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Friday, 1 July 2016

Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Make Your Life Happy Going

If you are one of those who has a thing for tech products, this is the right place to be now. Here are five of the coolest tech gadgets that have been released in recent times. They can surely make your everyday life easy going and hassle free. Here’s how.

Flexwarm – World’s Smartest Jacket
Flexwarm is the first heated jacket you can control from your smartphone. Choose your temperature accurate to 1 degree, and Flexwarm will automatically adjust to keep your temperature perfect. Ultralight and packable, this is the only jacket you will ever need. You can consider it to be the next generation of smart wearable technology that comes with two exterior zipped pockets, is water resistant, can charge your devices, includes a hand warmer as well as a heated chest and back. Available in black color, the jackets have different styles for men and women. What sets Flexwarm apart from just another heated jacket is the climate control feature. Heating elements automatically adapt depending on the exterior and interior temperature, so your personal temperature remains perfect, no matter the weather. If you pre-order one now, your jacket will arrive just in time for the upcoming Winter Season!

Wireless Body Analysis Scale by iHealth Labs
Get to know yourself better than ever before with the Wireless Body Analysis Scale by iHealth Labs. This smart scale measures nine characteristics of body composition in just seconds. It measures things like bone mass, body mass, muscle mass, and daily caloric intake and, using Wi-Fi, instantly uploads the data to the MyVitals app. You can then save and track these body composition insights and also send them to your health coach or personal trainer. The ergonomically designed scale gathers data from the four metal sensors along with proprietary algorithms. Using the app, you can also set your own goals, view a timeline, and see your data and progress. The Wireless Body Analysis Scale is smart enough to handle up to twenty users and is great for the entire family.

FLI Charge
With FLI Charge, you will never have to plug in your smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices ever again! FLI Charge is an incredible wireless charging system that is setting the bar in the wireless power and charging space. Aside from its stunningly sleek design, FLI Charge is able to power multiple devices simultaneously regardless of where, or in what orientation you place them on the pad. FLI Charge can be used to power any USB powered devices and will charge them as fast and as safely as plugging directly into the wall. FLI Charge brings convenience to your life and will increase your efficiency at home and at work. It is the perfect solution for any environment, from charging on your bedside table overnight, to keeping an entire company on 100% throughout the day. What makes FLI Charge even more amazing is its product line’s sleek design, which will complement the interior decor of your home or workspace.

Oco Wireless Smart Monitoring HD Camera
Record and monitor what’s important to you with the Oco wireless smart monitoring HD camera. This Wi-Fi enabled smart camera can be placed anywhere in your home there’s a power source to record whatever you’d like. You can use the app to get a live view of your home on your smartphone or tablet. The app can also be used to set alerts to notify you of any movement, sound or action. It’s great for knowing your kids get home safe from school or to keep an eye on your pet. The Oco camera is easily set up in just minutes with minimal use of tools. It can store up to thirty days’ worth of recording in the cloud service for you to view and save. It’s even equipped with high quality infrared for night vision, giving you the ability to see no matter what the conditions.

Orbii Mobile Home Security Robot with HD Video
Using advanced positioning sensors including a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, Orbii is one of those gadgets that can tell where its camera is pointing. The camera will only stream video when it is facing the direction of travel or sitting stationary. Orbii’s drive module moves by shifting its center of gravity like a hamster in a ball, rolling in any direction with accuracy and precision. Control Orbii through any smartphone or tablet. The app features simple joystick controls, live streaming video, real time notifications, sensor data readings, and access to both locally and cloud stored video footage.

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