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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

iPhone Photo Printer For Your Best Moments

Treasuring your best moments is what we love our camera for. Now with this iPhone photo printer, things will be even better.

Photo Cube – Wireless Smart Photo Printer by Vupoint
Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies and other Android devices, the WiFi Photo Cube Printer is the next accessory you must have for any party you attend. It creates a Wi-Fi network by itself using which you can easily print photos right after they are clicked. The portable printer can make photos in three adorable sizes: 4″x6″, 4″x11.2″ and 4″x16.4″. It can also print photos from any digital camera via PictBridge or USB cable. The photo paper is highly durable and waterproof with and additional protective coating to minimize fingerprints dust, scratches and photo damage. The cartridge is mess free so you need not worry of those totally disastrous experiences one often goes through with the printer.

SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless Photo Printer by Canon
It takes just 47 seconds for the SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless iPhone Photo Printer by Canon to print your favorite moments. Not only this, the photos printed will be waterproof that will last for up to 100 years. The printer is lightweight and pretty compact in size so that you’re able to carry it no matter where you go. There are features such as Portrait Image Optimize which will allow you to create borderless 4” x 6” photo prints. By using AirPrint, you’ll be able to print your pictures from iPhone, iPad or iPod wirelessly and that too, without using any kind of drivers. Additionally, the Access Point Mode will connect your camera or smart device directly to the printer without requiring any network. Creating those amazing photo prints became easier than before.

Pringo Portable Photo Printer
Print those pictures from your smartphone within minutes by using the Pringo Portable Photo Printer. The printer uses the power of Wi-Fi connectivity for peer-to-peer networking with your mobile devices. There is a free application available on iOS and Android for developing the wireless connection. It also features basic photo editing features and will allow you to add effects and borders to your images if required. The printer uses a dye sublimation process to transfer ink  which makes the design pretty lightweight and portable. The ink is contained in a special ribbon assembly that is capable of printing up to 10 borderless 2.1 x 3.4” images. The internal paper tray will hold 10 sheets at a time. Mobile printing on the go is now a super easy and convenient process.

LG Pocket Photo Mobile Printer
This Pocket Photo from LG is a wireless and smart iPhone photo printer. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but also powerful enough to let you print crystal clear pictures with rich colors and incredible detailing that’s just as good as a full-size printer. You can print anything that’s on your laptop or on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and do so using a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The accompanying photo editing app allows you to stretch reality quite a bit and brush up the picture as best as you can. You can insert QR codes into an image, and add frames or artwork. You can even send a picture, edited or otherwise, as an eCard.

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