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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Samsung S6 Gadgets For a More Connected Lifestyle

If you’ve been using the Samsung S6, chances are that you are always in the lookout for cool accessories to pair with it. They do enhance the overall beauty of your smartphone. Here are some of the coolest Samsung S6 Gadgets you can use to make your smartphone experience even better.

Radmo Classic Mobile Car Mount
Drive safely with a clear view of the road with the Radmo Classic Mobile Car Mount. Effortlessly securing in your CD slot in your vehicle, this mount keeps your smartphone, tablet, GPS or any device up to eight inches at the perfect height for safe visibility as you drive. As it remains off your windshield, the Radmo Classic allows you to view your directions, music, or glanceable notifications without obstructing your view. The unique design of the Radmo Classic has no sticky elements or moving parts. It also keeps the necessary ports on your device open so you can charge while you drive. Best of all, your CD player retains its full functionality so you don’t have to choose between music and safe driving.

Hand-Sewn Leather Charging Cable
Complement your spiffy new smartphone or tablet with the Hand-Sewn Leather Charging Cable. Made with real leather, this cable has been given the highest quality handmade precision to produce a luxurious look. The Leather Charging Cable is available in your choice of leather color including a deep brown, coffee brown, cowboy denim, and snakeskin leather to always match your style and accessories. Beyond appearance, this cable comes with a micro USB connector tip which is compatible with a variety of devices including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, and more. It also comes with an Apple compatible model that includes a Lightning connector to work with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod with ease. The Leather Charging Cable measures at 1 meter to extend far enough from the outlet or port for a comfortable charge.

Clutchette Power Charging Clutch Purse
Don’t worry about compromising your style or outfit to keep your devices topped up. With the Clutchette Power Charging Clutch Purse you get an on the go charge while looking chic. Available in a dozen different colors, the Clutchette is made with an ultra soft vegan leather material completed with a satin interior lining. The Clutchette conceals a powerful yet slim 2600mAh battery that holds enough juice to top up your dead smartphone battery to 100%. Recharging the battery via the built in USB cable, the Clutchette also has a dedicated pocket made just for your smartphone as it charges. Complete with a USB port to work with virtually any device, the Clutchette also has card slots to keep you organized.

Trobla – The Wooden Amplifier For Your Smartphone
Trobla is the hand-made acoustic amplifier that functions without batteries or electricity. You can consider it to be unique for its elegant design and magnificent audio. This wooden amplifier is one of those Samsung S6 Gadgets which has been designed to intensify the sound from your smartphone, wherever you are. Use Trobla to listen to your favorite music, for conference calls or when you’re in need of a morning alarm. Which Trobla version suits your home interiors more: Walnut or Maple?

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