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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Explore Wearable Tech At Its Best

Wearable tech is the next best thing in technology. These examples surely prove why.

muse – The Brain Sensing Headband
Meditate with ease anytime, anywhere with muse, the brain sensing headband. This incredible gadget helps to lead you to deeper relaxation through meditation. The headband sits just above your ears and connects to the accompanying app. Using the earbuds, the app plays calming sounds, such as gently crashing waves on the beach or the soothing rhythm of the rainforest, to whisk you off to relaxation. If the headband senses that your mind is wandering or becoming too active, it increases the intensity of the sounds, slowly guiding you back to focus. Use the muse app to set, manage, and reach meditation goals and see your past sessions. Available in both black and white, muse will give you a deep relaxation like never before.

First V1sion – Smart Wearable to Broadcast Sports
Let the fans experience the game like never before with First V1sion, the smart wearable tech to broadcast sports. This smart t-shirt has a built in HD camera that is able to capture the whole field of vision of the athlete. Viewers can sense the speed, vertigo, emotion, and more just like they’re a part of the action. Using RF transmission, video is instantly sent to the viewers with low latency; the delay is less than 2 milliseconds. Turn on the mic for total immersion into the game. First V1sion is safe and unobtrusive. It’s designed to be adaptable to any uniform and worn under the jersey, no setup required. Give your fans something to feel with Frist V1sion, the smart wearable to broadcast live sports.

Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch
Get notifications right on your wrist with the Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch. This beautifully traditional looking watch has full touchscreen and smartwatch functionality. Using Android Wear, the Q Founder communicates with apps on your phone to track your activity and receive notifications. Have a glance to see who’s calling or texting and choose to reply to totally ignore. With the Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch, you have options. You can even customize how the watch looks. Choose to swap out the stainless steel strap with the gorgeous leather one. Or, you can personalize the watch face to always match your style no matter which trend you’re setting. The Fossil Q Founder brings a seamless touchscreen to the elegance of the traditional watch.

Silent Partner Quiets Snoring Noise Like Magic!
World’s first Smart Wearable Tech Patch to quit snoring noise! It utilizes Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC), which senses the snoring sound and emits a counter sound, to cancel out the undesirable sound. Simple, yet ingenious. Silent Partner’s innovation promises to improve sleep for people everywhere, and provide you and those around you a better night’s sleep. It’s successful crowdfunding campaign has already raised over 400% on Indiegogo.

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