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Monday, 2 May 2016

Cool New Watches : Straton Watch, Nozzer Watch and More

Wristwatches are there a many but only a few of them stand out. Now the factors that make them stand out are unique and vary from piece to piece. Here are some of the latest examples of extraordinary wristwatches you must have a look at. The list includes unique designs like the Straton Watch and the Tikker Happiness Watch.

NOZzER Watch
Introducing NOZzer – A new, max effective and reliable anti-sleep device that you can take everywhere with you. The idea for coming with such a device came to the team when the founder Yan Ivan Rybachenko found out the danger of critical decrease of neuron activity due to sleepiness while driving. NOZzer watch comes with a steel body and mineral glass with an OLED display and Li-Pol battery. Whenever you turn on NOZzer, you will feel tactile sensations. There are two small electrodes which will transmit a weak current by 0,2 sec impulses every few seconds.

Tikker Happiness Watch
IMAGINE SOMEONE TOLD YOU that you only had 1 year left to live. How would that change your life? For all of us life comes with a best before date, and one day we’ll find ourselves at the end of the line. Gee, you’re thinking, this is really depressing! BUT, WAIT, there’s good news too! While death is nonnegotiable, life isn’t. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and it can be beautiful! All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given, to honor it, suck the marrow from it, seize the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds, days and years are passing never to come again.

The Trump Backwards Running Watch
Make a fun political statement with the Trump Backwards Running Watch. All three hands run backwards. Easy to tell time-the numbers are printed backwards. Japanese quartz movement, genuine leather strap, Free collector’s tin. Lifetime guarantee. Great gift for any Democrat.(and many Republicans) Special introductory price.

Vintage Driver Chrono by Straton Watch Co.
Born from a passion for racing and watches, latest Straton Watch Co have launched themselves into the timepiece game with a design inspired by a classic Alfa Romeo. The brand’s first model, the Vintage Driver Chrono takes cues from the designer’s 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT. This wristwatch showcases careful resemblance to the car’s Veglia Borletti tachometer with the two-digit minute/second markers, and the needle-like wedge of the second hand. The Vintage Driver Chrono is a versatile wrist companion, perfect for a Sunday drive and channels an appreciation for the great outdoors. Its luminescent hands, stainless steel frame and chronographic functionality give it a beautiful retro aesthetic.

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