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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Best Apple Watch Accessories For Your Everyday Life

Having just an Apple Watch is not enough. You need proper Apple Watch accessories to enhance its functionality even more. Take a look at some of these examples for a clearer idea on what can work best for your Apple Watch.

Bobine WATCH – Flexible Apple Watch Charging Dock
Charge your smart watch any place you’d like with Bobine WATCH, the flexible Apple Watch charging dock. The body of this charger is flexible and bendable so it can wrap around a variety of objects to keep your Apple Watch where you want it – even in mid air. The bendy metal is lightweight yet sturdy enough so it can securely hold your smartwatch without overpowering itself in weight. Your magnetic charging easily clips into place in the head of Bobine WATCH and a cord clip keeps the charging cable tidy and out of the way. Use Bobine WATCH to keep your watch in the perfect place for Nightstand mode or safely attach it to your car so you can keep your eyes on the road. At 24 inches long, Bobine WATCH is truly minimalistic yet practical and can conform to any environment.

Two-in-One Wood Apple Watch Charger and iPhone Holder
What better way to show off your new Apple Watch and iPhone 6s than the tastefully carved Two-in-One Wood Apple Watch Charger and iPhone Holder. Having your choice of either Beech wood or bamboo, this holder has specially carved spots for your favourite Apple devices. Your Apple Watch sits delicately atop the magnetic charging cable while your phone, whether it’s the iPhone 4 or iPhone 6 Plus, is cradled next to it. The magnetic charging cable fits perfectly in its place with a drilled track leading it through the back of the holder to maintain the sleek appearance. There is also a groove carved out for the iPhone’s home button so you can see use it while it’s on display.

MonoCharge – Wireless Charging Reimagined
Say goodbye to those messy wires and switch to wireless charging for your iPhone and Apple Watch with MonoCharge. It is an innovative wireless charging solution that has been designed to blend with your indoor and outdoor charging requirements. You can either choose to use it simultaneously for charging your iPhone and Apple Watch or go for separate charging times whatsoever. Since the design consists of two wedge pieces, you can create multiple modular configurations out of it based on your personal preference and space requirements. In addition to its functionality, the modern aesthetics and striking-yet-neutral color scheme will make this gadget blend perfectly with any environment – be it your office or your home. Even when not in use, you can still utilize its beauty as a bedside stand for displaying your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories by Bytten
Give your smartwatch the fashion upgrade it needs with the Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories by Bytten. With the ability to personalize how you wear your smartwatch, this Apple Watch accessories pack features a touch of sparkle to elevate your style. The Glam Stack Apple Watch Accessories come in your choice of gold, silver, rose gold, or black rhodium, these rings also have tiny cubic zirconia crystals to match your Apple Watch with incredible taste. Designed for the 38mm and 42mm edition Apple Watch, the accessories feature three sterling silver or gold-plated rings as well as a clasp to adorn your strap. The varied design of each ring allows you to transform your style however you’d like even making it different each day.

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