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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Greyhours Watch, Auto and more with a Black Dial

 Wristwatches are there a many but one with a black dial is simply amazing. It’s got a charm of its kind which is what makes it unique. In fact, if you look at it closely, having a black dial watch is actually good as it blend with most of your attire pretty easily. Take a look at these examples and go for one now. The list includes the Greyhours watch and more.

Auto – Automatic Watch Series
Carbon fiber is a unique material altogether. To have it in the form of a wristwatch is something extraordinary. The Auto series boast something similar in the form of unique styles you would love to wear on your wrist. These timepieces will beat 28,000 times per minute and comes with forty hours of reserved power. If you are looking for a watch that is 100% unique and affordable, this is surely the one you must go for.

Greyhours Essential Black Watch
Life is not just black and white but a lot of gray too. The Greyhours watch highlights this important fact on your wrist in a beautiful way. It’s what you call a classic design that transforms something so general and ordinary into something extravagant. The delicate balance of design and utility used here makes these wristwatches truly one of a kind. It has got a matte black dial and a Swiss quartz movement that together makes them a perfect wristwear for your everyday style.

Ki & Drew Watch
For those who like minimal designs, this unisex wristwatch is totally made for you. The beautifully elevated double dial is complemented with the colored silver or rose gold stainless steel case. Together they make the wristwatch a perfect design for everyday use. It’s for those who prefer classic designs but don’t wish to compromise with sophisticated style. The facts that these are unisex designs only make them even more compatible with your everyday life. One watch for the two of you! For more information about Greyhours watch click on the given link.