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Friday, 29 April 2016

Crowdfunding Association Lists the Best Platforms For Crowdfunding Project Promotion

Crowdfunding is a thriving industry today and to make your mark in this industry is not easy. You need to do something special in order to stand out. That special effort begins from the kind of promotional campaigns you perform for your product. You can also try using the various promotional services that have come up especially for crowdfunding campaigns. Now to choose the right service at the right time might often be difficult. That’s where crowdfunding association steps in. They have already started listing some of the best services crowdfunding project creators can make use of. With more to come in the near future. Here are some examples to look for.

Providing you emails with exclusive deals on Kickstarter funded projects every week. This will help backers to save 20-50% on Kickstarter funded products thus helping you gain more backers with lucrative offers heading their way.

Gadget Flow
Launched in 2012, their mission has always been to make product discovery on the web super easy. It also provides you with the option of saving your favorite products in a private or public wish list, creating your custom feed from your favorite categories, and accessing exclusive discounts. It was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind: to simplify online product exploration.

Smart Crowdfunding
Their services are designed to help Crowdfunding projects look better, gain more visibility and ultimately gain trust with potential backers. They have accomplished this using several tried and tested methods meaning you get the tools and tips to use with your own campaign. They have also leveraged off social media expertise, press and journalist contacts which helps your project to get more exposure and web traffic. These are all critical factors to your Crowdfunding success. Our services can send hundreds and sometimes thousands of people who love Crowdfunding straight to your project page. They work closely with both the National Crowdfunding Association and the Crowdfunding Professional Association and are proud to be involved in the process of improving the crowdfunding experience and in helping achieve industry growth.

Ignite Agency
The Ignite Agency is another service listed on crowdfunding association which is a full service professional crowdfunding digital marketing agency with the capabilities to offer every aspect of creating and marketing a crowdfunding campaign. The Ignite Agency can also continue to support you after your crowdfunding campaign with ongoing marketing, social media and PR services. They do it all: branding, video, content writing, rewards development, raise guidance, social media development and marketing, PR, website development and campaign support during and after the campaign period – complete end-to-end service.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Decorate Your Home in Style : Philips Livingcolors, Cement Wood Lamps and More

For those of you who are always on the lookout for some of the coolest home decor ideas, these indoor lighting ideas are cool indeed. These include table lamps as well as cool lighting concepts such as Philips Livingcolors which are here to give your home a whole new makeover. Have a look:

IC T1 Tall Table Lamp by Flos – Provides Diffused Lighting
It was the online video clip of a contact juggler that inspired Michael Anastassiades to create the IC T1 Tall Table Lamp. The idea was to highlight the beautiful shape of the sphere and use it as an ergonomic light source. This lamp will easily sit on your table top and can be used as a diffused lighting source. There’s a dimmer on the power cord you can use to set your own favorite light effects. The stand is made of brushed brass whereas the lamp is an opal blown glass. It is indeed a mesmerising accessory for modern homes that will act as a charming table lamp but in a unique way. The sphere seems to hang from the edge of the stand which is where lies its elegance.

Artemide Miconos Suspension Lamp
Scintillating incandescence will be close to glorifying your indoors once you install the Artemide Miconos Suspension Lamp in your house. One of Ernesto Gismondi’s marvellous designs, this luminaire has a diffuser that’s made out of transparent hand blown glass. The diffuser handle and the lamp holding unit is shaped in chrome plated steel which complements the glass beautifully. Once paired with the lamp, the suspension unit is sure to look close to a laboratory experimental setup related to light but with a fashionable approach in design. Incandescent lighting has its own charm and elegance which is superiorly maintained in this entire light piece from every angle.

Philips LivingColors Translucent Changing LED Lamp
Color your world with light with the second version of Philips LivingColors. Bring bright sunshine yellow inside when it’s grey outside, or a pale leaf-green to relax you. Touch the color ring and LivingColors lights up your world in any shade you choose, from soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colors. Or, you can sit back and enjoy the adjustable pace of the automatic color changing mode. Simply adjust to follow your mood and enjoy. LivingColors Generation 2 provides 50% more light to bathe your home and express your mood in more intense colored light.

Cement Wood Lamps

Highlight the smooth texture of wood and the rough texture of concrete at once by using these Cement Wood Lamps. These lamps are designed to enhance the overall beauty of your home. They are pendant lamps which come with a concrete bottom and a natural beech wood top. The design is by Decha Archjananun from Thinkk Studio. The concrete section of the lamp is available in a number of colors. You can select more than one for your house and use them at different heights to showcase a contrast. The use of natural materials such as wood and concrete makes these lamps one of their kind and a perfect piece of home decor for your modern apartments. Pendant lamps of the 21st Century is here! About more click here.

Best of Samsung S6 Gadgets For the Mobile Lovers

If you have a thing for Android smartphones, you would love these Samsung S6 gadgets. These gadgets are cool and will surely take your Android experience one step higher. Have a look:

MEEM Charging Cable and Back Up Device
Never worry about losing the content on your phone with the MEED Charging Cable and Back Up Device. Equipped with a USB connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other, this cable is compatible with editions of the iPhone 5 and newer using iOS 7 and later. Simply plug MEEM into a wall charger, car charger, laptop, or a power bank to top up your battery and it will automatically back up and store the personal data on your phone. Every time you plug in with MEEM, you content is securely backed up. With 32GB of space, MEEM has plenty of room to store your photos, videos, contacts, memos, and more.

StylusFlex – A Revolutionary Interaction With Your Touch Screen
StylusFlex can be considered as the world’s first ever flexible stylus. With the help of this unique stylus, you can now latch your phone anywhere for a perfect selfie or bend it into a stand. The lightweight design will look seamless in your pocket. This innovative stylus can be used as a stylus or a phone stand in order to take that perfect selfie anywhere on the go. The coolest feature of this bendable stylus is that it will allow you to reach any part of your screen by wrapping StylusFlex around your fingers. Whether it’s watching YouTube videos of cats jumping 10 ft high, reading the news, or Skyping with family, it’s frustrating to lean your phone up against the ketchup you’re about to use and have it drop.

Bone Conduction Headphone – Redefined
Yolie has redefined the bone conduction headphones and launched two versions of it – wired and non-wired on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Despite being better for ear health, bone conduction headphones are not quite popular among the masses due to its bulky size and low performance in noisy environment. This is why we launched the Y-BoneTouch, the bone conduction headphones which will not only offer a safer alternative to conventional headphones but also provide high-quality sound and overall performance. The headphones are launched with a goal to raise $40,000 that’ll be utilized to get the product into mass production and fulfillment of orders. The Y-BoneTouch by Yolie doesn’t need to be inserted inside the ears which prevent any eardrum damage and keeps the user aware of their surroundings too without compromising on the sound quality.

Introducing the X STAND – the most affordable height adjustable laptop/tablet stand on the market. The X STAND is one of those Samsung S6 gadgets which improves posture, helps eliminate eye strain, neck/back pain. The X STAND’s ergonomic, multi-functional design lets you set your preferred mode of use by easily changing from sitting, standing or typing modes. Customized rotating ball magnet holds your smartphone in any direction. With the optional LED light and Dimmer Touch Switch, the X STAND may be used as a stand alone desk light when not using with your laptop or tablet. The stand is adjustable in height and length by moving the rods in and out.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Latest Android Smartphones: Motorola Moto X Style, HTC One A9 and More

If you are into Android and love to keep a tab on the latest smartphones, this is the right place to be now. There are tons of Android smartphone releases happening every now and then and here are some of the latest examples from the sector. Motorola Moto X Style and LG G5 have been doing good rounds already.

HTC One A9 With Android 6.0 Marshmallow
A spectacular camera, high-resolution audio and a breathtaking design makes the HTC A9 another cool introduction from the company that crafted the world’s first all-metal design. HTC A9 has a super-thin metal frame, an expandable SD card memory and edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It is available in a range of colors such as Opal Silver, Acid Gold, Cast Iron and Deep Garnet. The Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) technique will help you take blur-free photos while the RAW capture in Pro mode enables unsurpassed editing and creative control.

LG G5 – World’s First Modular Android Phone
Coming as the latest smartphone release from LG, the LG G5 is the world’s first phone that’s made for fun in bringing friends out to play. Like its previous models, this phone also comes with a swappable battery, changing which will not be much of a pain. Together with the modular functionality, the phone stands out to become one of the coolest you could carry on the go. You can even plug in the camera grip and enjoy a more comfortable way to take pictures as well as enjoy the beauty of having an additional battery. The wide angle camera will allow you to capture more. The smartphone comes with a 5.3-inch screen Quad HD IPS display (2560 x 1440 / 554ppi) and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor.

Motorola Moto X Style
The smartphone Motorola Moto X Style is an absolute beast, there’s no doubt about that. A top of the line processor, 3GB of RAM with options for 16, 32, and 64GB of storage plus a microSD card slot capable of reading cards of up to 128GB. A 21MP camera promises pretty good pictures but we’ll have to wait and see how it compares to Samsung’s offerings.
Then there’s the QHD display with 520 ppi and dual front facing speakers coupled with water resistance and the X Style is shaping up to be a rather competitive flagship device

Marshall Android Phone – Created for Music Lovers
Just planned up an impromptu get together with your friends or heading for the campsite? The Marshall London Phone has been designed to fulfill your passion for music during such times. It’s not the loudest mobile phone on earth but the two front-facing speakers are surely worth a watch. The heart of this phone includes the M-button. It provides one-click access to your favorite music from whichever source you prefer. So no matter what you have on the front screen of your phone, controlling your music is still one click away. The scroll wheel on the side will give you quick access to volume control. There are two stereo jacks for you and your friend to share the music or video together.

Streamline Your Mobile Life With the Moto Smart Watches

If you have a thing for smart watches, the Motorola series are surely going to catch your attention. This series of smartwatches have been designed to make time for you. A timeless masterpiece flaunting a cutting-edge design, the Moto smart watches are designed to tell you more than just the time. They are powered by Android Wear and have been crafted using premium materials. You can be sure to stay updated about the digital world with this watch on your wrists.

The Moto smart watches will maximize your viewing experience by featuring a 1.56 inch edge-to-edge round display. The resolution of 320 x 290 pixels with 205 ppi will help you come across the immense detailing that goes behind the making of the watch. The watch retains the classic wristwatch design without compromising on comfort.

It is the carefully chosen materials which make the Moto smart watches what they are. The watch has been designed by using the damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass for the display and a high-quality stainless steel case. To add to this are the Horween leather bands which add a touch of elegance to the overall design. These smartwatches might look just like your everyday watch but they are smarter than what you think them to be. The watch is capable of displaying notifications based on your location, be it weather, flight alerts or traffic so that you are well on track. A light vibration ensures that you are notified of incoming or missed calls, text messages and emails.

In fact, every time you choose to talk to your Moto smart watches, it will respond to you. All you need to do is utter the phrase “OK Google”. From scheduling a meeting to checking Google Maps, these best Moto smart watches will always ensure to keep you in line with the digital world. Only in a stylish way. More information to clickhere.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

iPhone 6S Stand for Those Who Like To Dock Their Phones in Style

Docking your iPhone 6s in style is a must for all. Have a look at some of the coolest iPhone 6S stand you can use sometime soon.

WatchStand – Charging Dock For Apple Watch and iPhone by Griffin Technology

We think charging your Apple Watch should be effortless. Just lay it against the angled cradle. The Watch’s cable connector gently snaps itself onto the back of your Apple Watch and begins charging. That’s it. Accommodating both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands, WatchStand securely displays and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally for the perfect view.WatchStand brings an end to charge cord kinks and tangles. Wind excess cable length around WatchStand’s core then slide it down into the post to hide the unneeded cord. WatchStand keeps your desk, bedside table or table top neat by providing a place for both your Watch and your iPhone to call home when they’re not with you.

Zen Stand Charging Dock for iPhone 6

Zen Stand Charging Dock for iPhone 6/ 5s /5 iPad mini /iPod [Made in Japan]. Product Concept : There is a beach called Shichiri Nagahama in Aomori prefecture Japan. This place is well-known for beautiful stones, Nishiki ishi. Our design is based on the actual stone which was washed ashore. Because the specific gravity of stone is approximately same as that of aluminum, it has the feel of material as if it were a stone.

HoverDock for iPhone by Just Mobile

Give your phone the platform it needs with the HoverDock Minimalist iPhone Charging Dock. Encasing and concealing your Lightning charging cable, this dock charges your iPhone in sleek, minimalist style. The cable passes through the base and leaves just the connector exposed. By standing your phone vertically, you’re able to review your notifications as you receive them so you don’t miss a thing. The circular base has no unneeded parts; the simple shape and choice of silver and black keeps your desk from appearing cluttered. This minimalist design also means you can charge your phone with the case.

Zen Stand Charging Dock for iPhone 6

Zen Stand Charging Dock for iPhone 6/ 5s /5 iPad mini /iPod [Made in Japan]. Product Concept : There is a beach called Shichiri Nagahama in Aomori prefecture Japan. This place is well-known for beautiful stones, Nishiki ishi. This iPhone 6S stand is a  design is based on the actual stone which was washed ashore. Because the specific gravity of stone is approximately same as that of aluminum, it has the feel of material as if it were a stone.

These iPhone 6 Stand Are Truly Out of the Box

If you like iPhone 6, you’re definitely going to like these iPhone 6 stand. They are unique and surely worth a try.

eleMount Adjustable iPhone Desktop/Counter Stand

Your work desk or bedside table can now hold your iPhone or tablet in a smarter way by using the eleMount Adjustable iPhone Desktop/Counter Stand. It’s a sleek form factor which has been CNC machined from the finest solid aluminum. The major attraction is the elePad which can attach to a wide variety of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Android. These are polyurethane pads which can attach to a large variety of devices, thus being a versatile mount altogether. The design is extremely modern and quite fitting to the standard lifestyle of the tech-savvy generation.

Hirise Stand For iPhone And iPad Mini

HiRise for iPhone 5/iPhone 6/iPad mini is a beautiful, brushed metal stand designed to work with your Apple Lightning Cable (not included) – and virtually any iPhone/iPad mini case. Place HiRise in your workspace to charge while your hands are free during calls and FaceTime chats. Unlike most other docks, HiRise doesn’t block your speakers, mic or headphone ports. This vertical pedestal is small and beautiful enough to use anywhere in your home or office. It’s the ultimate perch for keeping your iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPad mini fully charged and ready to go. HiRise for iPhone is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iPod nano – and most cases that protect them.

Pocket Tripod | Card-Size Adjustable iPhone Stand

The best iPhone stand is the one that’s with you. Leave your bulky tripod at home. The pocket tripod is a must-have gadget for your iPhone that discreetly hides away in your wallet or purse until it’s needed. It quickly transforms into an adjustable stand with a simple twist and flip. Thanks to its precise angle adjustment capability, you can use any surface to prop up your device in order to make hands-free FaceTime calls. Its robust construction makes it perfect for taking creative long-exposure images, and filming breathtaking time-lapse videos.

Bamboo iPhone Stand

It doesn’t get any simpler than this stand for the iPhone. Clean crisp lines, silky smooth hand rubbed finish and beautiful grain patterns make this minimalistic piece as elegant as it is functional. The bamboo is renewed from old decorative flooring stock and provides solid support for your iPhone device in both landscape and portrait orientations, either with or without the Apple hard case.

Zen Stand Charging Dock for iPhone 6

Zen iPhone 6 Stand Charging Dock is a Made in Japan product. Product Concept : There is a beach called Shichiri Nagahama in Aomori prefecture Japan. This place is well-known for beautiful stones, Nishiki ishi. Our design is based on the actual stone which was washed ashore. Because the specific gravity of stone is approximately same as that of aluminum, it has the feel of material as if it were a stone.

Cool iPhone 6S Plus Accessories You Must Not Ignore

If you have got an iPhone 6S Plus, chances are you’re already in search of that cool accessory. Here are some of the best iPhone 6S Plus Accessories you should go for.

Ultra Slim Wood Pattern iPhone Case by Satechi

Add some wooden pizazz to your accessories with the Ultra Slim Wood Pattern iPhone Case by Satechi. Available for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the Wood Pattern iPhone Case is low-profile yet sophisticated. The lightweight polyurethane case is smooth and tough, protecting your phone from bumps and scratches. The shell adds no bulk, allowing you to still access all the buttons, ports, and camera of the iPhone. With no extra weight you’ll have quality protection without sacrificing style and finesse. This distinctive case also adds a slight grip texture to the ever-slipper iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

FLIP IT – The World’s First 4-in-1 Premium iPhone Case

FLIP IT is the world’s first 4-in-1 premium iPhone case. It features a removable Bluetooth wireless remote, locking kickstand, and a built-in selfie stick, all inside a protective case that easily fits in your pocket or purse. The FLIP IT is modular: the back slot can be used to attach various accessories such as a spare battery, a bike mount, a car mount, a tripod, and much more!

Genuine Wood iPhone Cover

Add some style to your smartphone with the Genuine Wood iPhone Cover. Made with 100% real wood, this stunning phone case oozes minimalism and style. Coming in two parts, the Genuine Wood iPhone cover easily slides over the top and bottom of your phone and securely snaps into place. Providing you with protection from digs and bumps, the Genuine Wood iPhone Cover has perfectly cuts holes that align to the volume toggle, power button, camera, and speakers so you can retain access to each. The beautiful wood grain is visible on every inch of the case and is finished with the Apple logo on the back.

Real Leather Flip iPhone Case

Protect your phone without missing out on style with the Real Leather Flip iPhone Case. Made with real, soft leather, this is one of those iPhone 6S Plus accessories which is able to provide protection from bumps and dings while giving your phone a sophisticated and luxurious style. The Real Leather Flip iPhone Case comes in two sizes for the iPhone 6/S and the iPhone 6/S Plus. Hugging each corner, the front cover can be easily flipped open yet remains securely closed to keep the screen of your smartphone protected. Despite the added protection on every side, the Real Leather Flip iPhone Case is super slip and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your phone. Visits on the link page.

Cool iPhone 6 Accessories : Supcase iPhone 6, HOMI and More

Got an iPhone 6 and want to accessorize it in a cool way? Try these awesome iPhone 6 accessories. The list includes Supcase iPhone 6, HOMI and a few more examples as well.

Your New Best HOMI – Complete Wireless Charging Solutions

Break free from the clutches of cables with HOMI, the complete wireless charging station. Our society craves advances in technology and simplicity paired with it and HOMI is the solution. The system comes with a special case for your iPhone that is ultra slim and protective. With it, your phone can be easily paced on the HOMI base to activate a charge. With the HOMI system, you have your choice of a wireless version which is encased in leather, a USB wall charging unit that cradles your phone, or an angled dock that works perfectly on your nightstand or desk.

Real Leather Flip iPhone Case

Protect your phone without missing out on style with the Real Leather Flip iPhone Case. Made with real, soft leather, this case is able to provide protection from bumps and dings while giving your phone a sophisticated and luxurious style. The Real Leather Flip iPhone Case comes in two sizes for the iPhone 6/S and the iPhone 6/S Plus. Hugging each corner, the front cover can be easily flipped open yet remains securely closed to keep the screen of your smartphone protected. Despite the added protection on every side, the Real Leather Flip iPhone Case is super slip and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your phone.

iZZi Remix 6 5-in-1 Lens Case

Make all of your smartphone photos worthy of a frame with the iZZi Remix 6 5-in-1 Lens Case. Outfitted with a total of five powerful lenses, this handy case also keeps your phone protected from any twisting, dings, and drops. The iZZi Remix 6 includes a wide angle, a 10x macro, a 12x macro, a 2x zoom, as well as a fisheye so you can capture every aspect of every moment. Designed to be as versatile as you are, the lenses on the iZZi Remix 6 are easily interchanged just by twisting the rotating carousel. The dual layer protection case comes in your choice of black, purple, blue, red, or silver, and lines just the perimeter of your iPhone to not add any excess bulk or weight.

Supcase iPhone 6/6s Case

Flaunting a sporty design and quality protection features, the SUPCASE iPhone 6 has been designed especially for your iPhone 6. It comes in a variety of colors and has a snap-on cover to make the installation process easy and hassle free. The construction is of high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC) materials. You can use it comfortably on a regular basis to protect your phone from wear and tear or unwanted damage due to dropping it on the floor. The shock absorbant feature will enable your phone to stay safe from getting harmed if in case you face such accidents every now and then.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Best iPad Accessories For a Smooth Tablet Experience

Got an iPad and think you could do with some cool accessories? Here are the best iPad accessories surely worth a try.

Ultrathin Painted Portable Power Bank

Who says technology can’t be beautiful? Top up your device with the stunning Ultrathin Painted Portable Power Bank. Loaded with 10,000 mAh of power, this compact device stores enough juice for nearly four full charges for the iPhone 6 and more than two full charges for a Samsung Galaxy. Working with most phones, tablets, and e-readers, the Painted Portable Power Bank features dual USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices. What makes this power bank stand out is the stunning artwork printed on the front. With your choice from five styles, including a serene boat scene and a sunset, the Painted Portable Power Bank will accent your every day like a portable piece.

EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15000mAh Power Bank

Designed with Smart output technology, the EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh power bank could intelligently detect the connected device(s) and output the perfect amount of power at the fastest possible speed, making the charging safer and faster ever. Packed with 15,000mAh capacity power in the compact size, it can charge an iPhone 6 about 5.5 times or a Samsung S6 4 times or an iPad mini 3 1.5 times, making your charged and connected all the way.

Canvas Creator Smart LapDesk by iSkelter

Maximize your access to all of your tools with the Canvas Creator Smart LapDesk by iSkelter. Designed to work with a variety of Apple products, this desk sits comfortably on your lap or a table while you work or play. The base has a carved section made to fit the iPad Pro to give you a seamless working surface. On the right of the Canvas Creator is a perfectly carved slot for the Apple Pencil so it’s always in sight. The top of the Canvas Creator has a carved slot to hold your iPhone or other tablet and it places your device at an angle that is ideal for viewing.

Canvas Creator Smart LapDesk by iSkelter

Carry only what you need when you use the iPad Sling Bag by Bluelounge. Designed to fit an Apple iPad; including the iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; this messenger-style bag is complete with padding to keep everything inside as safe as can be. The main compartment of the iPad Sling Bag is spacious enough to hold a small notepad, charger, documents, and writing utensils in addition to your tablet. The front pocket, securing with a zipper, is perfect for your phone and keys. The main compartment seals with a fold over flap an dis held in place with solid aluminum furnishings and magnets for easily accessing your gear when you need it.

Smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver by Antec Mobile

Turn your ordinary headphones into Bluetooth headphones with the Smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver by Antec Mobile. Connecting to your headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack, this is one of the best iPad accessories which is small and unobtrusive device provides seamless Bluetooth connectivity at the touch of a button. Also working with anything else with an audio jack including a home stereo system or even your car, the Smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver creates unmatched convenience for your devices. It’s equipped with handy buttons for play/pause, changing tracks, and adjusting the volume. Complete with a built in omni-directional microphone for crystal clear calls, the Smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery for use up to six hours.

Coolest Gadgets Gifts For Those Who Love Technology

If you have someone in the family who could do with cool gadgets gifts, this is the right place to be now. Check some of the coolest examples right here and make their special days even more special.

SpaceRails Flying Car

Fly through the air and down the road with the SpaceRails Flying Car. This car quadcopter has the superpower ability to ride along on four wheels and take off into the air with its four propellers at a moment’s notice. The Flying Car is intuitively controlled. Driving forward or reversing and turning left or right is easy enough while the six-axis gyroscope offers professional precision for your flights. Available in a white body with black tires, the Flying Car is powered by a 3.7-volt rechargeable lithium battery so the fun never has to stop.

Wiser Air Smart Thermostat by Schneider Electric

Bring autonomy to the temperature in your home with the Wiser Air Smart Thermostat by Schneider Electric. Easily installing in your home and connecting to your Wi-Fi network, this smart system has an intuitive interface to give you total control. The Wiser Air is equipped with Comfort Boost technology that instantly adjusts your home’s temperature settings at the touch of a button to make you comfortable while keeping an eye on energy efficiency. With a simple glance, the Wiser Air system has a pulse of color to show you just how your home is running.

KYON – World’s first i-collar!

ΚΥΟΝ collar uniquely combines advanced technologies to locate your pet at all times and provide useful information for its health, mood and activity levels, in its LED screen & your cell phone. It looks like a regular collar and has a battery life of up to 30 days, the KYON Collar features a series of components seen for the first time. 3D GPS Tracking locates your pet in 3-Axis. LED display enhances communication by displaying your little one’s health, mood and contact information when lost. KYON monitors surrounding temperature in real-time and informs you when it’s too hot or too cold. Whenever your dog feels like taking a swim, you will be informed to run to the rescue.

Your New Best HOMI – Complete Wireless Charging Solutions

Break free from the clutches of cables with HOMI, the complete wireless charging station. Our society craves advances in technology and simplicity paired with it and HOMI is the solution. This is one of the coolest gadgets gifts which comes with a special case for your iPhone that is ultra slim and protective. With it, your phone can be easily placed on the HOMI base to activate a charge. With the HOMI system, you have your choice of a wireless version which is encased in leather, a USB wall charging unit that cradles your phone, or an angled dock that works perfectly on your nightstand or desk.

Earin is the Perfect Earbud for Music Lovers

To put it simple, Earin is one of the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market today. You can consider them as a combination of two earbuds that function together as one Bluetooth headphone. It consists of no cables, no attachments and is a magical design which delivers high quality audio sound through a compact form factor.

Earin represents Olle Lindén’s vision which came to life in 2008 after seeing the intro of the movie ‘Definitely Maybe’, where the actor Ryan Reynolds walks down a crowded New York city street with just a pair of small earbuds without cables, listening to, as he says “the soundtrack of a perfect day”. After seeing this movie, Olle was inspired to “create a perfect wireless experience” which later led to the Earin earbuds.

At that time, he didn’t get the technology to transmit stereo sound wirelessly and it was after 5 years when he was able to assemble a team of former colleagues and began their journey thereafter. The final product that came up is easy to use, beautifully crafted, and creates a fantastic music experience.

Whatever reasons you choose to listen to music, you want it to be a hassle-free experience. When starting their development, the first mission was to create a product that would be focused on simplicity, size and audio quality. Therefore, no unnecessary functionality has been added to Earin. No sensors, no lights and no microphone, that’s right - no microphone! Not because they couldn’t but because they wouldn’t! That makes Earin a perfet accessory for music lovers – and music lovers only.

They also used balanced armature speakers, used in professional in-ear-monitors and hearing-aids to deliver the best possible sound and to keep power-consumption at its minimal. High-density rechargeable batteries are used to keep playback time up and size down. Their compact capsule design is perfect for storing your earbuds and will also easily fit in your pocket whatever you’re wearing. To create more flexibility when you’re on the go and to increase the playback time, the capsule also functions as a charger. Just place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged automatically – so they’re ready when you are.

The balanced armature speaker in Earin Earbuds is a new design featuring extended response in the low end and vastly improved high frequency response. The focus for audio is the end result of the total system. Having the electronics in the earbuds gives you the opportunity to optimise the acoustics and the electronics together in a way not possible with corded headphones. This is an even greater advantage when it comes to balanced armature which provides unique tuning capabilities, but have a somewhat strange load on the amplifier. Tuning them together bypasses this problem.

Protect Your iPads in Style - Waterproof Tablet Case, Leather Sleeves and More

Got an iPad and still haven’t found that perfect case to use with it? These tablet cases can be of help. There’s a waterproof tablet case to use at the beach too!

Felt and Leather iPad Cover by DFRshop

Maintain the new look of your iPad with the Felt and Leather iPad Cover by DFRshop. Made entirely by hand, this cover is functional yet stylish and trendy. It fits all models of iPad except the iPad Pro, including iPad Air models and iPad 2. The felt pocket offers cushion-like protection with no scratches and absorbs some shock. Additionally, the felt cleans the screen of your iPad as it glides in and out of the main pocket. A secondary front pocket is perfectly sized for notebooks, pens, and any other accessories you’ll need to carry. A thick leather strap stretches from the back of the cover over the two pockets, fastening securely with a strap to keep everything in place.

Designer Leather iPad Case by VEASOON

Protect and carry your new iPad in the highest fashion with the Designer Leather iPad Case by VEASOON. Made for all iPad editions including the full size version, iPad Mini, and iPad Air, you have your choice of dark brown, light brown, or black. Made of high quality durable leather, this smooth case is shock and water resistant. The Designer Leather iPad Case features a built in stand for watching films, sharing content, or even for giving a presentation. A strap on the inside cover can also be used for one handed holding. The magnetic cover keeps your iPad safely tucked away, securing the closure.

Waterproof Vacuum Seal Tablet Case

This Waterproof tablet Case is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof case that allows complete use of your tablet, E-reader or larger hand held electronic device. Waterproof Vacuum Seal. Stereo Headphone & Mic Jack. Includes Hold Handle. Headphone & Mic Jack. Crystal Clear for Photos. Works with any Tablet or E-reader. Tested to 100 Feet for 1 Hour.

Waterproof Vacuum Seal Tablet Case

This flexible and foldable wooden cover for the iPad mini offers not just protection, but also functions as a stand. Unobtrusive magnets help attach the cover to the front or back of the device. It’s so slim (2.9 mm) that you won’t notice any additional depth or weight. It’ll wake or send the device back into sleep mode as required, and folds into itself partially in order to provide a roll-up stand to prop up the device.

Best Samsung S6 Gadgets You Can’t Ignore

If you’ve got a Samsung S6, this is the right post for you. Here are some of the coolest Samsung S6 Gadgets worth a try.

Phantom – Wireless Charger Lamp For Your Home or Workspace
Your workspace or table top can now have a stylish Phantom Wireless Charger Lamp which would make a stylish desktop accessory. This is not just a fashionable LED lamp with touch switch but also a lamp that has been provided with a wireless charging feature. It is a beautiful design which is made to be compatible with all Qi standard devices. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Nexus, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and other major mobile brands that provide Qi charging enabled smart phones. The artistic design of the lamp has a minimally inclined beauty but with a modern spark. If you have one of these on your desktop, it’s bound to enhance the beauty of your workspace.

This Smartphone Technology Let’s You Take “Hands Free Selfies”
ExtraVerso is a smartphone cover that makes uncomfortable shoulder holds or dangerous GPS viewing a thing of the past. With cutting edge technology borrowed from sailboats, ExtraVerso lets your cell phone “stick” on almost any glassy surface: a window for watching the big game from the burger bar, your mirror for taking “hands free selfies”, a computer screen for copying notes, and much more. Already being used by Uber to safeguard their drivers as they drive with one eye on their GPS, and a big hit in Europe, ExtraVerso is now looking to launch in America, and is raising $20,000 to do it. Supported handsets include the Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6.

Poweradd™ Pilot Plus – High Capacity 20000mAh (2.4A+1.0A) Portable Charger
The Poweradd™ Pilot Plus is not just a simple portable charger. It comes with a power packed battery backup of 20000mAh which can charge an iPhone 6 eight and a half times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 three times and even larger devices like the iPad Air 2 almost one time. The grid model design of this portable charger is pretty fashionable and stylish. You can charge two devices on it simultaneously while you’re on the go. The quick 2.4A charge will provide the fastest charging speed so that you get to charge your devices without wasting much of a time. The grade A built-in polymer battery cell is compact in size and can be used safely with all your devices.

offGRID Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case with External Storage
With the press of a button, the offGRID Battery Case powers the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge with over 100% extra battery, more than doubling usability. Designed with a lightweight hard shell exterior, the offGRID is one of those Samsung S6 gadgets which protects your device against accidental drops, while feeling slim and comfortable in the hand. More than just a battery case, toggle to Storage Mode and use its built-in microSD card slot for up to 128GB* extra storage of photos, videos, music and more. Maintaining Quick Charge™ 2.0 and Samsung Fast Charging pass-through functionality, the Incipio offGRID Battery Case is the culmination of protection and power.

Let’s Head For Better Technology With These Wearable Tech

Juggling with everyday life often becomes difficult without the proper use of technology. Here are some of the coolest wearable tech that might help you head that way with ease.

ZIKTO Walk Fitness and Activity Tracker
Keep your entire body in tip top shape with the ZIKTO Walk Fitness and Activity Tracker. Measuring everything from steps to posture, this tracker ensures you’re improving physically every day. Remaining on your wrist, the ZIKTO Walk keeps tallies on your steps and calories but also relies on the natural swing and movement of your arms to calculate your walking posture. When the built in sensors inside detect poor posture, the ZIKTO Walk will gently vibrate so you can re-calibrate and walk more effectively.

VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge
Experience quality virtual reality using just your smart phone with the VR Smart phone Goggles by Merge. Coming in a futuristic purple, you can go on adventures, play games, and even see a concert anywhere you are. Made of soft and lightweight foam, the VR Smartphone Goggles sit comfortably on your face and contour to any shape and they’re durable enough to be thrown into your bag with all of your necessities. Dual button input lets you interact with content in the virtual environment for an activity like no other. Anti-fog vents, adjustable lenses, audio ports, camera access, and a comfortable adjustable head strap give you an enjoyable experience.

Tzoa Wearable Enviro-Tracker
Tzoa is the world’s first enviro-tracker that measures air quality and UV using the latest in sensor technology. Simply put, we connect you with your environment. By using Tzoa you will be creating a crowdsourced map of environmental data in real-time, which you can access with a smart phone app. With Tzoa you can choose the least polluted bicycle routes; improve your indoor air quality; and know when you’ve been in the sun too long, or not enough.

VIVY Deep Heat Pain Reliever
Get relief from pain anywhere you are with the VIVY Deep Heat Pain Reliever. Bringing professional technology to the consumer, this advanced wearable tech uses diathermy to make your pain disappear. VIVY delivers high frequency electromagnetic waves to gently disperse head to your muscles. The process is gradual yet deep and goes beyond where other products stop. VIVY easily wraps around your back, knees, or even your arms and stays in place with comfortable straps. Inside VIVY are built in sensors to deliver the head and also detect when your session is complete.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Watermelon Knife, Rocket Mill and More For the Modern Kitchen

Don’t make your kitchen boring anymore by adding in some fun stuff. By fun stuff, we are referring to these cool accessories. The list includes a cool watermelon knife as well!

Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK
Make your food taste perfect with your favorite condiments on the dining table in the form of this Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK. It is available in both natural and dark beech wood finish which will help in bringing that perfect taste for your food. Every grinder mill is 14” tall and resembles a typical rocket design to make it a conversation starter as well. The built in ceramic mechanism will make sure you get better performance out of it. With a simple twist, you can adjust the coarseness of your grind too. A super perfect gift for space travelers or just about anyone who loves to add some special twists to their kitchen table from time to time.

Wood Coffee Clip by Kikkerland
Scoop the right amount of caffeine everytime you need an energy booster using the Wood Cafe Clip by Kikkerland. It also doubles its usage by having a bag clip so that you get to keep your coffee stored safe and taste perfect at the same time. Made out of wood, the scooper can hold upto 10 grams of coffee each time which is just about the standard measurement for one steaming cup. The scoop bag clip has been designed in a way which will not let you lose out on your coffee’s flavor. You could very well use it for scooping tea as well if that’s more your type than coffee. Undoubtedly, your homemade beverage will never be less in ingredients anymore.

Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon
Slicing your melons won’t seem much of a tough job once you have the Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon in hand. It comes with a green handle and long red blade that has a seed-cut design to prevent the blade from sticking to the melon’s surface when you’re slicing it. The handle is an ergonomic build which ensures to maintain your grip while you apply pressure on touch melon skins when cutting them. There’s also a non-stick coating on the blade which lets the blade glide through the melon skin with ease, thus making the slicing process way more easier and convenient than you could have imagined before.

Bready Made – The Bread Cutter for Creative Meals
Channel your creativity as early as breakfast with Bready Made, the bread cutter for creative meals. Coming in a variety of shapes, these cutters help you create fun and playful objects and scenes with your food.The list includes a cool watermelon knife as well! To use Bready Made, simply place the cutter, made with high quality plastic, on top of a slice of bread. Press down firmly to cut out he shapes and use the raised edges to pull the cutter out. The large cut out can hold your food as it cooks, such as a yummy runny egg, and the other bits are toasted in the same pan. You can click here.

Artificial Grass Table, Walkmat Placemats and More For That Special Dinner

Arranging a special dinner at home? These cool dining accessories will surely make those dinners special. The list includes an artificial grass table too! Sounds wow!

Walkmat Table Placemat from LOVEThESIGN
Mix things up during your meals with the Walkmat Table Placemat from LOVEThESIGN. Resembling a real mix tape, this placemat is adorned with the words “Road Trip” written across the front to get you pumped up for whatever your day, or night, has in store for you. Coming in your choice of orange, navy, lime green, blue, green, or red, the Walkmat Table Placemat will inspire you from breakfast through lunch all the way to dinner. Indicating up to 60 minutes of recordable time, this placemat lets you fill your space with any tunes or topics you’d like.

X Coaster by Forma Living
“X” marks the spot for your drink with the lovely X Coaster by Forma Living. Delightfully elegant and delicate yet fully functional, these coasters will make sure your guests know where to place their drinks. Made entirely of solid brass in the US of A, the X Coaster set comes in a party-ready sized pack of four. The solid brass has no coating which means it will age naturally over time and get a darker and richer look, giving each coaster its own mark of uniqueness, although they can be easily polished to return to their original state.

Artificial Grass Table Runner
Add a contemporary yet summery twist to your dining table with an artificial grass table runner. This runner is a terrific way to add an unexpected element to an indoor or outdoor dining table. If the weather is looking a little dull and you can’t take your table into the garden then why not bring your garden to the table?! This contemporary look is a definite talking point round your dinner table. Click on the link.

What Makes the Motorola Moto X Style One of a Kind?

Sitting as one of the top new entries in Motorola’s 2015 line-up, the Motorola Moto X Style (or Moto X Pure Edition if you’re in the US) blends high-end specs with a sleek build. The coolest aspect about this smartphone is that it still comes in at a price that won’t make your wallet cry. It isn't the flashiest or one of the most feature-laden Android phones out there right now,, but it’s certainly one of the best.

Motorola has again made a fantastic device – following on from the equally impressive Moto G (2015) and Moto X Play – by keeping things simple, tuning all the elements so they work perfectly well together and offering buyers the chance to customise their phone with Moto Maker.

Motorola has also stuck to a familiar design blueprint with the Moto X Style. The final look is both functional and sleek and in many ways, the Moto X Style will make you feel like you have a grown-up Moto G. Plastic is replaced with metal around the rims, the buttons are a little less loose and the rubbery plastic sits flush around the back.

Unlike the Moto G, however, this is bigger in size. Even though it has a larger 5.7-inch display, it still has a smaller footprint than the iPhone 6S Plus.

If you’re coming to the Moto X Style from a smaller device then it will take some getting used to its features. Reaching to the corners of the display with one hand is virtually impossible – unless, you’re a basketball whizz.

The addition of a metal rim adds rigidity, but it doesn’t feel quite as solid as last year’s Moto X. This seems to be one of the minor changes made for in order for the price to come down.
You can try flipping the phone over and it will still bulge out towards the middle. It’s about as far away from the flat backs of the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 as you can get.

Regardless, the phone is a pleasure to hold and so easy to slip into a jeans pocket.

The classic Motorola dimple remains in the Motorola Moto X Style, although its smaller size means it’s a less satisfying spot upon which to rest your finger. Truly a cool smartphone with high-end specs at an affordable price.