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Friday, 1 July 2016

Best of Smart Home Appliance For Your Modern Life

Tired of juggling with your everyday tasks at home? What you need are some of the coolest smart home appliance. Here are some of the recent examples you can have a look at. These are innovative and definitely worth having indoors for a more convenient and easy-going lifestyle.

Noke Smart Padlock
The future of security is here and the Noke Smart Padlock makes it a whole lot more convenient. Connecting to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, this lock only unlocks when you, and your smartphone, are close. Because it doesn’t require a key, the Noke Smart Padlock helps you save time and get on your way. The dynamic app helps you grant access to others, see where you left your items, and even manage multiple locks to bring seamless security to your life. Access to the Noke Padlock can also be done manually if your phone is lost, stolen, or dead. The Noke Padlock is built for weather of any and every month and seals with silicone O-rings, handling temperatures from -10F to 150F.

Ambi Climate – The Smart Add-On For Your Air Conditioner
Learns about your habits & home environment. Auto adjusts AC for ideal temperature & energy savings. Remote access via Android/iPhone. Ambi Climate is a small, sleek internet of things device that makes your existing infrared remote-controlled air conditioner smart. It allows you to sync your AC with your smartphone, giving you complete access to monitor and control your air conditioner wherever you are. Ambi Climate uses predictive climate control by controlling the temperature and environment both inside and outside maximizing energy consumption. In fact, thermal comfort isn’t about temperature alone. That is why Ambi Climate takes into a consideration sunlight, temperature, humidity and other elements to maintain a more comfortable, energy-efficient interior environment.

AquaTimer Wi-Fi Connected Garden Hose System
Automate the care for your yard and garden with the AquaTimer Wi-Fi connected Garden Hose System. Connecting directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, this handy device allows you to schedule, manage, and control your hoses with ease. The AquaTimer easily screws into place on the spigot. On the bottom are four spaces for your hoses which can all be individually controlled, allowing you to water up to four zones independently. The device also provides you with one-touch manual watering at the press of a button right on the front. The AquaTimer connects to the app which is accessible on your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can have peace of mind knowing your garden is looked after no matter where you are.

Oco Wireless Smart Monitoring HD Camera
Record and monitor what’s important to you with the Oco wireless smart monitoring HD camera. This Wi-Fi enabled smart camera can be placed anywhere in your home there’s a power source to record whatever you’d like. You can use the app to get a live view of your home on your smartphone or tablet. The app can also be used to set alerts to notify you of any movement, sound or action. It’s great for knowing your kids get home safe from school or to keep an eye on your pet. The Oco camera is easily set up in just minutes with minimal use of tools. It can store up to thirty days’ worth of recording in the cloud service for you to view and save. It’s even equipped with high quality infrared for night vision, giving you the ability to see no matter what the conditions.

Air Mentor PRO 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Give your family the gift of fresh air with the Air Mentor PRO 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor. Connecting to the app on your smartphone or tablet, this powerful device is one of those smart home appliance which is able to detect everything from indoor temperature, humidity levels, and even CO2 to keep your family safe as well as comfortable. Because indoor air quality often depends on outdoor air quality such as changes in weather, ensuring your indoor air is of the highest quality is imperative. The intuitive and easy to use Air Mentor app clearly displays the air quality summary index with a numerical value so you know just how clean the air in your home is in real time. With three-day measurements, you can also use the Air Mentor PRO to detect and determine trends to see how small changes can make a big impact. For more details click this link.

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