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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Coolest iPad Accessories: Tablift Tablet Stand, Ridge Stand and More

When you use the iPad, little do you worry about its docking. It’s one of the most important accessories you must have for your iPad. That will not only enhance its performance but make it look cool even when not in use. Check these examples out, especially the Tablift tablet stand and Ridge stand.

Desktop Chair by Moku Woodware
The fine texture of basswood can now rule your tabletops as you replace your current iPad stand with the Desktop Chair by Moku Woodware. From holding your iPad to Macbook Air or Pro, this stand definitely stands out as a versatile option for keeping your tablets or Apple laptops in place. The wavy structure adds a dramatic touch to the entire construction which is both eye-pleasing and strong enough to hold the tablets and laptops. What makes it appealing is the minimal layout which won’t clutter your desktop but will not compromise in holding your iPad or Macbook without fail. Amazing treat for those who love to culture the ruggedness of wooden goods in their life. Desktop Chair fits virtually all Apple laptops with a height of 1.2″ (30mm) or less, regardless of the shape-with or without a cover.

Just Mobile Slide iPad Stand
The Just Mobile Slide is the take-anywhere, do-anything iPad stand. The innovative Slide is crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminum – but its secret weapon is the high-friction rubber cylinder stowed in its tubular support. Simply place the cylinder at the top of the Slide, lay your iPad on top and lift it to exactly the angle you require. The cylinder will roll down to hold your iPad firmly in place in both portrait or landscape mode, providing solid support for typing, swiping and gaming at any angle.

Ridge Stand for MacBook & iPad

Enjoy productivity at work with a clutter free design. By including the Ridge Stand for MacBook & iPad in your everyday work life, you’ll be less distracted during those strenuous work hours. The stand weighs around 430 grams or 15.1 ounces and has been beautifully made out of aluminium alloy. There are additional rubber buffers which enables it to have a strong grip on your laptop or tablet and protect it from slipping when mounted on the stand. A beautiful accessory for your tech life that will always keep your MacBook and iPad safe and protected from everyday wear and tear.

Minimalist Aluminum Micro-Suction Stand For Your Mobile Devices
The Aluminum Micro-Suction Stand is another cool accessory for your mobile devices, including the Apple Watch. Made with a single piece of aluminum alloy, this stand holds your mobile device firmly in place. In a distinctive triangular shape, you can use it in a variety of ways such as to hold two devices at once. The unique suction surface won’t leave any residue and can be used over and over again. Suction one side to your dashboard or desk and set your device in place with ease. A cut out in the back for the charging cord keeps the minimalist theme ringing true and your space tidy. Coming in gold, silver, or black, the Micro-Suction Stand can hold anything from a GPS to a tablet to your Apple Watch.

Handmade Bamboo iPad Stand
This handmade bamboo iPad stand is an eco-friendly and beautiful iPad accessory. It’s made from sustainably grown bamboo, and the skilled artists who make each one by hand are part of a fair trade program that ensures every worker gets fair wages and is able to work independently. These are all artists in Cat Dang Village, which is in Vietnam’s Nam Dinh province. The village has a long and rich history of producing bamboo items made by local workers. Take one look at the iPad set against the smooth and natural background of the bamboo stand, and you’ll understand what makes it so special. Not only is it a sustainable product that is 100 percent recyclable, but also an exceedingly stylish piece that accomplishes the impossible task of making an Apple device look better than it is.

Driftwood iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Dock
A dock for your iPhone and iPad mini that’s as functional as it is stylish. Each of these one of a kind, natural wood docks are the perfect combination of stunning natural beauty and modern technology, and is a uniquely fitting display for that high-tech device we just can’t live without. A gentle reminder to get back to nature; while acknowledging that the modern world is a beautiful place indeed. Made of natural driftwood, no two pieces will be alike designed to dock both an iPad mini and iPhone 5 comes with two Apple lightning USB cables that sync and charge both devices allows you to use a traditional Apple bumper case made in USA.

Tablift Universal Tablet Holder

Tablift Tablet Stand by Nbryte for the Bed and Sofa. The tablift is a unique universal tablet stand made for all the places normal tablet stands will not work: the bed, couch, and any uneven surface. It will hold your tablet in the ideal viewing position, even when lying completely flat, without having to rest it or balance it on your body. Read the complete article at the given link. Learn more here.

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