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Monday, 6 June 2016

Latest Smartphones: Motorola Moto X Style, Cat S60 and More

If you have a thing for gadgets, chances are you change your smartphones like every other day. In that case, these latest smartphones will surely catch your attention. They are unique in their own style and that’s what makes them special. The list includes big names such as the Motorola Moto X Style as well as newbies such as the Nextbit Robin.

Signature Touch Smartphone for Bentley
Introducing the Signature Touch smartphone for Bentley. An upgrade from the previous sans touchscreen model, Bentley has continued its partnership with Vertu to make the more luxurious smartphone in the world. Even at first glance the handmade Signature Touch sets itself apart. Underneath the beautiful leather casing is the Snapdragon 810 processor to make navigating the 1080p touchscreen display a breeze. The Signature Touch works seamlessly and intuitively with your Bentley and comes with a 24-hour concierge subscription for 12 months. Also included in the purchase is exclusive access to content and events for VIP members. You can customize your own with your choice of leather color and texture. Upgrade your entire lifestyle with the Signature Touch smartphone for Bentley.

BlackBerry Priv Android Smartphone
Introducing the BlackBerry Priv Android Smartphone. Stylishly combining form and function, this smartphone has an ultra sleek design complete with the iconic BlackBerry keyboard and runs on the latest Android software. The BlackBerry Priv features a 5.4-inch, 540ppi touchscreen display which spills onto the sides with the sleek curved edges for a seamless design. The display portion of the phone elegantly slides up to reveal the full feature, touch responsive keyboard with tangible keys. Despite the sliding mechanism, the phone remains ultra thin at just 9.4mm wide. Performing at lightning speed, the BlackBerry Priv also has an 18-megapixel rear-facing camera as well as a front-facing 2-megapixel camera. The perfect device for everything you need, the BlackBerry Priv is truly revolutionary.

Cat S60 – Unique Smartphone With Integrated Thermal Camera
Coming up as the next cool flagship device at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, the Cat S60 smartphone is undoubtedly the first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera. This phone will not only come with a thermal camera but other exciting features such as a 13-megapixel camera, water resistance up to five meters, and a one-millimeter-thick Gorilla Glass screen.  From discovering who farted at your party to what lies beneath the lake, having a thermal camera in your phone is cool indeed. And if you consider the waterproof features combined with the thermal imaging capacities, this phone is truly one of a kind. A rugged beauty you would love to flaunt an your adventures and enjoy the unseen side of the world behind the thermal camera lens. Sounds exciting!

Motorola Moto X Style
The Motorola Moto X Style really differs in build materials and specs. It’s made of heavier, more solid components and thus circumventing the cost cutting measures present in the Moto G and Moto E. To me, it seems most like the Nexus 6 but improved internally. Again, not a bad thing, just an observation. The rounded rear makes such a big phone easy to use and handle so props to Motorola for figuring out a unique and functional form factor.

Nextbit Robin Smartphone
Introducing the Nextbit Robin Smartphone, an incredible unlocked device powered by Android. Coming in a delightful robin egg blue, this smartphone gives you access to the cloud so you never run out of storage. Because the 100GB of storage in the cloud integrates with the 32GB of on board storage, the Robin can back up everything from your photos to your apps without worry. The advanced storage system also intelligently archives what you’re not using to save room for more important stuff. Designed to always sync with the latest OS updates, Robin is also able to learn how you use your smartphone to make it even more intuitive than the conveniently placed buttons, ports, and sensors. Experience the freedom of an unlocked and unrestricted device both in use and in storage with the Nextbit Robin Smartphone. Learn More here.

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