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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cool Apple Watch Accessories You Must Use Once

Got an Apple Watch and can’t find that best accessory for it? Here are some of the coolest Apple Watch accessories you should give a try. After all, a luxury smartwatch experience is always incomplete without that perfect accessory by your side.

Travel Power Bank by Griffin – Keychain Sized External Battery For Apple Watch
Your Apple Watch can now get pumped on the go from the Travel Power Bank by Griffin. This is a keychain sized external battery designed especially for the Apple Watch. It comes with an inductive charging pad with a simple, square design you can easily carry in your pocket. The 800 mAh battery can provide up to four charges of the Apple Watch and what makes it one of its kind is the portable design. Tie it up with your keychain and carry it wherever you go. Keeping your Apple Watch pumped up was never this easy. A new entry in the world of power banks which just made your Apple Watch more powerful for outdoor use.

Apple Watch Wall Charger by Wiplabs
Eliminate bulky and messy charging cables with the Apple Watch Wall Charger by Wiplabs. Securely holding your smartwatch in place, this charger has no visible wires or cables. The genius design features an internal compartment to coil the MagSafe charging cable while conveniently displaying the magnet on the exterior. At the other end of the Apple Watch Wall Charger is an opening to attach the USB end of the charger into the plug. This connection assembles the device, leaving just the magnetic charger and plug to be visible. Once plugged in, it appears as though your Apple Watch gracefully and magically charges right against the wall. The Apple Watch Wall Charger works with any plug socket, giving you the ultimate convenience with the freedom to charge anywhere.

Bobine WATCH – Flexible Apple Watch Charging Dock
Charge your smart watch any place you’d like with Bobine WATCH, the flexible Apple Watch charging dock. The body of this charger is flexible and bendable so it can wrap around a variety of objects to keep your Apple Watch where you want it – even in mid air. The bendy metal is lightweight yet sturdy enough so it can securely hold your smartwatch without overpowering itself in weight. Your magnetic charging easily clips into place in the head of Bobine WATCH and a cord clip keeps the charging cable tidy and out of the way. Use Bobine WATCH to keep your watch in the perfect place for Nightstand mode or safely attach it to your car so you can keep your eyes on the road. At 24 inches long, Bobine WATCH is truly minimalistic yet practical and can conform to any environment.

Orzly Nightstand for Apple Watch
Elegantly display your smartwatch to catch all of your notifications with the Orzly Nightstand for Apple Watch. Available in bright colors such as blue, red, and green as well as matte black, this is one of those Apple Watch accessories which is a stand made of durable polyurethane material to keep it stable and secure. It rests on top of a non-slip base to make docking and undocking an easy, one handed manouver. The Apple Watch charger neatly tucks into the Orzly Nightstand to keep your space as tidy as can be. The smooth finish of this stand is the perfect shape to safely cradle your Apple Watch while it charges. Keep your smartwatch close so you never miss a beat with the Orzly Nightstand for Apple Watch.

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