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Monday, 18 December 2017

The must-have Peel smart remote!

Peel smart remote
All we want is a luxury in life and it has turned us lazy too. If we humans have spared so much time on developing advanced things then now it’s our turn to enjoy them. We made robots now we can order them to work instead of us; we made laptops and replaced the typewriters and many more things. Through all this, the human race is advancing. The present technology can do even more amazing things. Can you guess? Okay, we will tell you! It can turn your iOS device into a smart universal remote control. Yes, the Pronto and Peel App requires a BT pairing via button and you iPhone works as a remote now! Not only iOS but many other smartphones can be connected to this device. The Peel smart remote is all you need to enhance your luxuries.

Pronto Peel Smart Remote Control-

This universal remote adds to the functionality of your smartphone. It will add the word smart to your entire house. It is easy to connect your iOS devices to it. This is a cylindrical unit that works with a companion app called as the Pronto and Peel App for the total control. This unique app works with iPhone, Samsung, and many other devices. It also provides a reliable connection to your TV, cable box, DVD player, and any other entertainment unit present in your house. Everything is easy for this remote and it will make things easy for you too. It’s compatible with any device that uses an infrared or networked remote, and your phone is the best option. This is easy for you to handle it also. Another stunning feature is that this app supports multiple users. Therefore, your entire family can join in. The Peel smart remote will totally enhance your TV experience.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The best quality travel gadgets are here!

Life is totally about enjoying and doing the things that you like the most. There are people for whom sleep is the best thing to do while some like to work and are a workaholic. There are some rare people who take life on an adventure and become the ones who love travel. ‘Travel’ for such people is the fuel to their life but traveling with comfort is also necessary. Feel the home wherever you only with The Gadget Flow! We understand the needs of a wanderlust person so we have got for you the best travel gadgets. They are portable, lightweight and efficient to their full strength.

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 2
Travel the world in total style but with the organization nature. Carry the This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 2 and you’ll be able to manage things efficiently. This bag is fully convenient with a spot for all of your tech gear. This bag is placed to your adapters to cables, battery packs to earbuds & everything. It comes in a rectangular shape, so it is easy to pack with the rest of your luggage. However, it also holds its shape to keep all of your valuables safe and secure. When you will open it, you’ll see multiple leather straps which will hold your things in place. 

This is one of the must-have travel gadgets an anti-theft accessory while traveling. Carry our Arden Cove Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody will make things manageable for you. It truly ticks all your boxes to make your travel life easier when you’re so busy. Go Paris or Bali, these bags let you travel with confidence and safety. Come to the below-given website!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Latest Drone Accessories

The below latest drone accessories can be used to upgrade your normal average unmanned aerial vehicle or flying robot into a super gadget with improved functionality, reliability and efficiency technologically.

·         Propeller guards
They are very easy to attach and detach. The main aim of this is to protect people and property from being faced with the spinning rotor blades. These blades, if unprotected are very harmful and can cause injuries to people and other animals and destruction of buildings, structures and also plants.

·         Battery charging dock
While your drone docks, it is just time saving for it to be charging also. This will also prevent time usage hence inconveniences while in the field with your drone at work. Furthermore, this dock does not only charge a single battery at a time, it charges four of them automatically in a sequential format.

·         Mobile device sun visor
The mobile device sun visor or shade is used when it is sunny making it difficult to have a clear view from the glare and a washed out screen. This will provide with a clear vision hence making it possible to operate the drone despite the weather.

·         Transmitter gadgets
A drone remote has many buttons, control sticks, switches and rollers, all for different functionalities. This can easily pave way for mistakes if not well mastered and so you will find these stickers really helpful so as to prevent wrong commanding during drone operation.

·         Flight controller
This is like the real deal when it comes to flying a drone. Basically if you do not have a flight controller you can’t do anything to the drone, leave alone getting it off the ground.

·         Gimbal guard
As the name says it all, this accessory is used to protect the gimbal system during landing due to its location which is beneath the drone hence easy to damage.
Other drone accessories include; the landing gear extensions and camera filters among others. Continue reading.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Best from the Rest

The iPhone 5 has huge amount of customizations and hardware giving you whatever appeal you may want or desire for any occasion but with all those accessories it may be hard to pick which ones you want first. Well let me give you some guidance on which four iPhone accessories I think set the Best from the rest.

Cases of course, are the number one cosmetic for your phone. A huge variety of cases ranging in all shapes, colors and designs are widely available to any iPhone enthusiast or owner. The cases are also reasonably affordable and thus making it much easier to color coordinate your phone with your outfit or just mix up the flavor of the month.

Vintage cosmetics can make you stand out from the rest, allowing you to showcase your hobbies, personal interest of even your sense of humor. Such a grand accessory that not only stands as a cosmetic but truly introduces life to your smart phone.

Waterproof cases are available among the many and this is a personal favorite of many! Enjoy water sports or being underwater and want to take some quality pictures? These cases can provide just that without having to buy a leading camera. What a steal!

Stands are essential accessory, we are always holding out hand held smart phones that we sometimes forget we can put them down to enjoy some great streaming! Not only for home but you can get stands for your vehicle making travel essentially safer for a more hands free road trip!

My list is a short guide to a vast selection of iPhone 5 accessories and from sports to photography there is an accessory for everyone. These items that divide the best from the rest can keep your Smartphone safe, stylish and provide a better quality of smart phone.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Batband- Delivery acoustics has just gotten better through Bone conduction


The launching of batband has been a major breakthrough in sound technology, it is a piece of sound device that simply allows the user to listen to his or her own soundscape, especially every sound emanating from their immediate environment. The secret behind this piece of accessory is that human science has been adapted into sound technology to create a much more effective acoustic delivery.

The features, importance and other benefits of the batband

One of the main features of this accessory is that it comes with a bone conduction power that works with some transducers that are capable of emitting sound waves that can be perceived by the inner ear and the inner ear transfers the emission to the outer ear that eventually translate the meaning. The outer ear which seems to be the social ear is the final translation ear that interprets the sounds you are hearing. 

Sound waves are normally transmitted at frequencies that are capable of being conducted through the bones located in the skull, for this reason your ears will remain free and you will be able to hear twice as much as you can hear, with this device without losing your comfort , and style. The quality of sound transmitted through this device is amazing. The device is quite long and can perfectly snuggle to the back of your head without falling, thus you can take it everywhere you go without the fear of the gadget falling off the back of your head. You can also control how the device works or simply remove it from the back of your head when not need.

For more information on the features, benefits, and importance of the batband, as well as how to get one for yourself, you can simply click on the following link;