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Monday, 6 June 2016

Best Phone Cases for Your Note 4 Edge

If you own the Note 4 Edge, you know how cool that phone looks. Especially with that edge, you get to enhance the beauty and style of your smartphone even more. Here are some more accessories i.e. phone cases which can make your smartphone look better than before.

Tapit – Customizable Tactile Keypad Case
Tapit is a smartcase which brings a new way of: calling, texting, and controlling your smart home appliances. An ergonomically designed cover case for Samsung S5, S6 and S7, this case features a tactile keypad that allows you to operate your phone in an easy, eye free mode. Tapit’s lock screen provides an array of customizable buttons. You can use them to do practically anything like launching an app, invoking an emergency service call, starting the flash light, opening a site, or just show one of the settings pages. All through one single click. In order to allow Tapit to grow and expand it’s App base, Tapit shall expose an Open API which needs to be integrated in the new and existing apps. The API will provide all the tools needed to setup a Tapit Enabled App effortlessly. Whether tapping the keypad or sliding through the touchscreen, you’ll never need to worry about dangling doors or other parts.

Natural Series Samsung Galaxy Edge Wrap
Protect your smartphone without conceding to lack of style with the Natural Series Samsung Galaxy Edge Wrap by SlickWraps. Each of these wraps uses real premium wood that has been selected by hand to ensure its durability and beauty with the stunning wood grains. The Natural Series features eight different types of wood to protect your phone including maple, walnut, mahogany, and more. Each Samsung Galaxy Edge Wrap has been cut by hand to precisely fit over the back of your smartphone leaving accurate cut outs for the camera and buttons so it retains its usability. The Samsung Galaxy Edge Wrap is perfect for adding protection without increasing bulk while the stunning wood grain gives your smartphone unmatched style.

CardNinja Super Slim Smartphone Wallet
Minimize your every day carry with the CardNinja Super Slim Smartphone Wallet. Complete with a 3M adhesive backing, this wallet easily and securely attaches directly to the back of your smartphone or case. Made with an ultra durable and strong elastic fabric, the CardNinja Wallet can store up to eight cards such as your license and credit cards as well as some spare cash. No matter how you hold or store your device, it remains slim and accessible and the contents of your wallet stay safe. The CardNinja Wallet is available in 15 colors and patterns and works with popular phones and cases on the market including iPhone, Galaxy, Otterbox, Lifeproof, and many more. Carry more without adding bulk with the CardNinja Smartphone Wallet.

Color Waves Pattern Phone Case by DFRshop
Spice up your Note 4 Edge appearance with the Color Waves Pattern Phone Case by DFRshop. Made of ultra durable yet thin plastic, this case adds increased protection to your phone without adding unnecessary bulk. Feeling like a second skin, the Color Waves Pattern Phone Case fits models of the iPhone 4 and newer, Samsung Galaxy S4 and newer, as well as models of HTC, Sony, LG, and more. The back of the case features a stunningly vibrant wave pattern filled in with red, orange, blue, purple, and yellow. The pattern stays resistant to scratches and fading thanks to special materials while the case has cut outs for any and all buttons, ports, and speakers. Make a statement on your phone with the Color Waves Pattern Phone Case by DFRshop. Learn more here .

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