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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Best Samsung S6 Gadgets You Can’t Ignore

Your Samsung S6 can now reach new heights with these amazing Samsung S6 Gadgets. They are chic, stylish and definitely worth a buy.

offGRID Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case with External Storage
With the press of a button, the offGRID Battery Case powers the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge with over 100% extra battery, more than doubling usability. Designed with a lightweight hard shell exterior, the offGRID protects your device against accidental drops, while feeling slim and comfortable in the hand. More than just a battery case, toggle to Storage Mode and use its built-in microSD card slot for up to 128GB* extra storage of photos, videos, music and more.

Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6
Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S6 a dazzling display of 24K gold? Try using the Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6 in that case. This is one of the best Samsung S6 gadgets indeed. Each of this case offers an amazing design with gold leaf highlights. What you get is a translucent and radiant finish you’ll love to flaunt as a phone case. Additional features you’ll get to enjoy is impact resistance and shock dispersion. In fact, there are color-coordinating metal button accents too.

Alligator Leather Samsung S6 Wrap
Slick Wraps gives you the opportunity to envelop your smartphone with style through this Alligator Leather Samsung S6 Wrap. The wrap is designed by using a high quality material which combines a sophisticated look and feel resembling leather. It is complemented with the thinness and versatility of vinyl. The wrap includes the front, back and side wraps that will uplift the entire look of your Samsung Galaxy S6 altogether but without compromising on its original features.

Speck Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6
Designed for those who want to carry less in their pockets every day. Time to get rid of your wallet and have it customized on your phone case in the form of this Speck Products Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6. The case includes a side-loading slot for up to 3 cards with a patented dual layer protection. This design works as an ideal case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and not only looks good but also works as a handy protective shell for your phone.

Poweradd™ Pilot Plus – High Capacity 20000mAh (2.4A+1.0A) Portable Charger
The Poweradd™ Pilot Plus is not just a simple portable charger. It comes with a power packed battery backup of 20000mAh which can charge an iPhone 6 eight and a half times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 three times and even larger devices like the iPad Air 2 almost one time. Amazing Samsung S6 Gadgets are there a many but this one surely stands out from the lot. The grid model design of this portable charger is pretty fashionable and stylish. You can charge two devices on it simultaneously while you’re on the go. The quick 2.4A chaarge will provide the fastest charging speed so that you get to charge your devices without wasting much of a time.

Tempered Glass CORE for Galaxy S6
Keep your Galaxy S6 safeguarded from scratches and unwanted screen damage with the Tempered Glass CORE for Galaxy S6. The glass screen protector comes with features such as anti-shatter and has a 9H surface hardness. You’ll only enrich your smartphone’s protection by using one of these. It won’t hamper your phone usage by any way but will always ensure to keep your Galaxy S6 screen protected from screen damage that might come your way in the long run.

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