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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Moto Smart Watches and More For Smart Connectivity

Love smartwatches? These few examples including the Moto Smart Watches are surely worth a try.

Tag Heuer Connected Watch
Enjoy the power of Android Wear from a mechanical watch interface once you get your hands on the Tag Heuer Connected Watch. This smartwatch comes with directional wind and weather monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit which, altogether, makes the entire design stand out from the lot. The bold layout as well as the custom display theme option turns the watch into something more amazing. The watch will also provide you with a custom suite of micro-applications, including alarm and stopwatch features to optimize performance, precision, and perfection. Together with the titanium, sapphire, and the best in class touchscreen technology, the Tag Heuer represents an avant-garde design you won’t wish to part from. The smartwatch is not only Android Wear compatible but iOS compatible too. That’s what you call a piece of classic watchmaking excellence!

Shammane Smartwatch
Shammane is a unique smartwatch designed as a self-extension, bringing back elegance and fashion into the connected world. Shammane is a piece of jewelry, not only another smartwatch. Shammane understands that people require more out of their wristwatch then just telling time. The Shammane Smartwatch is an elegant, timeless wearable that helps you stay connected to the people, places, and events you care about most, without sacrificing style. Our watch is a discreet way to stay connected to the people and things not immediately in front of you, without distracting you from the ones who are.

Moto Smart Watches
The new Moto 360 is not so different visually at first glance. It has the same round screen with the black bar at the bottom and it’s still a watch. However, Motorola decided to expand the Moto Maker options on the Moto 360 to include different sizes, bands, bezel color, and case color. 3 different sizes, 5 band types, 6 bezel colors, and 3 case colors. You can make the Moto 360 as beautiful or ugly as you like; Motorola just wants you to be able to do what you wish.

Pebble Time Round
The first smartwatch makers are back once again with the thinnest and classiest version of their e-paper smartwatch series – Pebble Time Round. It looks smarter and more like your luxury wristwatch but without losing any of its qualities that makes Pebble one of its kind. You still get to enjoy that extraordinary battery life and the always-on display. The watch is available in two sizes and numerous color options to choose from so that you’re able to match it based on your style and requirements. Those of you who consider smartwatches not as stylish as your general luxury timepieces will rethink now with the Pebble Time Round. What makes it cool is the fact that it doesn’t look like a bulky smartwatch. This smart watch gives you all the information you need and right when you need it. The smartphone you’re so used to having in your hand all the time can comfortably rest in your pocket for now. Let Pebble Time Round do the job instead. You won’t lose your classic wristwatch when you get one of this. You’ll just add more technology to it and lead a simple lifestyle around the clock.
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