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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Best Laptop Stickers For Some Personal Touch to Your Mac

Add that personal touch to your Mac with these laptop stickers. They are super awesome indeed!

Wooden Dresses for Macbooks
Exquisite handcrafted wood skins you can use to adorn your Mac. Every skin has been carefully handmade in Pittsburgh, United States by using high quality wood. Trained hands go behind the making of these skins which are applied with two coats of 100% natural finish. The makers use the best 3M adhesive to hold the skins on your computer. Available for MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air, these skins are amazingly thin and possibly one of the coolest ways you can dress your MacBook with style.

Alphabets MacBook Decal – All 26 Alphabets Available
Want to highlight the first letter of your name or any special letter you can think of on your MacBook? Try this Alphabets MacBook Decal in that case. It is a specially designed laptop stickers for your MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air which comes in all 26 letters from the English alphabet series. You can apply it to your palm rest or on your car if required. Every decal is made out of a high quality, self-adhesive vinyl which are precision cut and designed with maximum detailing under consideration. These designs are creative and are all handmade. You can easily apply them within minutes and remove them without leaving behind any residue as well. Your MacBook can definitely do with one such letter, don’t you think?

Captain America MacBook Decal
Highlight your favorite superhero on your MacBook by using this Captain America Superheroes MacBook Decal. It comes in five different designs which include Hulk, Ironman, Superman, Captain America and Spiderman. The decal is a handmade design which is crafted with sandwich layers so that the Apple logo shines only through the designated area. It will fit most MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air models of all sizes. Alternatively, you can choose to apply it on your palm rest or your car. This is one of the coolest forms of customization you can give your MacBook if you consider yourself a superhero buff. Apply it within a few minutes and you’ll be all set to enjoy your favorite superhero label on your MacBook.

Custom Macbook Backlit Design By Uncover
We make the world’s most beautiful computer personal too. We customised laptops for some of the world’€™s biggest DJ‘€™s, CEO’€™s and, at some point, the King of the Netherlands. As we only use original screens, we always have to make the logo a fraction bigger than the Apple logo. Often, this means that we embed a logo inside a circle or rectangle, to be able to cover the Apple® logo. Such a circle or rectangle design also makes the operation more manageable for us, allowing a lower price point. We’ve crafted the backlight designs which works as cool laptop stickers for luminaries around the world, from the CEO’s of Evernote, Flipboard and Snapchat, to world-famous artists like Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Jamie XX.

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