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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fancy Smart Pocket Watches and More For That Added Spark of Style

Smart Pocket watches and fancy watches are back once again. Here are some examples to go for.

The Østerbro Series by JAGD Watches – Precision Made Using Laser Technology
Watch your own personalized design come to life with The Østerbro Series from JAGD Watches. Using laser etching technology, the face of the watch is one of a kind as you can personalize it and truly make it your own, which is the JAGD Watches slogan. Made of brushed stainless steel and your choice of a metal or wood watch face, the Østerbro Series is sealed with a sapphire glass cover to protect it from the elements. These watches are stylishly complete with removable and changeable straps with your choice of leather or suede. Elegance and personality alight with these modern watches. Designed and assembled in Denmark, the Østerbro Series from JAGD Watches gives you a unique, personalized fashion

Itero – Pocket Watches Are Back
In our everyday lives, we are bombarded with things that are screaming for our attention. Too often, we get caught in virtual reality and are forgetting about us and the time that is slipping by. That’s why Itero Smart Pocket Watches were created. With them we are bringing tradition back to life – in a modern form. Itero pocket watches are modern and boast many great features: Swiss parts movement, Sapphire crystal glass, 316L Stainless steel case are only some of them. To ensure that you can use them even when you are not wearing them, wooden pocket watch stand was created. Made out of solid, oil treated walnut, it suits in every environment – be it an office or a living room. Itero Watches are available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

White No.1 Military Wristwatch by TID Watches
What makes the White No.1 Military Wristwatch by TID Watches an elegant timepiece is its stainless steel base with black ion plating. The wristwatch flaunts a simple Japanese quartz clockwork and has a NATO wristband in woven nylon attached without screws or hinges. The black casing with the white watch face makes an adorable combo you can’t avoid wearing for any casual or formal meetup. It’s a fresh new way to look at traditional wristwatches in today’s overcrowded world of smartwatch technology. You’ll simply love the way this watch guides you through time following the traditional standards of watchmaking. Let time pass by in an analog style once again.
For more information about Cool Smart Pocket Watches click on the link.

You Can’t Miss These Samsung Phone Accessories

Good news for Samsung owners! Here’s a list of some of the coolest Samsung phone accessories you can pair up with your smartphone and take the experience to a new level altogether.

Alligator Leather Samsung S6 Wrap
Slick Wraps gives you the opportunity to envelop your smartphone with style through this Alligator Leather Samsung S6 Wrap. The wrap is designed by using a high quality material which combines a sophisticated look and feel resembling leather. It is complemented with the thinness and versatility of vinyl. The wrap includes the front, back and side wraps that will uplift the entire look of your Samsung Galaxy S6 altogether but without compromising on its original features.

Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6
Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S6 a dazzling display of 24K gold? Try using the Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6 in that case. This is one of the best Samsung phone accessories indeed. Each of this case offers an amazing design with gold leaf highlights. What you get is a translucent and radiant finish you’ll love to flaunt as a phone case. Additional features you’ll get to enjoy is impact resistance and shock dispersion. In fact, there are color-coordinating metal button accents too.

Speck Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6
Designed for those who want to carry less in their pockets every day. Time to get rid of your wallet and have it customized on your phone case in the form of this Speck Products Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6. The case includes a side-loading slot for up to 3 cards with a patented dual layer protection. This design works as an ideal case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and not only looks good but also works as a handy protective shell for your phone.

Poweradd™ Pilot Plus – High Capacity 20000mAh (2.4A+1.0A) Portable Charger
The Poweradd™ Pilot Plus is not just a simple portable charger. It comes with a power packed battery backup of 20000mAh which can charge an iPhone 6 eight and a half times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 three times and even larger devices like the iPad Air 2 almost one time. Samsung Smart phone accessories are there a many but this one surely stands out from the lot. The grid model design of this portable charger is pretty fashionable and stylish. You can charge two devices on it simultaneously while you’re on the go. The quick 2.4A charge will provide the fastest charging speed so that you get to charge your devices without wasting much of a time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories You Can Use to Beautify Your Phone

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 can now look even better with these Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories. Try them now!

PowerPlant Wooden Portable Battery by Nomad
Get serious charging power on the go with PowerPlant, the wooden portable battery from Nomad. Made from a single block of solid American walnut and anodized aluminum, this battery is ultra durable and can withstand the test of time. It provides up to four full charges for the iPhone 6S with the unbeatable power of the 12000 mAh battery. It’s about the same size as the iPhone 6S, too, so it can go anywhere you go. PowerPlant sports two convenient USB Type A charging ports to work with your smartphone, tablet, action camera, or any other device you bring along. The beautiful grain of the wood is remarkable and stunning and would fit in with any style and current gear you have. It tops up its own battery using an included micro USB charging cable.

Triple USB Port Car Charger by 1byone
1byone car charger is equipped with intelligent technology on all ports to identify each attached device and provide the highest charging power that the devices can adapt to. It features 3 Port 7.2A/36W USB car charger which can charge any 3 tablet or smartphone devices at the same time. The charger has been made out of top-grade aluminum alloy and works as a fast charge chip with a fashionable design. You can use cowling to keep the temperatures low thus ensuring stable working conditions, long life time and a low-temperature charging environment. It will automatically stop charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage to prevent damage to the batteries from overheat, over current, and overcharge. The Smart IC chip intelligently communicates with connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (up to 2.4 amps).

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones
Listen to your music throughout your entire day with the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones. Specifically designed Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories to give you crystal clear audio these headphones offer rich base, clear highs, and optimal lows over a wide frequency range. The sealed acoustic design makes sure you hear the music as the artist intended. Coming with three sizes for tips, the Bose SoundTrue Ultra set will stay in place no matter how you dance to the music. Sweat and weather resistant, these durable headphones are ideal for your every day. The cable features a both a microphone and a remote so you can take and end calls as well as control your music with a simple push of a button. Get more out of your headphones with the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones.

Jorno – The Compact Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
Get the convenience of tangible QWERTY keys anywhere you are in just seconds with Jorno, the compact folding Bluetooth keyboard. This ultra portable keyboard quickly connects via Bluetooth to get you typing sooner. It’s compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. It comes complete with both a case and a stand. The latter holds your small device in place, allowing for both portrait and landscape modes. They keys are just 9% smaller than standard keys so they’re comfortable and easy to use yet stick with the compact theme. Jorno folds to just .67” thick and has a battery that lasts for 85 hours of continuous typing. Jorno is great for professionals and students who require tangible keys but are on the go.

Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo
Developed in response to numerous requests from customers in colder climates. An extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation. The updated design includes a leather wrist strap with magnetic snap closure and upgraded material for increased durability. Anti-slip dots provide maximized grip. The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves feature an important upgrade, a magnetic snap closure, ensuring strong holding power while reducing tension on the strap during opening / closing. Regular gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these do! These extra-insulated touchscreen gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen. Even in colder climates, you’ll be able to use any touchscreen device while keeping your touchscreen gloves on!

AluPlug By Just Mobile
Just Mobile AluPlug™ is the high-performance wall charger for your smartphone, tablet and other USB-powered devices. It works as an amazing set of Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories together. With two full-power USB ports, AluPlug™ will slot into any standard wall socket to deliver fast, reliable charging. Clad in high-grade aluminum with exquisite knurled finishing, the striking AluPlug™ brings Just Mobile’s unmistakable design heritage to a wall socket near you. Plug in to luxury and charge your USB devices in style. What you’ll get to enjoy is Just Mobile’s design as well as a convenient charging port for most of your USB gadgets. Since you’ll get to use two USB sockets at the same time, charging multiple gadgets won’t be much of a problem. Especially in a world where USB gadgets are increasing every day, this wall charger does sound like a brilliant accessory for your home or office.

Charge Your Gadgets on the Go With These Solar Charger

Your gadgets are your best companion. They running out of charge is simply not done! Get going with these solar charger now.

Solar Charger With Ultra-High Capacity Battery
You may ask why go for a solar charger at all when there are tons of standard chargers available. But when you have one like this Solar charger with ultra-high capacity battery, you’ll be bound to think twice. This charger will stick to the window by using a silicon suction tape and can use maximum light from the sun that way. So what you’ll get to enjoy is quick recharging of your phone or any other mobile device. The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices such as the iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Blackberry and others. It comes with a lithium-ion polymer battery which can work as a handy power bank whenever necessary. The lightweight design makes it highly portable and together with the long-life battery, you’ll only be wanting to use this charger anywhere on the go.

ECEEN – Solar Charger Backpack With 7 Watts Solar Panel
By capturing more sunlight than its contemporaries, the ECEEN solar backpack is capable of generating more electricity per panel. The power drawn goes into the large-capacity 10,000mAh emergency power bank which is waterproof and works as a handy backup battery pack when you’re outdoors for a camping adventure. All the solar energy that gets absorbed by the solar panel is safely stored to be used for emergency battery backup later. Even if your devices run out of power at night, this solar charger can still power them back. You just have to hang the solar panel charger on the back of the backpack so that it is able to draw energy from the sun during the day. The process of attaching them to the backpack is made easy with the help of the convenient clips. Ultra light and portable solar charger backpack designed for the modern tech-savvy generation.

Sun Solo Solar Charger
Charge your electric devices by utilizing the power of the sun. The Sun Solo Solar Charger will not just charge your devices but ensures to do this task as fast as possible. It collects sunlight during the day which is stored in the internal 2500 mAh Li-poly battery. By using the innovative cupping system, you’ll be able to attach it to the window so as to help it in gathering maximum solar energy. It includes a USB port for charging your phone, tablet or any other device you use. You may not worry about the effect of solar radiation because this charger has been designed using a Tritan material. Get set to feel the power of the sun!

ReVIVE ReStore RA 4 – 14 Watt Folding Solar Charger
If you’re an outdoor adventurer, the ReVIVE ReStore RA 4 portable solar charger will be an ideal accessory for you. It is a design for the campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that works as a portable 14 watt folding solar charger. The design is ultra-slim and is even smaller than a standard paper. It will fold out to 2.8 ft in length and reveals a 4 monocrystalline high capacity solar panel as well as an accessory pocket. The charger has been equipped with 2 USB ports and provides 1A and 2.1A charging outputs. You can use it to charge any USB powered device by utilising the power of the sun. The adjustable and removable strap makes it easy to carry. There’s also an internal pocket that will protect the device from overheating while charging. Be it your smartphones, tablets, MP3 players or GPS units, charging your gadgets on the go just became super easy with this solar charger.

Moto Smart Watches and More For Smart Connectivity

Love smartwatches? These few examples including the Moto Smart Watches are surely worth a try.

Tag Heuer Connected Watch
Enjoy the power of Android Wear from a mechanical watch interface once you get your hands on the Tag Heuer Connected Watch. This smartwatch comes with directional wind and weather monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit which, altogether, makes the entire design stand out from the lot. The bold layout as well as the custom display theme option turns the watch into something more amazing. The watch will also provide you with a custom suite of micro-applications, including alarm and stopwatch features to optimize performance, precision, and perfection. Together with the titanium, sapphire, and the best in class touchscreen technology, the Tag Heuer represents an avant-garde design you won’t wish to part from. The smartwatch is not only Android Wear compatible but iOS compatible too. That’s what you call a piece of classic watchmaking excellence!

Shammane Smartwatch
Shammane is a unique smartwatch designed as a self-extension, bringing back elegance and fashion into the connected world. Shammane is a piece of jewelry, not only another smartwatch. Shammane understands that people require more out of their wristwatch then just telling time. The Shammane Smartwatch is an elegant, timeless wearable that helps you stay connected to the people, places, and events you care about most, without sacrificing style. Our watch is a discreet way to stay connected to the people and things not immediately in front of you, without distracting you from the ones who are.

Moto Smart Watches
The new Moto 360 is not so different visually at first glance. It has the same round screen with the black bar at the bottom and it’s still a watch. However, Motorola decided to expand the Moto Maker options on the Moto 360 to include different sizes, bands, bezel color, and case color. 3 different sizes, 5 band types, 6 bezel colors, and 3 case colors. You can make the Moto 360 as beautiful or ugly as you like; Motorola just wants you to be able to do what you wish.

Pebble Time Round
The first smartwatch makers are back once again with the thinnest and classiest version of their e-paper smartwatch series – Pebble Time Round. It looks smarter and more like your luxury wristwatch but without losing any of its qualities that makes Pebble one of its kind. You still get to enjoy that extraordinary battery life and the always-on display. The watch is available in two sizes and numerous color options to choose from so that you’re able to match it based on your style and requirements. Those of you who consider smartwatches not as stylish as your general luxury timepieces will rethink now with the Pebble Time Round. What makes it cool is the fact that it doesn’t look like a bulky smartwatch. This smart watch gives you all the information you need and right when you need it. The smartphone you’re so used to having in your hand all the time can comfortably rest in your pocket for now. Let Pebble Time Round do the job instead. You won’t lose your classic wristwatch when you get one of this. You’ll just add more technology to it and lead a simple lifestyle around the clock.
For more information about Cool Moto Smart Watches clock on the link.

Special Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge

From the front, you won’t confuse the Note Edge with anything else. Sure, it keeps the same form factor and design elements as the Note 4 but the screen is a dead giveaway that this is not your typical smartphone. As you can see in the picture above, the edge of the Note 4 Edge is rounded and the screen is extended into that rounded edge. It’s tough to explain such a concept in just words so it makes more sense for you to just look at the pictures!

You may wonder how such a feature is useful. Well, the potential for such a feature is immense. The first main function is simple: an app dock. No longer would you place your favorite apps at the bottom of your home screen, they will rest to the right in a vertical column. I rather like this idea because it uses the screen more efficiently by not forcing you to give up space on your home screen. Other uses include an alarm clock mode that will only light up the rounded screen edge instead of the whole screen to show the time and the buttons for the camera app. The assumption here is that each app will make use of this extra space by either showing menu options or features that can be accessed without having to open a menu and thus making for a more efficient experience.

On the inside, the Note 4 Edge has impressive specifications for top end performance and special software to power the edge screen separately from the main screen. While there haven’t been many examples of how exactly the edge on the Note Edge will be used, I am really excited to see what developers will do with it. It may just be simple things but that’s why it’s so brilliant. The simplicity of streamlining the user experience is a wonderful thing, especially for us, the consumers. No word on price yet but it looks to be slightly more expensive than the Note 4. Either way, I’m going to keep my eye out for any future information!

Designer Watches For the Fashion Conscious Lot

Wristwatches have been man’s best style accessory for years now. These designer watches are some of the latest designs you can give a try.

Millennium Watches
Millennium Watches a Genius Pairing of Functionality and Style: Welcome to the new and improved way to sport a watch that matches your style. We developed a watch designed to compliment any lifestyle, from active to professional, this watch is your best choice. Current watches come packed with features you don’t need or lack the style and comfort you expect, well not anymore. With our watch you can wear a watch that has just what you need and nothing you don’t! “Millennium Watches” has four stunning designs that give you an option for every occasion.

Canvas Watch Company – Redefining ‘Designer Watches’
Canvas Watch Company uses premium components to create timepieces with a unique aesthetic. Each dial design is illustrated by a new independent designer and produced in limited quantities. The movement is Swiss-made, the lens is sapphire, and they are assembled in the United States. Based in Detroit, Canvas Watch Company is currently raising funds to launch it’s first production batch. The First Edition watches are sequentially numbered (001-500).

The Garwood Wood Watches
Designed with a contrasting black copper face or colored faces, the Garwood Wood Watches are handcrafted out of 100% natural wood. The idea was to create a watch that would draw the modern crowd towards it. Born on an early Sunday morning at a random casino in Las Vegas, The Garwood came into this world a sophisticated, well-dressed, gambler with a propensity for bourbon. All watches from The Garwood are handcrafted down to the last detail. This process makes every single watch unique and special.  For The Garwood “35 Black”, “Angeleno” and “Great Dane” they use a light American Maple wood, sourced from New York. The Maple is a fast growing tree and a symbol of strength and endurance – much like The Garwood himself. For The Garwood “Kuta”, “Domino” and “Sumo” they use a dark Indonesian Sandalwood sourced from South East Asia. Sandalwood is considered a sacred material in many cultures, and in the early 1900’s it was even used as medicine. For precision and durability a battery powered, Japanese Quartz Miyota 2035 movement, is used for in all The Garwood watches. The same movement is used for Citizen watches.

Revoution 1 Chronograph
Inspired by passion Steiger & Son stands for revolutionary high quality designer watches at an affordable price for everyone. “We aimed at creating a luxury chronograph for the unbeatable price of under $200, which in regular commerce would be around $500. We are excited and satisfied to have even more than this achieved with our REVOLUTION 1 CHRONOGRAPH”. We are excited to present you our newly designed REVOLUTION 1 CHRONOGRAPH as a masterpiece of our creative design project which combines high quality products with our design and passion for watchmaking. Crafted out of 100% 316L stainless steel and the most durable anti-scratch sapphire glass, our watches tick and tock with the precision of famous Japan Movement. The wristband is a genuine Spanish leather strap with a stainless steel buckle. Our watches are manufactured, engraved and quality controlled in Germany before being shipped (for free) to your destination anywhere in the world. The REVOLUTION 1 Chronograph is also 50M water resistant and offers a free lifetime warranty. The Chronograph is limited to 1,111 pieces and available in silver and rose gold.

Best Home Media Accessories Compatible With Your iPhone 6

Controlling your home media accessories with your iPhone 6 sounds awesome indeed. Here are some examples worth a try.

Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo
Give the air in your house an overhaul with the Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo. You can manage this unit from anywhere as it connects to and is controlled by the WeMo app, available for both iOS and Android. You can set a schedule for up to seven days complete with pre-set times for air purifying. You can also choose the fan speed, duration of the air purification, and the ionizer. Automatic alerts are sent to you from the app to let you know when to clean the system and replace the filters. The Holmes Smart Air Purifier also automatically adjusts depending on the surrounding air quality and gives you status updates. Coming with two filters, you can rid your home of odors, smoke, dust, allergens, and more with the Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo.

Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Speakers
Get great sound without compromising great looks with the Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Speakers. Made to specially match Apple products, these speakers are one of the coolest home media accessories which offer a seamless design to your current kit. The Dual Sonic speakers offer incredibly crisp sound with crystal clear highs and the deepest lows. So, whether you’re into classical, reggae, or switch genres throughout the day, your music will sound perfect. The power cable connects both via a 3.5mm jack as well as USB and comes with its own volume wheel for precise control. The cone shape and rubberized matte white finish is elegant and modern yet timelessly minimally so it will forever match not only your Apple products but any décor. Start getting great sound with the Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Speaker

Triby – The Connected Speaker for the Kitchen
Stay connected to the whole family with Triby, the connected speaker for the kitchen. This compact device is chock full of family friendly features. This speaker delivers high quality audio that can stream music from your smartphone or even be programmed with your favorite internet radio stations. The hands free call feature can be used to make free calls through the Triby app to your family’s smartphones or regular calls via Bluetooth. With a range of up to 15 feet, you can listen and speak from across the room with a clear connection. Triby also features a digital message board. Using the app, you can add drawings or hand written messages for your family. The minimalist gray speaker is adorned with a light blue border, attractive for any kitchen. Get Triby in your house to connect your whole family.

Sound Sommeliers by Kvart and Bølge
Get enveloped in luxury sound with the new Sound Sommelier speakers from Kvart and Bølge. Opting to use the latest cutting edge technology, Kvart and Bølge are some of the coolest home media accessories which have retained their signature sound quality and put it in compact speakers. The slim and small look is elegant but deceiving; plug these speakers in and be blown away with the quality of sound. Quarter wave technology has been added for the richest and most natural sounding bass while the single loudspeaker is built to last. The Sound Sommeliers can be connected to your current music player with RCA cables or use its Bluetooth capability to connect with your device. The fresh construction of these speakers will liven up and space and has been designed to come in any color or design imaginable. Match your current décor or compliment your music choice with the Sound Sommeliers by Kvart and Bølge.

Spend Your Relaxation Hours Comfortably on These Futon Chair

There’s something in a futon chair which inevitably makes it the best. Call it the use of the comfy material or the sophisticated designs, these chairs are indeed one of the coolest additions one can have as their home furniture. Here are three amazing designs which can be the next best addition to your bedroom or living room. Time to rest in style! And if you really like spending your holidays comfortably, there’s no better way to do so than these futon chairs.

Fresh Futon Nido Convertible Futon Chair/Bed
After a hard day’s work, you’re entitled to lounge around in your own futon. Heck, you’re entitled to lounge around in a futon chair even if you haven’t done a thing the whole day. But wait – you’re done lounging, and now you want to snooze, and you have to go find a bed to sleep in? No way! Get the Fresh Futon Nido to ensure you never have to move an inch just when you’re starting to get all comfy. This is a multi-functional and convertible futon chair that spreads out into a semi-circular bed when you feel like taking a nap. It’s best to get more than one, because you can combine two of them and have a full circular bed to sleep on.

Figo Futon
A lounge chair made for your impromptu guests, the Figo Futon is an ultimate setup of relaxation you must have indoors. Coming in four vibrant colors, it has a Nordic Pine frame base complemented with the fully-tufted, durable twill mattress cover. You can use it either as a chair or a mattress thus bringing in the possibility of housing a guest whenever required. The mattress is button tufted with the poly cotton twill cover being of high quality. The 1.2 lbs per cubic feet foam layer is provided for additional support with the neck cushion coming as a bliss for those who want some extra rest during the relaxation hours. An ideal futon for those drowsy days where rest is all you want!

Jaxx Cabbagetown Chair
By incorporating the Jaxx Cabbagetown Convertible futon chair and mattress in the living room, you will actually make your entertainment hours a comfy journey hereafter. Having been constructed out of soft cotton-blend twill and foam batting, this chair encircles you in a cone of comfort as you take some time out for relaxation. The Velcro straps ensure that you are able to convert your cone chair into a mattress incase you feel too drowsy and start craving for a short nap. It’s available in a variety of colors you could choose from depending on your choice. Time to make the comfort zone even more gorgeous and relaxing at the same time with this striking relaxation chair coming in a tufted finish.

Best Laptop Stickers For Some Personal Touch to Your Mac

Add that personal touch to your Mac with these laptop stickers. They are super awesome indeed!

Wooden Dresses for Macbooks
Exquisite handcrafted wood skins you can use to adorn your Mac. Every skin has been carefully handmade in Pittsburgh, United States by using high quality wood. Trained hands go behind the making of these skins which are applied with two coats of 100% natural finish. The makers use the best 3M adhesive to hold the skins on your computer. Available for MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air, these skins are amazingly thin and possibly one of the coolest ways you can dress your MacBook with style.

Alphabets MacBook Decal – All 26 Alphabets Available
Want to highlight the first letter of your name or any special letter you can think of on your MacBook? Try this Alphabets MacBook Decal in that case. It is a specially designed laptop stickers for your MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air which comes in all 26 letters from the English alphabet series. You can apply it to your palm rest or on your car if required. Every decal is made out of a high quality, self-adhesive vinyl which are precision cut and designed with maximum detailing under consideration. These designs are creative and are all handmade. You can easily apply them within minutes and remove them without leaving behind any residue as well. Your MacBook can definitely do with one such letter, don’t you think?

Captain America MacBook Decal
Highlight your favorite superhero on your MacBook by using this Captain America Superheroes MacBook Decal. It comes in five different designs which include Hulk, Ironman, Superman, Captain America and Spiderman. The decal is a handmade design which is crafted with sandwich layers so that the Apple logo shines only through the designated area. It will fit most MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air models of all sizes. Alternatively, you can choose to apply it on your palm rest or your car. This is one of the coolest forms of customization you can give your MacBook if you consider yourself a superhero buff. Apply it within a few minutes and you’ll be all set to enjoy your favorite superhero label on your MacBook.

Custom Macbook Backlit Design By Uncover
We make the world’s most beautiful computer personal too. We customised laptops for some of the world’€™s biggest DJ‘€™s, CEO’€™s and, at some point, the King of the Netherlands. As we only use original screens, we always have to make the logo a fraction bigger than the Apple logo. Often, this means that we embed a logo inside a circle or rectangle, to be able to cover the Apple® logo. Such a circle or rectangle design also makes the operation more manageable for us, allowing a lower price point. We’ve crafted the backlight designs which works as cool laptop stickers for luminaries around the world, from the CEO’s of Evernote, Flipboard and Snapchat, to world-famous artists like Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Jamie XX.

iPhone Photo Printer For Your Best Moments

Treasuring your best moments is what we love our camera for. Now with this iPhone photo printer, things will be even better.

Photo Cube – Wireless Smart Photo Printer by Vupoint
Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies and other Android devices, the WiFi Photo Cube Printer is the next accessory you must have for any party you attend. It creates a Wi-Fi network by itself using which you can easily print photos right after they are clicked. The portable printer can make photos in three adorable sizes: 4″x6″, 4″x11.2″ and 4″x16.4″. It can also print photos from any digital camera via PictBridge or USB cable. The photo paper is highly durable and waterproof with and additional protective coating to minimize fingerprints dust, scratches and photo damage. The cartridge is mess free so you need not worry of those totally disastrous experiences one often goes through with the printer.

SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless Photo Printer by Canon
It takes just 47 seconds for the SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless iPhone Photo Printer by Canon to print your favorite moments. Not only this, the photos printed will be waterproof that will last for up to 100 years. The printer is lightweight and pretty compact in size so that you’re able to carry it no matter where you go. There are features such as Portrait Image Optimize which will allow you to create borderless 4” x 6” photo prints. By using AirPrint, you’ll be able to print your pictures from iPhone, iPad or iPod wirelessly and that too, without using any kind of drivers. Additionally, the Access Point Mode will connect your camera or smart device directly to the printer without requiring any network. Creating those amazing photo prints became easier than before.

Pringo Portable Photo Printer
Print those pictures from your smartphone within minutes by using the Pringo Portable Photo Printer. The printer uses the power of Wi-Fi connectivity for peer-to-peer networking with your mobile devices. There is a free application available on iOS and Android for developing the wireless connection. It also features basic photo editing features and will allow you to add effects and borders to your images if required. The printer uses a dye sublimation process to transfer ink  which makes the design pretty lightweight and portable. The ink is contained in a special ribbon assembly that is capable of printing up to 10 borderless 2.1 x 3.4” images. The internal paper tray will hold 10 sheets at a time. Mobile printing on the go is now a super easy and convenient process.

LG Pocket Photo Mobile Printer
This Pocket Photo from LG is a wireless and smart iPhone photo printer. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but also powerful enough to let you print crystal clear pictures with rich colors and incredible detailing that’s just as good as a full-size printer. You can print anything that’s on your laptop or on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and do so using a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The accompanying photo editing app allows you to stretch reality quite a bit and brush up the picture as best as you can. You can insert QR codes into an image, and add frames or artwork. You can even send a picture, edited or otherwise, as an eCard.

Waterproof Tablet Case For Those Who Like To Work At the Beach

Heading for the beach with your tablet? Check these waterproof tablet case to find a solution yourself.

Smartskin iPad Condoms
It’s a good idea to carry protection with you at all times, because you never know when you might get lucky. We’re talking about protection for your iPad. To be specific, these are stretchable “Condoms for the iPad,” which you can sock away in your wallet until such time as you need it. Sudden change in plans leads you to the beach or a day in the woods? Enjoy the outdoors, save your iPad from damage, and throw away the protection after use.

Waterproof Vacuum Seal Tablet Case
Waterproof iPad Case. DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof tablet case that allows complete use of your tablet, E-reader or larger hand held electronic device. Waterproof Vacuum Seal. Stereo Headphone & Mic Jack. Includes Hold Handle. Headphone & Mic Jack. Crystal Clear for Photos. Works with any Tablet or E-reader. Tested to 100 Feet for 1 Hour.

ISOCASE Transform Your Smartphone Into a Tablet
Introducing ISOCASE: The toughest, most durable, and economical smartphone case. ISOCASE solves the two main problems with all smartphones – low battery life and breakability. ISOCASE transforms your ordinary smartphone into ‘The Beast’, a full-sized ultra-durable tablet. ISOCASE adds adrenaline to your smartphone. You just have to put your smartphone inside the ISOCASE and enjoy unprecedented protection, rich and sound along with multiplied battery life. No more worrying about your phone constantly getting damaged! Taking your phone on a long trip with no way to charge it on the way? ISOCASE has an Extra 10000mAh battery, more than four times the capacity of the original, so it won’t lose power when you need it most. ISOCASE is tough – built with an armor shell and gorilla glass instead of plastic!

Satechi Waterproof IPX8 iPad Mini Case
Protect your iPad from water and enhance your tablet experience with the Satechi Waterproof Tablet Case. It comes with a touch-sensitive screen which will allow you to use your iPad Mini even when it is inside the case. So whether you’re swimming, hiking, fishing or even in the kitchen, you can always have your iPad Mini safe by your side. The case has an IPX-8 Waterproof Certification which certifies that it is well protected against water submersion. It can protect your iPad for depths up to 20 feet. When the case drops in water, it will stay afloat and can be easily retrieved. You can also use the wrist strap to secure the case around the wrist whenever required. An ideal case your iPad Mini definitely deserves.

These Cycling Backpack Will Be Super Awesome For Your Bike Trips

Bike trips without these cool cycling backpack is simply not happening. Here are some examples worth a try.

Outsider Backpack by Hard Graft
Freshen up your everyday carry with the Outsider Backpack by Hard Graft. Handmade in Italy with the finest materials, this bag has enough space for everything you need during your day. Inside is a large pocket for your laptop, fitting up to 15”. Two small interior pockets are ideal for your wallet and phone. Made with genuine leather and canvas, the Outsider is a modern and sophisticated take on the tired backpack. It’s great for a city commute, bicyclists, or those that get down to the gym straight from work. With all this space, there’s no limit on what you can get up to. Complete with reinforced handles and rivets, the Outsider is sealed with a heavy duty zipper giving you full access to your gear inside.

ELERT Illuminated Cycling Backpack
ELERT are illuminated reflective backpacks that are designed to save lives. Although reflective equipment has been around for years, it’s only visible when a light source is projected on it. ELERT uses reflectors as well as illuminating fiber optic technology. This gives the user 360 degree visibility, even when they’re not in direct headlight projection. ELERT is micro USB rechargeable, has plenty of space to carry all your things and uses a unique ventilation system that keeps you cool and sleekly distributes pack weight across your body. ELERT provide up to 4 hours of steady illumination and 7 hours in flash mode

Minimalist Leather Backpack by Päsk Goods
Get ready to take on the world with the Minimalist Leather Backpack by Päsk Goods. Designed by students and loved by travellers, this bag is built to last. Featuring a double zipper and premium leather, the natural wear over time will showcase your individual style. This bag has a front flap-covered pocket that seals with two snaps on either end and complete with the Päsk Goods logo stamp. The adjustable leather straps and top loop mean it’s easy to carry and, while it’s big enough to hold everything you need, it’s compact enough to be your everyday carry. The materials for the Minimalist Leather Backpack have been sourced from all over the world to deliver quality and rich style with a European flair.

The Elegant Urban Cycling Commuter Backpack
The ducks in a row backpack is the first solution for an everyday bag that not only looks great, but protects your laptop and makes your life easier by connecting to your handlebars and leaving your shoulders free. The fantastic cycling backpack has a convenient touch screen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. This is a must have feature for urban cyclists. Ducks in a row’s luxurious design and choice of materials creates a truly elegant bag and its many useful features are designed to offer solutions to your every need.

Infinity Ring and More For Modern Women

Jewelry is a woman’s favorite accessory. These are some of the latest from that category you can gift your better half. There’s an infinity ring too!

Mini USB Locket – 2GB USB Drive Disguised As a Fancy Locket
On the first go, the Mini USB Locket might look like another fancy jewelry item but if you look closely, this hides a 2GB flash drive within. It’s a great option for fashionistas and modern tech-savvy women to carry their digital data around. You won’t need to keep your USB drives in your bag anymore. Instead, you can wear them and that too, without losing your everyday style statement. In fact, this could also work as a stylish approach to hide your secret data from onlookers. The locket is pretty stylish and will definitely match well with your everyday wear. If you thought carrying your flash drives is often a very tedious process, this Mini USB Locket will make it super easy and fashionable at the same time.

CUFF – Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace
If you thought wearable tech hasn’t got anything to do with style, CUFF is going to make you reframe that statement. This is because it’s the first of wearable tech for women which can be accommodated with a fresh line of jewelry collection. It will help you stay safe and notified of any smartphone alerts that come your way. But with style. You can simply press your CUFF when you’re in danger and notify your near and dear ones present in your CUFF network immediately so that you get help as soon as possible. That’s what you can refer to as safety at the press of a button. Even if you put your phone away during a meeting or while at dinner, CUFF will still keep you connected and notify you whenever there’s a call or a message. It’s not just one jewelry but an entire collection you can mix and match with your style. Pretty ladies and fashionistas have just got the wearable tech they always wanted.

Elegant Jewelry Handmade in Kenya
Nisolo is a lifestyle brand that makes handmade shoes and accessories in a way you can feel good about. And just as importantly, we design our products according to your tastes, so that you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality in order to shop responsibly. To date, we’ve made shoes and accessories in Peru and many of you are the reason for the success we’ve had so far. Now, we’re asking for your support as we expand our products and social impact to Kenya in order to bring you beautiful, ethically-made jewelry.

Rhinestone Silver Infinity Ring
Give your infinite love to the ones you care about with the Silver Infinity Ring from Adorn512. This dainty ring features a classic design and a very thin profile making your fingers look slim, elegant and lovely while wearing it. It is studded with rhinestones giving it a beautiful finishing touch.

These Kitchen Tools Including the Watermelon Knife Are Super Useful Indeed

Whether you love cooking or not, these kitchen tools will surely come handy in your kitchen. Oh, and there’s a super cute watermelon knife too!

Animal Wooden Plate by PICSES
Enjoy your meal with the entire animal kingdom with the Animal Wooden Plates by PICSES. Made of 100% strong and durable maple wood, the fresh and beautiful design of these plates invite any food. Because they’re made of natural material, each plate is graced with its own individual wood grain, just like the individual look of each animal. The plates come in eight designs including a monkey, pig bunny, bear, and more. For each animal the plate comes in a different shape. The small cut outs for the ears are perfect spots for sauces or finger food. Great for kids and adults alike, these plates are as cute as can be. Share your dinner with your favorite animal with the Animal Wooden Plates by PICSES.

Lékué Microwavable Kebob Cooker
Expand your cooking horizons with the Lékué Microwavable Kebob Cooker. Give your family and loved ones delicious, steam cooked kebobs at a moments notice. The steaming technique retains vital nutrients in the food and keeps it moist all without the use of added fats and oils. Coming with a lid, the Lékué system has specially designed notches in the container to rest layers of loaded up skewers. The spacious system can hold enough meat, fish, and vegetable combination kebobs for eight people. Included in the kit are 40 wooden skewers as well as a recipe booklet to get you on your way to yummy kebobs. The easy to clean Lékué system fits in with your décor and can be taken from microwave to your table for individual serving.

Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon
Slicing your melons won’t seem much of a tough job once you have the Perfect Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon in hand. It comes with a green handle and long red blade that has a seed-cut design to prevent the blade from sticking to the melon’s surface when you’re slicing it. The handle is an ergonomic build which ensures to maintain your grip while you apply pressure on touch melon skins when cutting them. There’s also a non-stick coating on the blade which lets the blade glide through the melon skin with ease, thus making the slicing process way more easier and convenient than you could have imagined before.

Meet bolo – The Rolling Knife
bolo combines two of humanity’s most important inventions to date: the knife & the wheel-creating the perfect Rolling Knife! It’s simplicity at its best. A knife that rolls easily through your food, giving you precision cutting and incredible power, all in one motion. Perfect dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing. From cutting carrots – to slicing herbs – to mincing garlic, bolo cuts your food on the FIRST roll of the blade, each and every time! Why a Rolling Knife? Great knives do two things very well: feel good in your hand and cut extremely well. bolo takes this one step further, by making a knife that sits naturally & ergonomically in your hand, and by placing your hand directly above the blade, you have full control for precision cutting, while relieving your hand and wrist from unnatural movements. bolo will quickly become your new favorite companion in the kitchen!

Luxury Bed Rest Pillow and Weekend Naps are Inseparable

A weekend nap always calls for a fluffy pillow. But have you come across the latest luxury bed rest pillow designs yet? They not only offer a relaxing time but also look great as well. In case you haven’t seen any as yet, here are a few examples worth a check.

Pick Me Up Pillow
Looking for a cheesy pickup line? Well, you don’t have to speak one anymore if you have one of these cool Pick Me Up Pillows on your couch. It has a cute but naughty pick up line printed on an accent pillow that can be used wisely to transfer messages over to your crush.

Tree Log Bolster Pillow
Sleep amidst the beauty of nature right from your bedrooms on these Tree Log Bolster Pillows. They represent the sturdy, wooden looks of a tree log in a luxury bed rest pillow but in a more soft and cushioned form. The pillows have been made in knit to achieve the respective design with the graphics on them being knitted too in five different colors.

The Total Body Support Pillow
Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. The Total Body support Pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – an ailment that causes chronic joint and muscle pain.

Emoji Pillows by Throwboy
You’ve been so used to using them on your phone messengers but now the emojis are about to come alive on your living rooms as the Emoji Pillows by Throwboy. Made out of super soft plush and filled with polyester fibers, these pillows can surely start an engaging conversation whenever you’ve got guests popping in.

Ostrich Pillow Mini
A handy, personal power nap pillow called OSTRICH PILLOW MINI. It is designed to be carried with you, fitting your busy lifestyle, counting on it when and where you like. Creating a comfortable space to relax, refresh and recharge.
For more information about The Luxury Bed Rest Pillow click on the link.

Top Car Accessories For You and Your iPhone

Using your iPhone in your car isn’t easy. But with these car accessories, things might just be a bit easier.

Quad Lock Car Mount
Throw that old, non-functional GPS from your car and make the most out of your smartphone navigation system with this sturdy Quad Lock Car Mount Kit for your iPhone 6 . Designed in Australia and made in Germany, this windscreen car mount has your smartphone properly positioned to guide you towards your destination while you drive.

iMagnet Car Mount
The first universal magnetic car phone mount that fits any phone, from a Blackberry to a large iPhone 6 Plus. No more fiddling complex plastic machinery, or clamps to hold your phone, just effortlessly pop your phone onto the pad and it grips your phone.

Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1
It not only secures your smartphone on the car’s windshield or dashboard but also comes with a folding arm to make docking easy and more convenient. The 360-degree rotation facility will help you to angle your smartphone in your preferred position.

Magnetic Vent Mount iPhone 6 by Iottie
The iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is a new sophisticated yet fully functional mounting solution that provides a strong grip to smartphones using a magnetic hold. Utilizing an aluminum bezel, the iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is not only built with great quality but also gives off a neat contemporary look to make it stand out from the rest.

Smart Driving Assistant by Automatic
Enhance your driving habits and save more fuel by using this magnificent Smart Driving Assistant by Automatic. With a simple one-time setup, this tiny gadget ensures you always drive in safety.

speeCup Bluetooth Speaker
A Bluetooth speaker that works as one of the coolest car accessories specially designed for portability and hands-free communication. With a large user interface for intuitive controls and a voice command activation button it is ideal for use while driving so your eyes never leave the road. 

Start Your Next Bike Adventure With These Amazing Bike Accessories

Heading for a bike trip is a tough job. Just to make sure you get to enjoy every bit of it, these bike accessories are what you must go for.

NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster Flashlight
Introducing the NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster Flashlight, the world’s smallest with this amount of lumens. It may seem small, but this mighty flashlight has the ability to illuminate great distance in bright light. The Tiny Monster is equipped with four LED lights, each with five varying settings from 5 to 3800 lumens. It also has three strobe modes. An OLED display indicates the lumen level, mode, battery level, and even the temperature. The aluminum alloy casing has a black finish to prevent scratches. The Tiny Monster is impact resistant to five feet and airtight to 6.5 feet. With such incredible strength available in a compact package, the NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster Flashlight may be the last one you’ll ever need to buy.

BeeLine – Smart and Simple Bike Navigation
Add a sense of adventure to your bike ride with BeeLine, the smart and simple bike navigation system. This compact device works as one of the coolest bike accessories which attaches to your handle bars to give you simple yet informative direction without having to look at your phone. Unlike other GPS systems, BeeLine has a compass style, giving you just the direction of and distance to your destination, leaving you to determine your own journey. With the freedom to enjoy your commute, you can add points of interest along the way with the app. BeeLine is rain proof and visible in any condition. The battery will last you four weeks. Go out and discover, and rediscover, the beauty of your town with Beeline, the smart and simple bike navigation system.

The Buca Boot
The Buca Boot is the first bike-mounted storage system that provides the flexibility of an open basket with the storage security of a car trunk. Use it open to pile in large items, lock it closed to keep your stuff safe and dry. Secure, waterproof, beautiful. Now you can go where you want, with what you want. The Buca Boot is made of impact resistant ABS plastic, beautiful marine grade wood lids (sourced and hand finished in Boston, MA) and nautically inspired brass plated handles. It attaches securely to any standard bike rack. When open the Buca Boot also expands to include side pannier bags made of waterproof rip-stop nylon canvas, available in three great colors.

SpeedForce – The World’s Smartest Cycling Computer
Get the most out of cycling with SpeedForce, the world’s smartest cycling computer. Replacing the stem on your bike, SpeedForce is one of the coolest bike accessories which fully integrates with your cycling routine to give you an incredibly informed experience. Measuring over eight data sets, this device interprets your cycling information to give you real-time coaching such as when to switch gears or to pedal more. Track your distance, cadence, calories, heart rate, speed, and more, all on the intuitive and easy to read screen. The built in GPS module can assist you with turn by turn directions and the 40-hour battery can handle your exercise regimen for a few weeks. The 150 lumen headlight will make sure you’re seen at night and the accompanying SpeedX app lets you view and share data with the cycling community.

Best Wearable Tech For Your Modern Lifestyle

Enjoy your everyday life even more by bringing in some of these best wearable tech. They are sleek, stylish and definitely super techy!

SIXPAD – The Revolutionary Training Gear
Get the six pack you’ve always wanted with SIXPAD, the revolutionary training gear. SIXPAD adheres to your skin above the abdominal muscles. Selecting the 23-minute program, the innovative device uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to thoroughly engage your core, giving your muscles a work out like never before. The result is a rock solid set of abs after just minutes a day and without back-breaking exercise. The lightweight and cordless system can be worn under your clothes and included in your daily routine such as during chores, lounging on the couch, or even during work. Sit back and let the program do the work.

Forcite Alpine – Smart Helmet for Snow Sports
Relive each ride down the slopes with Forcite Alpine, the smart helmet for snow sports. This clever helmet is one of the best wearable tech which takes full advantage of the EON system which has a 4-core processor. You can record your ride, talk to your friends with a helmet to helmet communication system, and track them as they ride down the mountain. Equipped with a 4K camera with 120 fps at 720p, the camera also provides image stabilization for professional quality content for you to share. The Forcite Alpine has a motion sensor, integrated GPS, and a battery that will last you up to six hours. This all in one helmet has a grab and go style all with the protection you’d expect from a snow sport helmet.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band
Maintain your activity and movement throughout the day with the Garmin Vivofit fitness band. This smart fitness band acts like a personal assistant, giving you all day reminders and motivation to get up and move. The compact screen conveniently displays the time and details about your activity but, if you haven’t moved in an hour a red light will appear on the Move Bar. For each additional 15 minutes you aren’t active more lights will appear. Getting up being active, even just walking, will make the lights disappear. With this type of accountability, the Garmin Vivofit will have you moving throughout the day. This smart wearable will learn your activity habits and assign a fitness goal each morning.

MOOV – Multi-Sport Fitness Coach & Tracker
Get moving the right way with MOOV, the multi-sport fitness coach and tracker. This clever device is one of the bestest wearable tech that attaches right to your wrist or ankle. MOOV gives you tips on how to get more out of your workouts by tracking and motivating you to put you towards success. The 9-axis motion sensor records the most precise movements and motions of your workouts. You can also receive real-time audio coaching for a variety of workouts such as running, cycling, cardio boxing, and more. MOOV has a sleek and minimal design and is available in black or white. Two can be worn to track all of your movements while you box and the size adjustment band will snugly fit both your wrist and your ankle.

Best Home Decorating Accessories Ideas For Your Modern Abode

Since Christmas is coming year, you must spend your time decorating your home now. These home decorating accessories ideas are good ones to start with.

Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo
Give the air in your house an overhaul with the Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo. You can manage this unit from anywhere as it connects to and is controlled by the WeMo app, available for both iOS and Android. You can set a schedule for up to seven days complete with pre-set times for air purifying. You can also choose the fan speed, duration of the air purification, and the ionizer. Automatic alerts are sent to you from the app to let you know when to clean the system and replace the filters. The Holmes Smart Air Purifier also automatically adjusts depending on the surrounding air quality and gives you status updates. Coming with two filters, you can rid your home of odors, smoke, dust, allergens, and more with the Holmes
Smart Air Purifier with WeMo

SolarPuff – Foldable Solar Lantern
Never get caught without a light source with SolarPuff, the foldable solar lantern. SolarPuff is one of the best home decorating accessories ideas which folds completely flat, fitting into tight spaces such as pockets, purses, and backpacks. Inside are ten LEDs that can be set to low at 60 lumens or high at 90 lumens, both emitting a soft yet bright light that can fill a room as big as 9 square meters. SolarPuff gathers energy from both the sun and artificial light sources. Weighing just under 75 grams, SolarPuff is waterproof and can float, highly desirable features for those out camping and exploring. This lantern can withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way be it rain or wind and it can even endure extreme temperatures. SolarPuff is also equipped with an emergency flashing setting to help get help.

Vintage Inspired Sideboard by Sol
Be organized like never before with the vintage inspired Sideboard by Sol. Featuring three large double drawers, three small single drawers, and three open space drawers with pull-out bases, you’ll never run out of space for anything. Made of a rustic combination of smooth wood and iron, the Sideboard by Sol has sturdy stove iron legs and is finished off with beautifully vintage metal handles and label holders. You can adorn the top with your favorite décor, dressing it up with classy lighting and flowers or downplaying its elegance with vintage antiques. This chic piece of furniture is perfect for organizing your home or office with a sophisticated flair. Find a place for everything with the rustic inspired Sideboard by Sol.

Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw
Add some fun to the last place you’d expect with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. At first (and second) glance, this doorstop works as a cool home decorating accessories ideas which looks just like the real thing. As it’s made of strong and durable plastic, the Paint Tube Doorstop is as functional as it is funny and will hold open any door. A great gift for the artist in your life, the family jokester, or to use on your own friends and family who will be completely fooled. The Paint Tube Doorstop weighs just 3.2 ounces, is 7 inches long, and has fake paint oozing from the opening which furthers the resemblance to a real paint tube. Liven up the party or give yourself loads of laughs with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw.

Cool Tech Gadgets You Must Check Once

Get going with your everyday lifestyle in a whole new way. These cool tech gadgets will be of help.

The BTunes – Transform your Wired Headphones Wireles
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Plug in pure wireless hifi sound. The BTunes is the world’s first amazingly good looking plug to bluetoothify your favorite headphones. The BTunes, patent pending, is designed from ground up to transform your wired headphones into bluetooth headphones. It’s small, beautiful, stylish and extremely functional. It employs the most advanced blueooth technology to stream the best stereo pure wireless sound from your mobile devices to your headphones. Relax, enjoy and move freely. Will the BTunes work for your headphones? Chances are it will.

Ratio Thermal Carafe
A 40 ounce thermal carafe with solid stainless steel top, metallic ceramic finish, and beautiful design. Works with the Ratio Eight. The Ratio Thermal Carafe is one of the cool tech gadgets you can’t ignore. Combining high-design with the best materials available on the market, the Ratio Thermal Carafe is designed to enhance those moments of settling in to enjoy coffee or tea. Ratio’s Thermal Carafe is designed for use with the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, but also functions as a stand alone thermal serving device for coffee or tea, and as a manual pour over vessel with a matching ceramic cone. It holds 40 ounces, or 1.25 liters.

Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen
Build anything you can dream of, big or small, with the Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D printing pen. Because there are no melting or hot components, the nozzle is safe, even for kids, and stays cool to the touch. Unlike traditional 3D pens, the Polyes Q1 uses Cool-Ink and LED technology to instantly solidify the ink as it comes out of the pen. This eliminates the risk of burns or hazards. The Cool-Ink is also super versatile. You can choose to have glow in the dark, color changing, and even add scent to make the creating process a sensory experience. The large body of the pen houses the controls to start and stop the printing as well as the speed and thickness settings. The sleek white finish is comfortable to hold; you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time!

Everykey – Never Forget a Password or Key Again
The Master Key to your Phone, Laptop, Website Accounts, and more. The beauty of these cool technical gadgets lies in the fact that it can easily unlock your device whenever brought near to it. You won’t have to remember those complicated passwords anymore. With Everykey there, you can now control any of your access-controlled device with ease. You can also use Everykey to log into your online accounts. And the best part; if you ever lose it, you can easily remote freeze the device so that no one is able to take undue advantage of the same. Everykey manages a password keychain, which can be used to seamlessly log you into your website accounts when you’re around. It can generate a secure and random password for you the first time you sign up for a website account.

Coolest Car Accessories For Your Long Drives

Your car is one of the best companions of your life. Why not make it work even awesome with these car accessories!

Triple USB Port Car Charger by 1byone
1byone car charger is equipped with intelligent technology on all ports to identify each attached device and provide the highest charging power that the devices can adapt to. It features 3 Port 7.2A/36W USB car charger which can charge any 3 tablet or smartphone devices at the same time. The charger has been made out of top-grade aluminum alloy and works as a fast charge chip with a fashionable design. You can use cowling to keep the temperatures low thus ensuring stable working conditions, long life time and a low-temperature charging environment. It will automatically stop charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage to prevent damage to the batteries from overheat, overcurrent, and overcharge.

WhoaBand – Stop the slide, while you drive
Solving one of life’s everyday little problems, the WhoaBand is one of the most unique car accessories designed to stop your stuff sliding off the passenger seat while you drive. Simple yet versatile, the WhoaBand is always there, ready to help. Quick and easy to use for all kinds of items from purses to plants, groceries to gift bags. And when a passenger sits in the seat they won’t even notice the WhoaBand, which remains nestled at the base of the seat. No more sliding purses, spilling their contents. No more distracting bags tipping over. No more “Whoa”!! Available in regular packaging or gift boxed.

(CF) Carbon Fiber Series – Jeep JK Mount for iPhone 6/6S
Make your Jeep® Wrangler a safe and fun ride with the JK MountTM from 67 Designs. Created for navigation with the Maps app and especially hands­free with Siri®. Specifically designed for the 2012­2016 “JK” two and four door Wranglers, this JK Mount system uses a custom molded base that is quickly installed in the recess in the dash. No drilling is required. Simply attach the carbon fiber bar and the included holder designed for the Apple i Phone 6/6S when using the official Apple silicone or leather phone case on the phone. Other holders for different cases or devices like iPads and Android devices also available, but sold separately.

Jebsens CA02 Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount
Keep your smartphone handy in the car with no hands at all by using the Jebsens CA02 magnetic smartphone car mount. This reinforced magnetic holder works as one of the coolest car accessories that has an intense attraction that can hold any smartphone in place. The high quality rubber base can effortlessly handle bumps and vibrations in the road while keep your phone steady. Rather than obstruct your view, the Jebsens CA02 sits neatly in the air vent. The cradle-free holding is super simple to use; just attach to the vent and it will hold your phone. Because of the freedom of the magnetic design, you can place your phone in portrait or landscape orientation which is perfect for hands-free calls and GPS navigation.

Best Gadgets For Your Mac

Your Mac is your everyday savior. With these best gadgets for your Mac, you’re only going to make that experience even better.
nOb – One knob controls it all
nOb is a very precise, endless knob controller. It features a big knob and performs smoothly with any of your applications. It was designed with the author in mind, who wants to adjust any type of parameter during demanding media production. By intelligently emulating a Human Interface Device (NOT simply implementing a mouse scroll wheel), nOb is able to control virtually any parameter you would normally adjust with your mouse, delivering out-of-the-box compatibility with any operating system and software package. You simply have to point your mouse cursor to the parameter you want to control and use nOb’s big knob to fine-tune it to taste.

Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Speakers
Get great sound without compromising great looks with the Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Speakers. Made to specially match Apple products, these speakers work as best gadgets offer a seamless design to your current kit. The Dual Sonic speakers offer incredibly crisp sound with crystal clear highs and the deepest lows. So, whether you’re into classical, reggae, or switch genres throughout the day, your music will sound perfect. The power cable connects both via a 3.5mm jack as well as USB and comes with its own volume wheel for precise control. The cone shape and rubberized matte white finish is elegant and modern yet timelessly minimally so it will forever match not only your Apple products but any décor.

Board 2 by Orée – The Walnut Wood Wireless Keyboard
Bring the beauty of nature straight to your desk with the Board 2 by Orée, the walnut wood wireless keyboard. Made with just a single piece of premium walnut wood, this keyboard has been sanded and stained so the impeccably precise keys are super soft and safe from stains. Each key has been carefully and clearly carved to represent every letter, number, symbol, and function you would expect on a keyboard. Choose from three options to personalize this keyboard with your choice of font for the letters, numbers, and symbols. The Board 2 can connect to up to five devices simultaneously with its super strong and reliable Bluetooth connection.

Favi Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
From the dorm room to the boardroom FAVI’s pocket keyboard is tailored for the modern lifestyle. Take full control of your tablet, ultra book, laptop, or desktop with more speed, accuracy and comfort. The intuitive key layout allows for fast and accurate typing all while reducing hand/finger strain. Whether you are the “hunt &peck” type or a professional secretary, the FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse is sure to impress as one of the best cool gadgets for your Mac. Named best home theater keyboard by CNET, PC Magazine & Home theater Magazine. Back-lit keys for dark rooms or night time use. Includes full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad mouse, laser pointer, android hot-keys, rechargeable battery. Best in class battery life.

Express Your Love Even More With These Anniversary Gift Ideas

Have an anniversary coming year? These super cool anniversary gift ideas are definitely worth a try this year.

Pocket Dial iPhone Case By Jimmy Fallon
Carrying your iPhones in your pants is so 2014. You need something better and cooler. Like the Pocket Dial iPhone Case by Jimmy Fallon. It’s an iPhone case and pocket square in one which will make you carry that perfect party attire without keeping your iPhone too far away. Most importantly, you’ll be saved from that horrifying pocket bulge! If you’re wondering how to use it, the steps are pretty easy. Simply insert your iPhone in the dial, clip on the pocket square at a preferred height and place it in your chest pocket thereafter. Ssshhhh! You’re the only one who knows there’s a phone in there. If you’ve got those friends or family members who are often concerned with the pocket bulge cause by their iPhones, this is the best gift you could have for them this Christmas. And it’s always good to have a pocket square handy for a formal party dress up, don’t you think?

‘I Love My Beard’ Engraved Beard Comb by DFRshop
Don’t hide your love from the world, finish off your facial hair flawlessness with pride with the ‘I Love My Beard’ engraved Beard Comb by DFRshop. This sleek and fashionable comb is one of the best anniversary gift ideas which comes with its own stand and carrying case. The comb and the stand are both made of natural wood with a beautiful dark stain, giving each comb a one of a kind look. The stand perfectly holds the comb with each tooth in its own dedicated spot, minimizing the risk of breaking. The carrying case is made of soft leather and comes with the option for a belt loop. All together, the comb, stand, and case are compact enough to fit in your bag, carry on, or even your pocket for on the go grooming. Show off your hard work with the ‘I Love My Beard’ Engraved Beard Comb.

Smittens – Mittens for Couples
Stay closer to your loved one while holding hands inside a single oversized mitten! One set of Smittens includes one “Smitten”, and two regular mittens for the outside hands. Smittens are made from the highest quality polar fleece fabric and available in a variety of sizes to fit all ages and hand sizes. Invented in Seattle. Made in the USA.

Barbas & Zacari Watches
Welcome to Barbas & Zacári Watches, a watch brand established by two entrepreneurial designers from Melbourne, Australia. With a passion elegance and minimalism, Barbas & Zacári have designed a series of contemporary and fashionable watches which works as a cool anniversary gift ideas that are suitable for any setting. We believe that the traditional means of business are becoming obsolete, which is why we have eliminated the wholesale phase, completely cut out expensive agent costs, traditional marketing expenses and retail mark-up prices. Selling directly to the consumer online, has allowed us to price our watches at only a fraction of the price. In designing our timepieces, we have partnered with leading designers to create 5 minimalist styles for our first release.