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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Spigen Apple Watch Accessories Are Indeed One of a Kind

Those of you who have already got their hands on the Apple Watch will agree that it is surely a masterpiece. So, in order to accessorize it, you’ll need products that are cool and totally out of the box. Let’s have a look at Spigen Apple Watch accessories for that extra inspiration!

Spigen’s S350 Apple Watch Stand – Made Entirely of Scratch-Free TPU
One look at the Spigen’s S350 Apple Watch Stand will tell you that this stand entertains smart functionality packed within a minimal design. The beauty of this design is that it has been made entirely out of scratch free TPU. There is a bottom lip which will cradle your watch on its side and keeps it stable on the stand that way. It will not sway from side to side as well. The exact charger cut-out and two-way cable insert ensures precision and makes the design even more adorable. There’s the Nanotac pad which will ensure that the stand stays on place and does not slide on flat surfaces. The dock will hold the watch with band closed or open. This Spigen Apple Watch stand on your bedside table will only enhance your overall Apple Watch experience.

Tough Armor Case for the Apple Watch by Spigen
Keep your Apple Watch safeguarded from bumps and scratches by enveloping it with the Tough Armor case for the Apple Watch by Spigen. It has been made out of polycarbonate and TPU that gives a solid appearance as well as lets your watch absorb shock. In spite of using the case, you will still be able to use the buttons and wristband like you normally do and enjoy the active, multi-tasking lifestyle as promoted by the Apple Watch. The built-in screen protector comes as an add-on which will protect the screen and keep it safe from scratches due to everyday wear and tear. Let the luxury stay intact with your forever.

Apple Watch Charging Stand by Spigen

By using the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand, you’ll be able to support your watch at a preferred viewing angle while it is charging. The stand has been made out of flexible TPU and premium aluminium to get the desired finish and design. There’s a circular cut-out for securely fitting the charger beneath the watch and saving your desktop from clutter at the same time. The design is pretty smart and ergonomic which does make for an amazing stand for your Apple Watch every time it’s off your wrist and displayed on the desk or nightstand. Don’t let the luxury be neglected!

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