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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Best of Samsung S6 Gadgets For the Mobile Lovers

If you have a thing for Android smartphones, you would love these Samsung S6 gadgets. These gadgets are cool and will surely take your Android experience one step higher. Have a look:

MEEM Charging Cable and Back Up Device
Never worry about losing the content on your phone with the MEED Charging Cable and Back Up Device. Equipped with a USB connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other, this cable is compatible with editions of the iPhone 5 and newer using iOS 7 and later. Simply plug MEEM into a wall charger, car charger, laptop, or a power bank to top up your battery and it will automatically back up and store the personal data on your phone. Every time you plug in with MEEM, you content is securely backed up. With 32GB of space, MEEM has plenty of room to store your photos, videos, contacts, memos, and more.

StylusFlex – A Revolutionary Interaction With Your Touch Screen
StylusFlex can be considered as the world’s first ever flexible stylus. With the help of this unique stylus, you can now latch your phone anywhere for a perfect selfie or bend it into a stand. The lightweight design will look seamless in your pocket. This innovative stylus can be used as a stylus or a phone stand in order to take that perfect selfie anywhere on the go. The coolest feature of this bendable stylus is that it will allow you to reach any part of your screen by wrapping StylusFlex around your fingers. Whether it’s watching YouTube videos of cats jumping 10 ft high, reading the news, or Skyping with family, it’s frustrating to lean your phone up against the ketchup you’re about to use and have it drop.

Bone Conduction Headphone – Redefined
Yolie has redefined the bone conduction headphones and launched two versions of it – wired and non-wired on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Despite being better for ear health, bone conduction headphones are not quite popular among the masses due to its bulky size and low performance in noisy environment. This is why we launched the Y-BoneTouch, the bone conduction headphones which will not only offer a safer alternative to conventional headphones but also provide high-quality sound and overall performance. The headphones are launched with a goal to raise $40,000 that’ll be utilized to get the product into mass production and fulfillment of orders. The Y-BoneTouch by Yolie doesn’t need to be inserted inside the ears which prevent any eardrum damage and keeps the user aware of their surroundings too without compromising on the sound quality.

Introducing the X STAND – the most affordable height adjustable laptop/tablet stand on the market. The X STAND is one of those Samsung S6 gadgets which improves posture, helps eliminate eye strain, neck/back pain. The X STAND’s ergonomic, multi-functional design lets you set your preferred mode of use by easily changing from sitting, standing or typing modes. Customized rotating ball magnet holds your smartphone in any direction. With the optional LED light and Dimmer Touch Switch, the X STAND may be used as a stand alone desk light when not using with your laptop or tablet. The stand is adjustable in height and length by moving the rods in and out.

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