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Monday, 4 April 2016

Watermelon Knife, Rocket Mill and More For the Modern Kitchen

Don’t make your kitchen boring anymore by adding in some fun stuff. By fun stuff, we are referring to these cool accessories. The list includes a cool watermelon knife as well!

Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK
Make your food taste perfect with your favorite condiments on the dining table in the form of this Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK. It is available in both natural and dark beech wood finish which will help in bringing that perfect taste for your food. Every grinder mill is 14” tall and resembles a typical rocket design to make it a conversation starter as well. The built in ceramic mechanism will make sure you get better performance out of it. With a simple twist, you can adjust the coarseness of your grind too. A super perfect gift for space travelers or just about anyone who loves to add some special twists to their kitchen table from time to time.

Wood Coffee Clip by Kikkerland
Scoop the right amount of caffeine everytime you need an energy booster using the Wood Cafe Clip by Kikkerland. It also doubles its usage by having a bag clip so that you get to keep your coffee stored safe and taste perfect at the same time. Made out of wood, the scooper can hold upto 10 grams of coffee each time which is just about the standard measurement for one steaming cup. The scoop bag clip has been designed in a way which will not let you lose out on your coffee’s flavor. You could very well use it for scooping tea as well if that’s more your type than coffee. Undoubtedly, your homemade beverage will never be less in ingredients anymore.

Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon
Slicing your melons won’t seem much of a tough job once you have the Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon in hand. It comes with a green handle and long red blade that has a seed-cut design to prevent the blade from sticking to the melon’s surface when you’re slicing it. The handle is an ergonomic build which ensures to maintain your grip while you apply pressure on touch melon skins when cutting them. There’s also a non-stick coating on the blade which lets the blade glide through the melon skin with ease, thus making the slicing process way more easier and convenient than you could have imagined before.

Bready Made – The Bread Cutter for Creative Meals
Channel your creativity as early as breakfast with Bready Made, the bread cutter for creative meals. Coming in a variety of shapes, these cutters help you create fun and playful objects and scenes with your food.The list includes a cool watermelon knife as well! To use Bready Made, simply place the cutter, made with high quality plastic, on top of a slice of bread. Press down firmly to cut out he shapes and use the raised edges to pull the cutter out. The large cut out can hold your food as it cooks, such as a yummy runny egg, and the other bits are toasted in the same pan. You can click here.

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