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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Best Smart Home Appliance to Enjoy An Automated Lifestyle

Your home makes the best place for you to rest at the end of each day. Now, won’t it be cool to nurture it with some of the coolest smart home appliance you see around? Let’s say smart vacuum cleaners or home alarms or security cameras. Here are some of the latest and the best smart home appliance your little abode is in need of.

Osram Lightify Flex and WeMo Starter Set
Illuminate and automate your home with the Osram Lightify Flex and WeMo Starter Set. Coming in a set of three two-foot strips, these LED lights can go under cupboards and cabinets, behind a mirror, or anywhere else in your home to add a beautiful ambience. When paired with the included WeMo Link, which easily plugs into a standard outlet, you can totally customize the Osram Lightify Flex LED set. The super intuitive WeMo app gives you the ability to choose from thousands of color choices for the LED strips as well as turn the lights on and off, set a schedule, and dim the lights.

eMotion – The Moving Robotic Video Chat Stand
The future has arrived! Introducing eMotion, the moving robotic video chat stand. Holding a tablet at the perfect conversation height, this stand has the incredible ability to move wherever you’d like it to go. It turns your standard video charts into telepresence. Controlled by an intuitive remote, eMotion connects to your iPad or Android tablet and displays the video chat screen. eMotion is great for decreasing the distance between far away family members, satellite offices, or those who you can’t see in person. You can even use this robotic system to make sure you’ve turned off appliances after you’ve left home.

Holî SleepCompanion – The Sleep Enhancing and Monitoring Light
Wake up with a spring in your step, or at least more willingly, with Holî SleepCompanion, the sleep enhancing and monitoring light as the next cool smart home appliance for your home. Emitting a specific blue light, this smart bulb naturally reduces the amount of melatonin in your body to wake up you gently. At night, the light emits a subtle warming glow to whisk you off to sleep without counting sheep. Connecting to the accompanying app and a variety of fitness trackers, including Jawbone and FitBit, SleepCompanion tracks the temperature, noise, and even brightness in your environment while you sleep. With this key insight and further analysis, you can make adjustments to improve your sleep.

Revogi Smart Meter Outlet
Turn your home into a smart home with the easy to use Revogi Smart Meter Outlet. Plugging into a standard outlet in your home and pairing with the app via Bluetooth, this system can help you remotely control and monitor up to ten devices. Simply plug in a device, such as a lamp or a speaker, open the app, and get total control right at your fingertips. The Revogi Smart Meter outlet and app also measure the power consumption of each device with real time metrics and a detailed history, enabling you to be informed and make more energy conscious decisions each day. The Revogi system also lets you set schedules and anti-burglar modes to keep your lights active even when you’re away.

Thermostat For Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops by Netatmo

Coming in five colors, the Thermostat For Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops by Netatmo is designed to help you take control of your home’s temperature. It is one of those smart home appliance which is compatible with oil, gas or wood boilers and comes with a translucent plexiglass cube. The e-ink display you see is energy efficient and has been provided with an extended range capability as well as optimum readability. The mobile apps are available for Android, iOS as well as Windows platforms with free access to your online personal dashboard. The temperature is found to be very stable with this thermostat which will help you enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at home. Click here to smart home appliance.

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