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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Express Your Love Even More With These Anniversary Gift Ideas

Have an anniversary coming year? These super cool anniversary gift ideas are definitely worth a try this year.

Pocket Dial iPhone Case By Jimmy Fallon
Carrying your iPhones in your pants is so 2014. You need something better and cooler. Like the Pocket Dial iPhone Case by Jimmy Fallon. It’s an iPhone case and pocket square in one which will make you carry that perfect party attire without keeping your iPhone too far away. Most importantly, you’ll be saved from that horrifying pocket bulge! If you’re wondering how to use it, the steps are pretty easy. Simply insert your iPhone in the dial, clip on the pocket square at a preferred height and place it in your chest pocket thereafter. Ssshhhh! You’re the only one who knows there’s a phone in there. If you’ve got those friends or family members who are often concerned with the pocket bulge cause by their iPhones, this is the best gift you could have for them this Christmas. And it’s always good to have a pocket square handy for a formal party dress up, don’t you think?

‘I Love My Beard’ Engraved Beard Comb by DFRshop
Don’t hide your love from the world, finish off your facial hair flawlessness with pride with the ‘I Love My Beard’ engraved Beard Comb by DFRshop. This sleek and fashionable comb is one of the best anniversary gift ideas which comes with its own stand and carrying case. The comb and the stand are both made of natural wood with a beautiful dark stain, giving each comb a one of a kind look. The stand perfectly holds the comb with each tooth in its own dedicated spot, minimizing the risk of breaking. The carrying case is made of soft leather and comes with the option for a belt loop. All together, the comb, stand, and case are compact enough to fit in your bag, carry on, or even your pocket for on the go grooming. Show off your hard work with the ‘I Love My Beard’ Engraved Beard Comb.

Smittens – Mittens for Couples
Stay closer to your loved one while holding hands inside a single oversized mitten! One set of Smittens includes one “Smitten”, and two regular mittens for the outside hands. Smittens are made from the highest quality polar fleece fabric and available in a variety of sizes to fit all ages and hand sizes. Invented in Seattle. Made in the USA.

Barbas & Zacari Watches
Welcome to Barbas & Zacári Watches, a watch brand established by two entrepreneurial designers from Melbourne, Australia. With a passion elegance and minimalism, Barbas & Zacári have designed a series of contemporary and fashionable watches which works as a cool anniversary gift ideas that are suitable for any setting. We believe that the traditional means of business are becoming obsolete, which is why we have eliminated the wholesale phase, completely cut out expensive agent costs, traditional marketing expenses and retail mark-up prices. Selling directly to the consumer online, has allowed us to price our watches at only a fraction of the price. In designing our timepieces, we have partnered with leading designers to create 5 minimalist styles for our first release.

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