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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Best Home Decorating Accessories Ideas For Your Modern Abode

Since Christmas is coming year, you must spend your time decorating your home now. These home decorating accessories ideas are good ones to start with.

Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo
Give the air in your house an overhaul with the Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo. You can manage this unit from anywhere as it connects to and is controlled by the WeMo app, available for both iOS and Android. You can set a schedule for up to seven days complete with pre-set times for air purifying. You can also choose the fan speed, duration of the air purification, and the ionizer. Automatic alerts are sent to you from the app to let you know when to clean the system and replace the filters. The Holmes Smart Air Purifier also automatically adjusts depending on the surrounding air quality and gives you status updates. Coming with two filters, you can rid your home of odors, smoke, dust, allergens, and more with the Holmes
Smart Air Purifier with WeMo

SolarPuff – Foldable Solar Lantern
Never get caught without a light source with SolarPuff, the foldable solar lantern. SolarPuff is one of the best home decorating accessories ideas which folds completely flat, fitting into tight spaces such as pockets, purses, and backpacks. Inside are ten LEDs that can be set to low at 60 lumens or high at 90 lumens, both emitting a soft yet bright light that can fill a room as big as 9 square meters. SolarPuff gathers energy from both the sun and artificial light sources. Weighing just under 75 grams, SolarPuff is waterproof and can float, highly desirable features for those out camping and exploring. This lantern can withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way be it rain or wind and it can even endure extreme temperatures. SolarPuff is also equipped with an emergency flashing setting to help get help.

Vintage Inspired Sideboard by Sol
Be organized like never before with the vintage inspired Sideboard by Sol. Featuring three large double drawers, three small single drawers, and three open space drawers with pull-out bases, you’ll never run out of space for anything. Made of a rustic combination of smooth wood and iron, the Sideboard by Sol has sturdy stove iron legs and is finished off with beautifully vintage metal handles and label holders. You can adorn the top with your favorite d├ęcor, dressing it up with classy lighting and flowers or downplaying its elegance with vintage antiques. This chic piece of furniture is perfect for organizing your home or office with a sophisticated flair. Find a place for everything with the rustic inspired Sideboard by Sol.

Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw
Add some fun to the last place you’d expect with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. At first (and second) glance, this doorstop works as a cool home decorating accessories ideas which looks just like the real thing. As it’s made of strong and durable plastic, the Paint Tube Doorstop is as functional as it is funny and will hold open any door. A great gift for the artist in your life, the family jokester, or to use on your own friends and family who will be completely fooled. The Paint Tube Doorstop weighs just 3.2 ounces, is 7 inches long, and has fake paint oozing from the opening which furthers the resemblance to a real paint tube. Liven up the party or give yourself loads of laughs with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw.

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