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Monday, 2 May 2016

Best Bike Gadgets For The Ride of Your Lifetime

If you’ve got a bike, you must be heading for adventures too often. Next time you set forth on a biking trip, make sure you have these bike gadgets with you. They are unique and definitely great to add something extra to your bike life.

WingLights – Direction Indicators for Bicycles
Bicycle riders won’t have much of a problem even if their hand signals are not noticed on the road anymore once they have WingLights attached on their bike. This is a set of direction indicators for bicycles which can work even in poor light and weather conditions. When you fit them to the ends of your bicycle’s handlebars, the WingLights will provide you clear visibility on the road by using high visibility LEDs. You won’t have to remove your hands from the grips anymore. The innovative magnetic fixing will allow easy snap on and snap off too. You just have to tap to turn it on and use another tap to turn it off. Even when you detach them, they will turn into a carry away key ring.

Bycle – First Bike Mount+App That Integrates Map+Video
With Bycle on your bike, you will now be able to use your phone´s GPS and video recording features simultaneously in order to document your journey. From recording your speed, distance, place and time inside the video, Bycle gives you an opportunity to capture your bike rides in a proper way. The purpose is to help you use your phone’s navigation power instead of going for a separate GPS device. This bike mount will also let you compete with your fellow riders and beat their speed and time by re-riding their shared routes. The mount is currently compatible with iPhone and is a water resistant design you can carry on the go.

OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer
When you’re cruising on your two wheels trying to beat your best time, or you’re simply late for work the last thing you want to do is fumble with electronics. The OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer gives you the information you need when you need it without all the distractions. Although analogue, the OMATA One is a highly advanced device. Made to complement your bike, information such as your speed, average speed, vertical ascent, distance, and even the current time are all visible at a glance in easy to read dials. Backed by science, dials take less cognitive energy to read which means you can focus more on the road ahead.

Knog Blinder 4V USB Rechargeable Bike Light
Be seen wherever you ride with the Knog Blinder 4V USB Rechargeable Bike Light. Creating a vertical set of four super bright lights, this is one of those bike gadgets with a compact system easily attaches to any part of your bike. The Blinder 4V Light conveniently recharges via the included USB through your laptop, computer, or adapter. The Blinder 4V Light is made of anodized aluminum and the lights provide a total of 44 lumens so you can be seen as you ride from up to 1.2 kilometers away. Securing with a silicone strap, the light affixes effortlessly without the use of tools. Complete with five different lighting modes to choose from (including three constant and two flash), the Blinder 4V Light is entirely waterproof up to three meters.

Cool New Watches : Straton Watch, Nozzer Watch and More

Wristwatches are there a many but only a few of them stand out. Now the factors that make them stand out are unique and vary from piece to piece. Here are some of the latest examples of extraordinary wristwatches you must have a look at. The list includes unique designs like the Straton Watch and the Tikker Happiness Watch.

NOZzER Watch
Introducing NOZzer – A new, max effective and reliable anti-sleep device that you can take everywhere with you. The idea for coming with such a device came to the team when the founder Yan Ivan Rybachenko found out the danger of critical decrease of neuron activity due to sleepiness while driving. NOZzer watch comes with a steel body and mineral glass with an OLED display and Li-Pol battery. Whenever you turn on NOZzer, you will feel tactile sensations. There are two small electrodes which will transmit a weak current by 0,2 sec impulses every few seconds.

Tikker Happiness Watch
IMAGINE SOMEONE TOLD YOU that you only had 1 year left to live. How would that change your life? For all of us life comes with a best before date, and one day we’ll find ourselves at the end of the line. Gee, you’re thinking, this is really depressing! BUT, WAIT, there’s good news too! While death is nonnegotiable, life isn’t. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and it can be beautiful! All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given, to honor it, suck the marrow from it, seize the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds, days and years are passing never to come again.

The Trump Backwards Running Watch
Make a fun political statement with the Trump Backwards Running Watch. All three hands run backwards. Easy to tell time-the numbers are printed backwards. Japanese quartz movement, genuine leather strap, Free collector’s tin. Lifetime guarantee. Great gift for any Democrat.(and many Republicans) Special introductory price.

Vintage Driver Chrono by Straton Watch Co.
Born from a passion for racing and watches, latest Straton Watch Co have launched themselves into the timepiece game with a design inspired by a classic Alfa Romeo. The brand’s first model, the Vintage Driver Chrono takes cues from the designer’s 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT. This wristwatch showcases careful resemblance to the car’s Veglia Borletti tachometer with the two-digit minute/second markers, and the needle-like wedge of the second hand. The Vintage Driver Chrono is a versatile wrist companion, perfect for a Sunday drive and channels an appreciation for the great outdoors. Its luminescent hands, stainless steel frame and chronographic functionality give it a beautiful retro aesthetic.

Check These iPhone 6S Stand and Dock Your Phones in Style

Docking your smartphones makes them look pretty cool. Especially if you own an iPhone, it will be even more easy to flaunt its beauty with stands. Here are some of the latest iPhone 6S stand you might consider using for your phones sometime soon.

DoBox – Portable Wireless Dock for Apple Devices
DoBox is the first portable wireless dock for all Apple devices. Connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac to any other device wirelessly. DoBox gives you the freedom of full connectivity. With DoBox you can now connect to more external devices like never before. You don’t need a laptop for serious work any more, DoBox turns your iPad or iPhone into a MacBook Pro. The DoBox has multiple ports to connect an internet cable, flashdrives, hard drives, keyboard, printers, TVs, projectors, monitors or speakers, and use them wirelessly.

The Holding Cell-Cell Phone Holder for your Bed
The Holding Cell is simple to use and can be mounted beside the bed by sliding the panel under the mattress so your phone is within arm’s reach, perfect for cell phones and baby monitors. Wherever the user puts it, this handy storage unit will adjust in size to fit any phone or device. The charging cord is safely captured through slots in the bottom to keep it from being lost, and there is even extra storage space for additional cord. The unit can be angled to allow for easier viewing of a phone’s screen, and folds neatly away when not in use. The Holding Cell provides the perfect place to store a phone, baby monitor or other electronic device during the night or any time the user needs a safe and easy-to-access storage and charging solution so your charging cord is never on the floor.

Smart Phone Car Mount
Holding your smartphone in the car just got smarter with this car mount. It uses the force of gravity to make the process simple and easy going. You simply need to insert the smart phone into the opening and as you release the phone, it will rotate by using the weight of the phone to grip the screen using a silicone pad with tiny micro suction cups. A simple concept that delivers amazing functionality when docking your phone in the car. You will get to choose between two different styles of mounting : by utilizing any small gap in dash along with a corner with a specially formulated non damaging 3M foam tape or by mounting it on any flat surface of the dash if corner is unavailable with the same 3M tape.

Energy Dock
Energy Dock is a better way to charge your iPhone. It is a beautiful aluminum iPhone dock and portable power bank, with an internal 6000mAh battery. Energy Dock is one of those latest iPhone 6S stand which was created to answer the shortcomings of other docks on the market, by offering an elegant and extremely stable way to charge and use your iPhone while docked. A micro-suction pad on the bottom keeps it firmly planted during taps, swipes and Touch ID use. The internal battery lets you charge wherever you choose, and not just near power outlets. With a built in Lightning Connector, Energy Dock is all you need to start recharging your phone, so you can the leave the tangled wires behind.

Give Your Car A Super Cool Makeover With These Used Car Accessories

Nothing can beat the coolness of a long drive on your car. It’s that joy of riding by yourself which makes the whole process so cool. Now to make the journey even more fun, here are some of the coolest used car accessories you can use sometime soon. Make your car stand out from the rest.

Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera
Keep an eye on your little one while paying attention to the road with the Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera. Securely attaching to the back of the headrest, this camera ca be perfectly angled to record your baby. The BabyCam provides a live feed right to your Garmin navigation device already attached to your windshield or dashboard which serves as the monitor screen. Because it can be easily placed at a safe height, you won’t need to turn around to check on your little one. Working even in low light conditions, the BabyCam allows you to still hear your navigation direction while viewing your baby.

iHome Wearable Bluetooth Mini Speaker
Experience high quality audio wherever you go with the iHome Wearable Bluetooth Mini Speaker. Easily clipped to your shirt, hat, or even your bag using the unique design, this compact speaker will blow you away with the clear and powerful sound. Use the iHome Mini Speaker to connect wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth or with the 3.5mm audio jack in a snap. Equipped with a built in speakerphone, this wearable can also be used to take calls and command your device with voice control. The internal lithium battery will provide you with up to eight hours of continuous audio.

Vigo – The Stimulating Headset
Stay alert and focused with Vigo, the stimulating headset. Held in your ear with a comfy bud and extending towards your cheek bone, this headset is able to track and monitor your blinking patterns. Using the sensors and advanced algorithms, Vigo determines when there is a change in your alertness from your blinking and stimulates you with a combination of vibrations, audio, and light. Pairing with the app, you can view trends of your alertness and even apply recommendations to stay focused. The comfortable and ergonomic design of Vigo means it can be worn all day. Equipped with two microphones, the headset has noise cancellation abilities for your hands free calls or music.

Classy Go Soft Crate by K&H
Let Fido relax in style and comfort with the Classy Go Soft Create by K&H. Available in four sizes from small to extra large to accommodate any breed, this dog crate is one of those coolest used car accessories which pulls out all the stops. Strong and sturdy yet easily assembled, the Classy Go Soft Create is perfect for keeping at home as well as using while you’re travelling. The crate is compact enough to fit in some vehicles to give your pup a comfy spot even on the road. Complete with a zipper pull lock to prevent your pet from pulling a Houdini, the front panel zips open on the top and sides for easy access for both you and your pet.

Head For An Adventurous Bike Ride With These Bike Accessories

Biking is a lot easier now. Thanks to the new range of bike accessories, you can now make those adventures more fun and enjoyable. Check these latest examples for a clear idea on how you can make your next trip a little more adventurous and hassle free at the same time.

Bycle – First Bike Mount+App That Integrates Map+Video
With Bycle on your bike, you will now be able to use your phone´s GPS and video recording features simultaneously in order to document your journey. From recording your speed, distance, place and time inside the video, Bycle gives you an opportunity to capture your bike rides in a proper way. The purpose is to help you use your phone’s navigation power instead of going for a separate GPS device. This bike mount will also let you compete with your fellow riders and beat their speed and time by re-riding their shared routes. The mount is currently compatible with iPhone and is a water resistant design you can carry on the go.

HEL – New Nordic Bicycle Helmet
Introducing HEL – A new Nordic bicycle helmet which provides outstanding comfort and Scandinavian safety. It is a newly designed re-interpretation of the traditional skater helmet. The fusion of the urban skater style with the Danish design tradition creates a contemporary yet stylish design icon for the fashion and design conscientious cyclist. What makes HEL even more awesome is the engineered ventilation system which constantly regulates your head temperature while the short and long visors are designed to protect you from rain and sun.

Revolights Skyline – LED Bike Wheel Lights
Give your bikes a 360-degree visibility with the Revolights Skyline. These smart LED light rings will synchronize with your bike speed and enhance your night visibility on the road. It could work as a new-age headlight and functional brake light to prevent any accidents due to poor visibility that might come your way. This latest version is easy to install and comes with new mounting features. Bike riding is an adventure and these lights take that experience to a completely new level at night. If you’ve really not had that amazing night ride till now, these wheel nights can surely make you head that way.


goLock VENTURE is one of those bike accessories which comes with an electronic cable locking system that safeguards equipment from theft in two ways — by triggering an audible alarm at the site and by delivering an alert to your smartphone via cellular or Bluetooth technology. If tampered with, goLock VENTURE will immediately emit a loud alarm (90 decibels – it is loud!), alerting anyone in the area of possible theft. At the same time, you will receive an alert on your smartphone that your lock and gear may have been compromised. Security + Deterrence + Notification = More fun outdoors, and less worrying about your gear!

These Smart Home Appliance Will Help You Live Amidst Technology

Technology has literally made our everyday lives super easy and hassle free. You don’t need to think twice before doing any household work anymore. Whether it’s cleaning the floors or keeping a check on your home when you’re away, the smart home appliance have made our everyday lives pretty hassle free. Here are some examples from this category of technology you must have a look at.

BloomSky Outdoor Weather Station Kit
View the sky in a whole new way with the BloomSky Outdoor Weather Station Kit. This full featured weather device is equipped with high grade sensors along with a camera so you can record the most interesting weather happening around you. The BloomSky kit sensors can measure the temperature, humidity, barometric temperature, ultraviolet sun exposure, and precipitation. Because the system is connected via Wi-Fi, it can send weather data and the images straight to your device for you to upload and share. The ultra wide angle HD camera is adjustable to 49 degrees and can capture in both portrait and landscape orientations. The camera captures stunning images with a first person perspective so you can enjoy the footage to the fullest. Connecting with the app, the BloomSky system can also piece together beautiful time-lapse videos from the day’s weather events.

Gecko Switch – Your Movable Light Switch
Break free from the traditional light switch. The Gecko Switch can be placed anywhere you want. Be creative! Gecko Switch isn’t simply smart. It’s movable! No longer anchored on the wall like traditional switches. At long last you are free to place your light switch where you always wanted. Its location is no longer limited to the physical layout of your home. Be creative! Gecko Switch is also a dimmer and much more. You can set it like an alarm to schedule when it turns on and off. The bedroom light can be set to gradually brighten when waking you up. Or set it with a time delay when you turn it off. Truly you’ve never had this much control in a light switch. The LED lit icon on the switch elegantly shows what the Gecko Switch controls. There are many icons to select from. The light of the LED subtly tells you if it is switched on or off and where it is in the dark. No more groping for light switches.

Amaryllo iCamPRO FHD Robotic Home Security Camera
The iCamPRO FHD Home Security Camera is the ultimate personal home security device. With live streaming, text notifications, motion sensor activation, intelligent tracking, and versatile placement, the iCamPRO FHD is here to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Smart Sensor Network:There are 3 motion sensors placed around the iCamPRO. When motion is detected it will turn to face the movement and begin tracking.Intelligent Tracking System (ITS):Our patent pending technology allows the iCamPRO to track moving objects, such as an intruder. Mechanized Infrared-Cut Filter:This piece automatically changes lens helping the contrast in the sunlight and improving the infrared vision at night.Push Picture with Time and Date:All alerts are sent with a snapshot that include the date and time, which is important for evidence if needed.

O-Cedar O-Duster

The innovative O-Cedar O-Duster is a Best smart home appliance which works as a  Robotic Floor Cleaner Makes Your Life Easier with faster and simpler floor dusting. The O-Duster’s auto-navigation feature effectively covers all your hard floor surfaces, giving you time for the rest of your to-do list. Its flexible base is designed to reach into corners and along edges while the compact design slips under sofas, beds and other furniture to grab dust and pet hair.

4 Cool Designer Watches For the Fashion Conscious

If you have a thing for fashionable designs, wristwatch must be one of your favorite accessories. In spite of having gadgets which makes it easy for you to keep a check on time, wristwatches still seem to be that one thing mankind can’t get rid of. Let’s have a look at four fashionable designer watches you must be yearning to own sometime in your life for sure. 

Xeric Soloscope Automatic Limited Edition Watch
When you put on your watch in the morning, does it reflect who you are? Well, it should! We live in a time when everyone has the same stuff, racing for the latest phone, fastest laptop and most advanced gadget. Every single one of these devices will soon be obsolete. Your WATCH, on the other hand, is a chance to reflect your value of striking design and timeless mechanics, and that is why we hope you’ll join us in bringing the Limited Edition SOLOSCOPE Automatic to life. Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you — and everyone around you — that you are making your own mark. It’s time to go SOLO. The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power.

M42 Chronograph Watch in PVD Black by Uniform Wares
Introducing the M42 Chronograph Watch in PVD Black by Uniform Wares. Packing effortless style into premium functionality, this Swiss made watch has everything you need to complete your look. A part of the M collection, the M42 Watch is 42mm in diameter and is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire glass complete with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. In place of numbers are elegant notches around the circumference as well as triple register 1/10 second chronograph with the date placed at 4 o’clock. The casing is made with 316L brushed stainless steel and is water resistant with a rating of 5 ATM. The M42 Watch is impressible sleek and is finished with a stunning nappa leather strap with nine holes to get your perfect fit.

Griffin Emblem – Automatic Watches
Griffin Emblem is back with a beautiful third collection of Automatic Watches. The unique design with a skeleton view and the use of best quality materials will satisfy any watch lover. These wristwatches are inspired from griffins who were not only perceived as heroes, but also as protectors of gold. The idea was to launch a series of high quality, automatic wristwatches at an affordable price. These wristwatches do not work on a battery and can blend with professional as well as casual style. They come with 21 jewels and are a unisex design as well.

Canvas Watch Company – Redefining Designer Watches
Canvas Watch Company uses premium components to create best designer watches with a unique aesthetic. Each dial design is illustrated by a new independent designer and produced in limited quantities. The movement is Swiss-made, the lens is sapphire, and they are assembled in the United States. Based in Detroit, Canvas Watch Company is currently raising funds to launch it’s first production batch. The First Edition watches are sequentially numbered (001-500).