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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Summer Musts: Kaisr Sofa, Ninja Snorkeling Mask and More

Summer means fun. Summer means relaxing at the beach. Summer means a lot more. Here are some of the best accessories that will keep you entertained this summer, especially the Kaisr sofa.

H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Become a warrior of the water with the H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask. Using some pretty advanced technology, this mask allows you to breath underwater as easily as if you were on land. Comprised of two parts, the snorkel piece remains above the water as you swim and explore while the actual mask gives you a clear view underwater. The built in air transport system provides you with an airway as opposed to holding any air itself. Amazingly, the H20 Ninja Mask doesn’t allow any water to seep in even when the snorkel portion is fully submerged in the water. Fitting anyone comfortably, the H20 Ninja Mask is the best way to get to know our planet below sea level.

Inflatable Luxury Pool Floaties
Make your pool times more colorful and super fun with the Inflatable Luxury Pool Floaties By Floatie Kings this summer. These pool floats come in various designs and is perfect for those luxury times you spend in the pool. You can choose from four designs as of now which include a Swan Float, a Pizza Float, a Donut Float in Strawberry and Chocolate. These floats are made out of highest quality fabric so that they can last even during the craziest of pool parties. All four designs ensure complete relaxation so that your pool times are fun as well as comforting at the end of a tiring week. The fact that they come in attractive designs make them a must have for those who wish to stand out from the crowd in the pool.

SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow
The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow will make you feel like you’re floating on water, if not on cloud nine. As a matter of fact, it makes for a great pool float on which you can laze around and snooze as happy as a hippo wallowing in a pond in the African Savannah. You can just as well use it to lounge around and soak in the sun poolside or up on a sun deck or terrace. It’s also perfect for couples who want to frolic together because it’s buoyant enough to stay afloat with two people. The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow is entirely weather resistant, which means you can keep it outdoors in the hot sun or when it’s raining, and it’ll cause no wear and tear or damage to the pillow.

Kaisr Inflatable Air Lounge
The KAISR Inflatable Sofa is a super comfy, lightweight, easy to carry lounge chair, which inflates within seconds. It’s designed for ultimate relaxation, anywhere, anytime. The KAISR Original is fun to use and will last a lifetime. It’s perfect for those sunny days at the beach or at the park. Or even to bring along to the music festivals. If you like to travel outdoors during summer, this is a perfect lounge chair for you. It’s easy to carry and super easy to use at the same time. Be it at the beach or the park, you can use KAISR anywhere and everywhere you wish to. This lounge chair has been tested thoroughly under tough conditions, and it works pretty well no matter where you go. Lounging with absolute comfort was never this easy before.

The SUP revolution – Self-inflating SipaBoards Air
The SipaBoards Air is a premium-quality SUP with a revolutionary innovation: self-inflation right before your eyes. The compressor unit, which doubles as a standard fin box, is built in right where the inflation valve on a normal SUP would be. The rechargeable battery slides in and out, and then with a wave of your hand your board pumps up to the perfect pressure every time. Let us do the hard work for you – while you get ready for your session, stretch out, or simply enjoy the view. For More Information about Kaisr inflatable sofa click on the given link.

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