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Monday, 2 May 2016

Best Bike Gadgets For The Ride of Your Lifetime

If you’ve got a bike, you must be heading for adventures too often. Next time you set forth on a biking trip, make sure you have these bike gadgets with you. They are unique and definitely great to add something extra to your bike life.

WingLights – Direction Indicators for Bicycles
Bicycle riders won’t have much of a problem even if their hand signals are not noticed on the road anymore once they have WingLights attached on their bike. This is a set of direction indicators for bicycles which can work even in poor light and weather conditions. When you fit them to the ends of your bicycle’s handlebars, the WingLights will provide you clear visibility on the road by using high visibility LEDs. You won’t have to remove your hands from the grips anymore. The innovative magnetic fixing will allow easy snap on and snap off too. You just have to tap to turn it on and use another tap to turn it off. Even when you detach them, they will turn into a carry away key ring.

Bycle – First Bike Mount+App That Integrates Map+Video
With Bycle on your bike, you will now be able to use your phone´s GPS and video recording features simultaneously in order to document your journey. From recording your speed, distance, place and time inside the video, Bycle gives you an opportunity to capture your bike rides in a proper way. The purpose is to help you use your phone’s navigation power instead of going for a separate GPS device. This bike mount will also let you compete with your fellow riders and beat their speed and time by re-riding their shared routes. The mount is currently compatible with iPhone and is a water resistant design you can carry on the go.

OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer
When you’re cruising on your two wheels trying to beat your best time, or you’re simply late for work the last thing you want to do is fumble with electronics. The OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer gives you the information you need when you need it without all the distractions. Although analogue, the OMATA One is a highly advanced device. Made to complement your bike, information such as your speed, average speed, vertical ascent, distance, and even the current time are all visible at a glance in easy to read dials. Backed by science, dials take less cognitive energy to read which means you can focus more on the road ahead.

Knog Blinder 4V USB Rechargeable Bike Light
Be seen wherever you ride with the Knog Blinder 4V USB Rechargeable Bike Light. Creating a vertical set of four super bright lights, this is one of those bike gadgets with a compact system easily attaches to any part of your bike. The Blinder 4V Light conveniently recharges via the included USB through your laptop, computer, or adapter. The Blinder 4V Light is made of anodized aluminum and the lights provide a total of 44 lumens so you can be seen as you ride from up to 1.2 kilometers away. Securing with a silicone strap, the light affixes effortlessly without the use of tools. Complete with five different lighting modes to choose from (including three constant and two flash), the Blinder 4V Light is entirely waterproof up to three meters.

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