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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

These iPhone 6S Stand Dock Your Phones Comfortably

iPhone 6S is one of those phones which enhances your overall smart experience. Now to make sure you use your smartphone to the fullest, here are some of the coolest iPhone 6s stand that will keep your life more entertained and fashionable at the same time.

Pocket Tripod | Card-Size Adjustable iPhone Stand
The best iPhone stand is the one that’s with you. Leave your bulky tripod at home. The pocket tripod is a must-have gadget for your iPhone that discreetly hides away in your wallet or purse until it’s needed. It quickly transforms into an adjustable stand with a simple twist and flip. Thanks to its precise angle adjustment capability, you can use any surface to prop up your device in order to make hands-free FaceTime calls. Its robust construction makes it perfect for taking creative long-exposure images, and filming breathtaking time-lapse videos. Never again be left without a stable platform for your iPhone, whether it’s to watch videos, or to be included in your photos.

Bamboo iPhone Stand
It doesn’t get any simpler than this stand for the iPhone. Clean crisp lines, silky smooth hand rubbed finish and beautiful grain patterns make this minimalistic piece as elegant as it is functional. The bamboo is renewed from old decorative flooring stock and provides solid support for your iPhone device in both landscape and portrait orientations, either with or without the Apple hard case.

Rokform Predator iPhone Docking Station
Change and dock your phone with the ultimately secure Predator iPhone Docking Station by Rokform. Designed to be used with both the iPhone 6/S and the iPhone 6/S Plus, this charging and docking station comes with its own Lightning cable. Available in matte black, sleek white, and gray with orange, the design features back support which can handle even the bulkiest of cases. Four cups located on the feet use advanced suction technology providing easy, one handed removal, a steady place for your phone, and it keeps your desk, nightstand, or counter tidy. The Predator features a unique knob which can be loosened and tightened to be perfectly placed for your phone. With the Predator by Rokform, you’ll never need another place to put your phone.

Black Walnut Gadget Stand from FistCase
Elegantly display and access your Apple devices with the Black Walnut Gadget Stand from FistCase. Coming in a decadently luxurious black walnut wood, this iPhone 6S Stand is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. Fitting your Apple device in both portrait and landscape modes, the stand features a groove for the best viewing angle depending on its location. Thanks to the compact size of the Black Walnut Gadget Stand, it won’t take up valuable real estate on your desk or bedside table. The minimalist design allows for the buttons on your device to be accessed, meaning you can adjust the volume without dismantling the display. Perfect for all iPhone and iPad owners, the Black Walnut Gadget Stand would blend in with any room. Know about more click here.

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