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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Star Wars Products to Cherish Galactic Empire at Home

If you are a Star Wars fan, this is the perfect post for you. Take a look at the coolest and the best Star Wars products and add some Galactic Empire nostalgia to your life now.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker
Meet the iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker. When you’re not using it, it’s a lovely c. 4 1/2″ diameter Death Star on an acrylic stand. When you are using it, it’s a wireless speaker with one-touch connectivity to your Bluetooth device. Oh, and did we mention it also lights up? Yup.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wood Wall Clock
Prepare to save the galaxy with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wood Wall Clock. Specially designed and made with American walnut wood, this clock shows each and every intricate detail of Han Solo’s preferred transportation.

Darth Vader Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
The almighty Sith Lord is cool, but breathing like him is not. Freshen up the air in your home with the Darth Vader Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Compact and easy to take with you when traveling, this humidifier has a perfect 2-liter capacity to add moisture to the air of any room.

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with Sounds
Use the power of the force to make sure all of your food is cooked to perfection with the Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with sounds. Giving you up to 60 minutes of timing, this kitchen timer is equipped with authentic lights and sounds to alert you when time is up. The green superlaser and accompanying sound effects are sure to grab your attention.

Dark Havoc Light Saber by Vader’s Vault
Now is the time to choose if you’re going to represent the Dark Side or not with the Dark Havoc Light Saber by Vader’s Vault. This genuine light saber is the perfect way to showcase your skills and love for the greatest films of all time. At just over 3 pounds, the weight of the Dark Havoc Light Saber is powerful and realistic.

Millennium Falcon Rebel Bass Guitar
Rock out the entire universe with the Millennium Falcon Rebel Bass Guitar. With its own beautiful tone like a great guitar should have, this guitar is one of the coolest Star Wars Products that takes music to the next level as it’s encased inside the legendary Star Wars starship. The shell is incredibly detailed, intricate, and ornate. It features the cockpit, a sensor dish, and even a laser. For more information click here.

Must Have Music Gadgets: Classic Hoerboard, Music Jukebox and More

Musicholics will agree that life without music is dull. So here are some of the best music gadgets you must try using in order to make your life more fun and interesting. Don’t forget to try the music jukebox for sure.

BeatRinger – The Speaker Backpack
Become a walking party with the BeatRinger Speaker Backpack. Equipped with Bluetooth capability and an incredible 15 hours of battery life per charge, this dynamic backpack produces brilliant and powerful sound with its built-in amplifier and bass. The BeatRinger also has an easy to use control panel on the back that is safeguarded with loads of padding to keep you comfortable as you wear it. Simply remove the padded panel from the neodymium magnets and have full control of your music. Unlike other portable speaker units, the BeatRinger has some seriously unprecedented power. Weighing 12.8 lbs, the built-in speaker can reach an amazing 110 dB – enough volume to turn any event into a party whether you’re hiking a mountain or running a road race.

Classic Hoerboard – Pro Audio & DJ Furniture
The Hoerboard Classic is a high class customized DJ stand. All your turntables, CDJs and mixers will fit perfectly into the great-looking DJ workstation. The power cables are invisibly integrated into the corpus. All audio ports are placed just above the floor and can be connected comfortably to local audio systems. Choose your favourite cover material for the MDF corpus; different high-quality veneer or hardened lacquer surfaces add your own personal touch. Don’t worry about beerglass marks! The hardened lacquer surface makes sure a good party doesn’t leave any traces – at least not on your Hoerboard.

Music Jukebox Dock for Smartphones, Tablets and Bluetooth Music Players
This retro Music Jukebox Dock decked with colorful neon lights looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a 1950s diner where you had to feed coins to play your favorite tunes. Well, it’s about the same, except that this one eats your smartphones and tablets. You dock your device into the jukebox for charging, they connect through Bluetooth, and the stereo speakers start blaring. It works with iTunes, and also with other jukebox apps that you can download from the App Store.

Seaboard Rise MIDI Controller by Roli
Get the exact sound you’re looking for with the Seaboard Rise MIDI Controller by Roli. In a huge technological jump on its predecessor, the Seaboard GRAND, Rise is ultra portable, customizable, and intuitive for music creators of all kinds. This pressure sensitive keyboard, encased with smooth silicon rubber, picks up on even the softest touches so you can perfect your sound in real time with subtle movements. Each note, key, and tone can be modulated precisely to capture anything your imagination desires. The Bluetooth capability allows you to connect Rise to all of your devices. It includes Equator software and built in effects for a seamless workflow. Start creating any way you’d like with the Seaboard Rise MIDI Controller by Roli.

Best Apple Watch Accessories For Your Everyday Life

Having just an Apple Watch is not enough. You need proper Apple Watch accessories to enhance its functionality even more. Take a look at some of these examples for a clearer idea on what can work best for your Apple Watch.

Bobine WATCH – Flexible Apple Watch Charging Dock
Charge your smart watch any place you’d like with Bobine WATCH, the flexible Apple Watch charging dock. The body of this charger is flexible and bendable so it can wrap around a variety of objects to keep your Apple Watch where you want it – even in mid air. The bendy metal is lightweight yet sturdy enough so it can securely hold your smartwatch without overpowering itself in weight. Your magnetic charging easily clips into place in the head of Bobine WATCH and a cord clip keeps the charging cable tidy and out of the way. Use Bobine WATCH to keep your watch in the perfect place for Nightstand mode or safely attach it to your car so you can keep your eyes on the road. At 24 inches long, Bobine WATCH is truly minimalistic yet practical and can conform to any environment.

Two-in-One Wood Apple Watch Charger and iPhone Holder
What better way to show off your new Apple Watch and iPhone 6s than the tastefully carved Two-in-One Wood Apple Watch Charger and iPhone Holder. Having your choice of either Beech wood or bamboo, this holder has specially carved spots for your favourite Apple devices. Your Apple Watch sits delicately atop the magnetic charging cable while your phone, whether it’s the iPhone 4 or iPhone 6 Plus, is cradled next to it. The magnetic charging cable fits perfectly in its place with a drilled track leading it through the back of the holder to maintain the sleek appearance. There is also a groove carved out for the iPhone’s home button so you can see use it while it’s on display.

MonoCharge – Wireless Charging Reimagined
Say goodbye to those messy wires and switch to wireless charging for your iPhone and Apple Watch with MonoCharge. It is an innovative wireless charging solution that has been designed to blend with your indoor and outdoor charging requirements. You can either choose to use it simultaneously for charging your iPhone and Apple Watch or go for separate charging times whatsoever. Since the design consists of two wedge pieces, you can create multiple modular configurations out of it based on your personal preference and space requirements. In addition to its functionality, the modern aesthetics and striking-yet-neutral color scheme will make this gadget blend perfectly with any environment – be it your office or your home. Even when not in use, you can still utilize its beauty as a bedside stand for displaying your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories by Bytten
Give your smartwatch the fashion upgrade it needs with the Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories by Bytten. With the ability to personalize how you wear your smartwatch, this Apple Watch accessories pack features a touch of sparkle to elevate your style. The Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories come in your choice of gold, silver, rose gold, or black rhodium, these rings also have tiny cubic zirconia crystals to match your Apple Watch with incredible taste. Designed for the 38mm and 42mm edition Apple Watch, the accessories feature three sterling silver or gold-plated rings as well as a clasp to adorn your strap. The varied design of each ring allows you to transform your style however you’d like even making it different each day.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Latest Music Gadgets : Music Jukebox, Turntable and More

Music lovers have one thing in common - their love for music gadgets. If you are one too, here are some of the coolest products you should go for. Watch out for the music jukebox and smart necklace - they are truly one of a kind.

Necksound – Smart Wireless Necklace Wearable Music Device
Necksound is a smart wireless wearable that revolutionizes the experience of listening to music during sports activities. It is a necklace-shaped audio device made with hypoallergenic silicone, with a modern and sporty design that provides top quality sound. Listen to music or talk on the phone while doing any physical activity without the need for headphones. Necksound is the perfect wearable to enjoy your soundscape without being isolated from the world that surrounds you. Unlike other conventional headphones and hands-free devices, Necksound offers a different, safer and functional alternative. It’s the only device of its kind that combines all essential features. You can enjoy great stereo sound without compromising with your situational awareness. You can also store up to 1000 songs in its 4GB internal memory.

Mini Tower in Ebony & Redwood
Here is a new spin on the traditional Tower Speaker design. You can place these speakers on their head, bottom, or side, whatever you like best for your space! These compact, yet powerful speakers are perfect for your desk, or will fill your living space with full and detailed sound. Each of their collection uses reclaimed wood to bring timeless character into each piece. The wood they use has a past, a story to tell.

Music Jukebox Dock for Smartphones, Tablets and Bluetooth Music Players
This retro Music Jukebox Dock decked with colorful neon lights looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a 1950s diner where you had to feed coins to play your favorite tunes. Well, it’s about the same, except that this one eats your smartphones and tablets. You dock your device into the jukebox for charging, they connect through Bluetooth, and the stereo speakers start blaring. It works with iTunes, and also with other jukebox apps that you can download from the App Store.

Crosley Nomad Portable Turntable with Software
Introducing the Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable Turntable with Software, the creative solution for making your music with vinyl. Using an NP5 needle and a belt-driven turntable mechanism, this turntable produces beautifully clear sound from its built-in speakers. Additionally, the Crosley Nomad Turntable includes the software you need to rip and edit audio content as well as a USB cable to connect to Windows on either PC or Mac so you can convert your creations to digital files. Complete with a handle and the compact mechanics, the Crosley Nomad Turntable can be easily taken everywhere you go. The vinyl-wrapped wood style cabinet features a dual chrome snap closure to keep the contents safe during transport while also giving the turntable a delightfully vintage feel.

Coolest Designer Watches to Beautify Your Wrists

Watch lovers look for designer watches to enhance their everyday style. Here are some of the latest examples you can go for. These will not only look stylish but come with great features too.

Canvas Watch Company – Redefining Designer Watches
Canvas Watch Company uses premium components to create timepieces with a unique aesthetic. Each dial design is illustrated by a new independent designer and produced in limited quantities. The movement is Swiss-made, the lens is sapphire, and they are assembled in the United States. Based in Detroit, Canvas Watch Company is currently raising funds to launch it’s first production batch. The First Edition watches are sequentially numbered (001-500).

Jacopo Dondi – 24-Hour Watches
Jacopo Dondi watches are designed to display time in a much more natural way than your everyday wrist watch. Telling the time on a 24-hour dial can be tricky, to begin with, however, you soon realise that it’s a much more natural way of visualizing where you are in your day. Jacopo Dondi’s classic styling and elegant details look undoubtedly familiar but will ultimately change they way you perceive time.

McDowell Time DelRay Auto-Quartz Watch
The McDowell Time DelRay Auto-Quartz Watch is a modern take on a traditional WWI trench watches. It blends the vintage round case & lugs with an updated hybrid auto-quartz movement. The custom 44mm case uses wire lugs and gives you those bold looking large displays without looking too large. The watch also comes with a 22mm watch strap that makes it a quality design altogether. What makes it even more adorable is the use of Seiko YT57 movement. It provides the benefits of both automatic and quartz watches in one. Now available on Kickstarter, these wristwatches are definitely out of the box. They give you all that expect from a traditional wristwatch but in a more stylish way. If you have a thing for large dial wristwatches but don’t wish to have them too large, this is the right design to go for.

Grant Watch by TOKYObay
Your wrist is prime real estate to use when pulling your look together and the Grant Watch by TOKYObay is just the accessory for the job. Elegant and understated, this is one of those designer watches that comes in the modern boyfriend style complete with a large face protected by a mineral glass lens and a stainless steel case. The Grant Watch forgoes most of the numbers on the face, using just 16 and 6, while using elongated notches for the remaining hours and minutes. Securing on your wrist with a durable Italian leather strap, the face of the Grant Watch also features subtle colors on the notches which match the strap seamlessly for a polished finish. The Grant Watch can make any outfit effortlessly chic in seconds.