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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Latest Drone Accessories

The below latest drone accessories can be used to upgrade your normal average unmanned aerial vehicle or flying robot into a super gadget with improved functionality, reliability and efficiency technologically.

·         Propeller guards
They are very easy to attach and detach. The main aim of this is to protect people and property from being faced with the spinning rotor blades. These blades, if unprotected are very harmful and can cause injuries to people and other animals and destruction of buildings, structures and also plants.

·         Battery charging dock
While your drone docks, it is just time saving for it to be charging also. This will also prevent time usage hence inconveniences while in the field with your drone at work. Furthermore, this dock does not only charge a single battery at a time, it charges four of them automatically in a sequential format.

·         Mobile device sun visor
The mobile device sun visor or shade is used when it is sunny making it difficult to have a clear view from the glare and a washed out screen. This will provide with a clear vision hence making it possible to operate the drone despite the weather.

·         Transmitter gadgets
A drone remote has many buttons, control sticks, switches and rollers, all for different functionalities. This can easily pave way for mistakes if not well mastered and so you will find these stickers really helpful so as to prevent wrong commanding during drone operation.

·         Flight controller
This is like the real deal when it comes to flying a drone. Basically if you do not have a flight controller you can’t do anything to the drone, leave alone getting it off the ground.

·         Gimbal guard
As the name says it all, this accessory is used to protect the gimbal system during landing due to its location which is beneath the drone hence easy to damage.
Other drone accessories include; the landing gear extensions and camera filters among others. Continue reading.

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