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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Best iPad Accessories For a Better Tablet Experience

Your tablet solves the purpose of browsing on the go. So why not make the most out of it by accessorizing it the right way. Here are some of the best iPad accessories that might help you through the process.

The First Wire Bound iPad Case
Your work is unique so should your iPad case.The first wire bound iPad case provide full protection to your iPad pro & Apple Pencil. The case is made of 3 layer protection case with PU leather material for outside, hard plastic as the second layer and microfiber in the inner most layer of the case. Each of these layers were brought together with months of improvisations, testing and research. Along with these it uses customized spiral wirebind made with cold form steel of 1.35mm thickness to it. Also with it there is a two strap iPad pencil protective holder inside the case to enhance the whole look and feel of the sketchbook case. All this can be availed in customized case designs and covers.

Bamboo Spark
For those who often find it difficult to carry their tablets on the go, the Bamboo Spark Tablet Sleeve is worth a try. This is a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen and a spot for your favorite paper. You can write on it by hand and then press a button to save your handwritten notes to the Bamboo Spark app for light editing. If required, you can also try and use the Wacom Cloud for archiving, sharing and access anywhere. The beauty of this device is that it gives you access to your content on most devices, including smartphones, tablets or computer. It even works with cloud based services such as Evernote and Dropbox so that you are able to experience the connected note taking experience anywhere on the go. Choose among the three folio styles and make use of one of these best iPad accessories next.

Tabble – The Ultimate Hands Free Tablet Experience

Enjoy the apps on your tablet from virtually any position with Tabble, the ultimate hands free tablet experience. This revolutionary case can be worn to display your tablet in multiple ways all while keeping your hands free. Complete with a hinge, the plastic exoskeleton case can act as a mount or stand on a table or be used with the included straps to hang around your neck, be supported at your waist, or even rest on your lap. Here are some of the best iPad accessories that might help you through the process With Tabble, the ways of viewing and using your tablet are endless. Amazingly, Tabble fits every tablet and e-reader with screens from six inches to 13 inches. Precisely cut hols retain your access to the volume and power buttons as well as the ports and speakers. When it’s not in use, Tabble folds flat for easy storage.

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