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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Best Mac Accessories For Those Who Like to Work in Style

There’s nothing like a MacBook for any modern professional. But what’s in a work life without some fun? Now, where does that fun come from? Maybe with some of these really best Mac accessories. They are cool, fun and definitely useful for your everyday work life. Have a look:

Tesseract – The Immersive 6-Axis Computer Mouse and Controller
Go beyond the two dimensions of the traditional mouse with Tesseract, the immersive 6-axis computer mouse and controller. With revolutionary design and engineering, this controller gives you instant advantage whether you’re crushing the competition or an essay. Tesseract works with any PC with Windows and has movement through six axes for total, all over control. Easy to use and even easier to set up, Tesseract is wireless, connecting to a hub that plugs into your computer.

Leef Ice 3.0 – The Copper 64GB Flash Drive
Beautifully store loads of documents and media with Leef Ice 3.0, the copper 64GB flash drive. Arguably the sexiest USB flash drive in the world, this super compact unit is one of the best Mac accessories which features a real copper connector housing and a clear, ice-like storage section. With its grand lustre, the copper elevates this flash drive to heightened style while the eye-catching crystal adds some style. Beyond beauty, the Leef Ice 3.0 is water resistant, shock and dust proof to keep your stuff safe.

Favi Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
From the dorm room to the boardroom FAVI’s pocket keyboard is tailored for the modern lifestyle. Take full control of your tablet, ultra book, laptop, or desktop with more speed, accuracy and comfort. The intuitive key layout allows for fast and accurate typing all while reducing hand/finger strain. Whether you are the “hunt &peck” type or a professional secretary, the FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse is sure to impress.

The Sensel Morph – Multi-Touch Interactive Surface
Use your computer in ways never before imagined with the Sensel Morph, a multi-touch interactive surface. About the size of an iPad, the Morph uses Pressure Grid technology and over 20,000 individual sensors to become a tool for anything you can think of. It is one of the cool Mac accessories which can detect if you’re touching it with your fingers, a paintbrush, and even a drum stick. Whatever your passion, the Morph can, well, morph into anything you need. It comes with Overlays, automatically detected flexible sheets, to determine its purpose. Click here to best Mac accessories.

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