. From Sleep yoga posture pillows to mats, these accessories are made for the healthy side of your life.

BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mats
100% pebble-grain football leather go behind the making of these yoga mats that are unique and are perfectly aligned with your yoga life. The beauty of the design lies in the fact that these yoga mats will not let you slip and allow you to have that perfect posture while doing your yoga exercise. They are highly portable so you can carry them anywhere on the go. One of the other benefit of using these mats is the leather construction that will prevent it from catching bad odors. A perfect must have for the yoga enthusiast in you.

Yoga Natural Rubber Mat by Numbers Yoga Mat
Perfect yoga is only possible if you align your body in the ideal posture. These rubber mats are designed to give you that perfect posture with the help of grid lines having numbers. It will help you align your position in the perfect position based on the exercise you choose to do. The mats are 25% larger than the traditional designs and have been made out of natural rubber to give you maximum comfort.

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows – Improve Posture and Help Sleep
Sleeping with the perfect posture is essential for everyone. So you need the perfect pillow to give you the perfect support. Such as these Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows. These pillows can be placed in various positions that will be able to support the key body areas. It bears a tri-section design that is done to provide you with full-body support. You can use these pillows while sitting or even while sleeping.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Coolest Gadgets for Music Lovers: Aivvy Q, Cape Headphones and More

Celebrate your music life with headphones. Here are some of the best ones you must go for such as the Aivvy Q headphones and more.

Beoplay Form 2i Headphones
Retain the ideal sound of your music while lightening your load with the Beoplay Form 2i Headphones by Bang & Olufsen. These on-ear headphones are super light and are available in six colors to capture your style. The Form 2i Headphones produce a highly impressive stereo sound despite their compact structure so all of your tunes will sound their best. Connecting to your device with the included cable, the Form 2i Headphones also feature an in-line remote and microphone so you can switch tracks, adjust the volume, and effortlessly take and end calls and immediately get back to your music. Iconic in shape and style, the retro-chic design of the Form 2i Headphones is a part of the permanent collection at MoMA.

CAPE Headphones – Indulge Yourself In Virtual Sound
With a body as beautiful as Bang & Olufsen or Jays headphones, CAPE is the world’s first 3D wireless noise cancelling headphones that constructed to give you a more immersive and 3-D listening experience. The Cape can allow you experience music in a whole new way, truly inhabit your VR or video games with accurate sound orientation and put yourself in the middle of your movies and shows with a surround sound home theater experience that you can take anywhere. It wouldn’t be a revolution without a significant change in the way we hear audio. The DSP chip along with reverberation algorithms create a three-dimensional soundstage which gives the listener a 360 immersive listening sesh. This experience is further heightened by a head-related transfer function (HRTF), which is a response that characterizes how an ear receives sound from a point in space, thus making the sound more like how we hear the environment around us.

Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones by Grain Audio
Use nature as your resource for incredible sound with the Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones by Grain Audio. Equipped with dual 40 mm proprietary loudspeakers, these over ear headphones are absolutely stunning in design. Luxurious down to the last detail, both earcups on the Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones are made with solid wood and are finished with oil applied by hand. The headphones come with a ¼” to 1/8” adapter to work seamlessly with all of your devices and technology. The sleek gray cable also has a built in microphone and a single button remote. The combination of the subtle gray structure and band and the beautiful grain of the wood makes the Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones as timelessly stylish as they are functional.

Aivvy Q: Smart Headphones Caches Personalized Music For You

High-end headphones, a streaming app and personalized streaming music all in one magic device: Aivvy Q headphones. We believe everyone should have access to a world of music without compromise on sound quality at an affordable price. A new generation of music device that can directly interact with the cloud. Like streaming music, but without needing to be connected to the Internet. An independent music player in a pair of headphones. Plays music instantly when you put it on. Learns your musical preferences with our Music Cortex technology. Selects and caches new songs for you from the Aivvy cloud when charging. Right now, it’s hard to achieve the music listening experience we want. We spend too much time and effort: managing music downloads, making a new playlist for every occasion, charging our devices, searching for wifi networks, financing streaming data plans.