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Monday, 2 May 2016

Head For An Adventurous Bike Ride With These Bike Accessories

Biking is a lot easier now. Thanks to the new range of bike accessories, you can now make those adventures more fun and enjoyable. Check these latest examples for a clear idea on how you can make your next trip a little more adventurous and hassle free at the same time.

Bycle – First Bike Mount+App That Integrates Map+Video
With Bycle on your bike, you will now be able to use your phone´s GPS and video recording features simultaneously in order to document your journey. From recording your speed, distance, place and time inside the video, Bycle gives you an opportunity to capture your bike rides in a proper way. The purpose is to help you use your phone’s navigation power instead of going for a separate GPS device. This bike mount will also let you compete with your fellow riders and beat their speed and time by re-riding their shared routes. The mount is currently compatible with iPhone and is a water resistant design you can carry on the go.

HEL – New Nordic Bicycle Helmet
Introducing HEL – A new Nordic bicycle helmet which provides outstanding comfort and Scandinavian safety. It is a newly designed re-interpretation of the traditional skater helmet. The fusion of the urban skater style with the Danish design tradition creates a contemporary yet stylish design icon for the fashion and design conscientious cyclist. What makes HEL even more awesome is the engineered ventilation system which constantly regulates your head temperature while the short and long visors are designed to protect you from rain and sun.

Revolights Skyline – LED Bike Wheel Lights
Give your bikes a 360-degree visibility with the Revolights Skyline. These smart LED light rings will synchronize with your bike speed and enhance your night visibility on the road. It could work as a new-age headlight and functional brake light to prevent any accidents due to poor visibility that might come your way. This latest version is easy to install and comes with new mounting features. Bike riding is an adventure and these lights take that experience to a completely new level at night. If you’ve really not had that amazing night ride till now, these wheel nights can surely make you head that way.


goLock VENTURE is one of those bike accessories which comes with an electronic cable locking system that safeguards equipment from theft in two ways — by triggering an audible alarm at the site and by delivering an alert to your smartphone via cellular or Bluetooth technology. If tampered with, goLock VENTURE will immediately emit a loud alarm (90 decibels – it is loud!), alerting anyone in the area of possible theft. At the same time, you will receive an alert on your smartphone that your lock and gear may have been compromised. Security + Deterrence + Notification = More fun outdoors, and less worrying about your gear!

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