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Monday, 24 October 2016

Best Gadgets For Your Kids: Octopus Watch, Pockit Stroller and More

Want to make your parenthood a bit more easy? Try these gadgets for new parents and observe the magic for yourself. Here are some of the best examples you must go for such as the Octopus Watch, Pockit Stroller and more.

Pockit Stroller – The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller
Carrying your child whenever you’re traveling is a lot of concern. But not if you something as cool as this Pockit stroller. The coolest feature here is that it folds down to a mere seven inches when not in use which makes it easy for you to carry it on the go. Much unlike the traditional strollers, this one is compact and lightweight.

Octopus Icon-Based Watch and Scheduler for Kids
Building good habits is a very much essential for modern kids. In an age where technology has taken over every brand of our life, let’s leave this section with technology too through the Octopus Watch. This is one of the coolest wristwatches designed for the modern kid that can be comprehended by the. It will teach them to be responsible and independent in the long run. Other than this, you can also program visual reminders on the watch and make your  kids follow their daily routine in a whole new way.       

Photon – World’s First Robot That Grows With Your Child
Learning how to code is essential for modern kids. From seeing, hearing, measuring distance as well as surpassing obstacles, the Photon robot will give your child an opportunity to code at a very young age. There is a corresponding mobile app that will make the kids learn coding through tasks and achievements. They get to earn reward points on passing levels to boost up their morale which is what makes this robot a perfect tech companion for your kids now. For more information about Octopus Watch, click on the given link.

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