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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Infinity Ring and More For Modern Women

Jewelry is a woman’s favorite accessory. These are some of the latest from that category you can gift your better half. There’s an infinity ring too!

Mini USB Locket – 2GB USB Drive Disguised As a Fancy Locket
On the first go, the Mini USB Locket might look like another fancy jewelry item but if you look closely, this hides a 2GB flash drive within. It’s a great option for fashionistas and modern tech-savvy women to carry their digital data around. You won’t need to keep your USB drives in your bag anymore. Instead, you can wear them and that too, without losing your everyday style statement. In fact, this could also work as a stylish approach to hide your secret data from onlookers. The locket is pretty stylish and will definitely match well with your everyday wear. If you thought carrying your flash drives is often a very tedious process, this Mini USB Locket will make it super easy and fashionable at the same time.

CUFF – Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace
If you thought wearable tech hasn’t got anything to do with style, CUFF is going to make you reframe that statement. This is because it’s the first of wearable tech for women which can be accommodated with a fresh line of jewelry collection. It will help you stay safe and notified of any smartphone alerts that come your way. But with style. You can simply press your CUFF when you’re in danger and notify your near and dear ones present in your CUFF network immediately so that you get help as soon as possible. That’s what you can refer to as safety at the press of a button. Even if you put your phone away during a meeting or while at dinner, CUFF will still keep you connected and notify you whenever there’s a call or a message. It’s not just one jewelry but an entire collection you can mix and match with your style. Pretty ladies and fashionistas have just got the wearable tech they always wanted.

Elegant Jewelry Handmade in Kenya
Nisolo is a lifestyle brand that makes handmade shoes and accessories in a way you can feel good about. And just as importantly, we design our products according to your tastes, so that you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality in order to shop responsibly. To date, we’ve made shoes and accessories in Peru and many of you are the reason for the success we’ve had so far. Now, we’re asking for your support as we expand our products and social impact to Kenya in order to bring you beautiful, ethically-made jewelry.

Rhinestone Silver Infinity Ring
Give your infinite love to the ones you care about with the Silver Infinity Ring from Adorn512. This dainty ring features a classic design and a very thin profile making your fingers look slim, elegant and lovely while wearing it. It is studded with rhinestones giving it a beautiful finishing touch.

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