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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kaisr Sofa, Vitchelo Headlamp For Your Next Camping Trip

This year head for a camping trip in style by going for the coolest camping must haves. These include the Kaisr Sofa, Vitchelo Headlamp and more.

Vitchelo – Headlamp W/ Red LED For Hunting, Camping or Running
At a camping trip, one of the biggest concerns is to have a perfect lighting solution. While those bulbs do work at the campsite, you still need something that is more portable. Something like the Vitchelo headlamp that will be with you no matter where you go in the woods. It features a combination of narrow and white lights that will ensure you save energy in the best way possible. And battery life too. There is a lockout feature that will prevent you from draining battery life when the headlamp is not in use. A perfect companion for your camping trips indeed.

Lawson Hammock (Blue Ridge Camping Hammock)
Camping on the ground is risky. You tend to get prone to being attacked by insects and other harmful creatures. Why not shift to a higher ground level instead with the Lawson Hammock. The spreader bar and arch pole design keeps the bed of the tent pretty flat and perfect for resting during your camping trip. You won’t need additional trees to tie them and that’s what makes this hammock one of a kind. Get one now and head for your next campsite like a pro.

Kaisr – Inflatable Air Lounge
The KAISR inflatable sofa is a lounge for the beach lovers. It can inflate within seconds and take your beach life to new heights altogether. The design is lightweight and super easy to carry which is where lies its benefits. So whether you’re spending a sunny day at the beach or simply lounging in your backyard, this is perfect for every outdoor meetup. The fact that it serves as an inflatable lounge chair makes it a great everyday carry for those who want to travel light without compromising with their comfort and style.

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