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Friday, 3 June 2016

These Used Car Accessories Are Indeed Better Than the Rest

Your car needs a perfect companion. By companion, we mean accessories. Here are some of the best and the coolest used car accessories you must get for your four wheeler sometime soon.

TrapTap – Wireless Legal Speed Trap Detector
Tired of getting speeding tickets and of those pesky speed traps? TrapTap is the first legal hands-free speed trap indicator that sits on your dash and warns you of school zones, red light cameras, and police/mobile speed traps. With over 60 countries and 67,000 traps pre-mapped, TrapTap can accurately remind you to slow down when you are approaching a red light camera or school zone. For those mobile speed traps and radar traps, TrapTap relies on community input to help mark these locations, called the TrapTap Army. With TrapTap, you can say goodbye to speeding tickets!

Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount
Utilize all the convenient features of your smartphone without compromising your safety with the Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount. Elegantly simple, this device easily clips into the air vent in any vehicle. Placing the included magnetic pad onto your phone or inside the phone’s case, the Magnet Vent Mount will hold your device at an ideal height. Great for using navigation apps, music apps, or taking hands free calls, the magnet of the Magnet Vent Mount is strong enough to hold any smartphone in place. Unlike others on the market, the Magnet Vent Mount is minimal and sleek. It is available in your choice of Space Grey, Silver, or Gold, like most other Satechi products, to seamlessly match your color theme.

Jabra Eclipse Lightweight Wireless Headset
Get incredible sound quality without touching your phone with the Jabra Eclipse Lightweight Wireless Headset. You’ll barely notice they’re there with its lightweight and ergonomic design snugly fits into your ear for comfort all day even through the longest conference calls. Jabra sound by design features incredibly precise and clear audio so you don’t miss a beat. The Eclipse seamlessly pairs to your phone or tablet letting you hear everything clearly from message to your favorite audio book with the music grade speaker. The carrying case doubles as a portable charger. The headset charges in your pocket while you’re on the go so it’s ready when you are. Available in black and silver, the battery will give you a total of 7 hours of talk time.

EnergySeal Lightning Cable iPhone Charger
You’ll be able to quickly charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the go with the help of this EnergySeal Lightning Cable iPhone Charger. The charger can be one of those used car accessories which comes with a double shielded structure in order to provide optimal performance and includes a cable which is durable. The high-quality materials used gives it a premium and classy appearance you can surely flaunt inside your car. In fact, the cable is a coiled one that will save you from going through the pain of managing those cables. You’ll be surprised to know that this cable can stretch for up to 6 feet. A must have accessory tech lovers and those who drive pretty often would love to have in their car. Don’t let your phone’s battery die out too often.

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