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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Gadgets For Audiophiles: Music Jukebox and More

If you are totally into music, these gadgets are totally made for you. The list includes a music jukebox dock and a lot more. What’s in a life without music anyway!

Aether Cone – The Thinking Music Player
Audiophiles can bring home a thinking music player in the form of Aether Cone. This innovative design will listen to your requests, pick up your habits on music listening and learn your tastes pretty easily so as to create that ideal music atmosphere you desire. The speaker will always take care of your music needs so that you’re able to enjoy your moments even more. Simply press the center button and ask for your favorite song to be played. To skip to a similar type song that’s playing, all you have to do is turn the dial a little. When you give it a bigger spin, the player will switch to a genre of music completely different from what you’re listening at present. The more you use this speaker, the more intelligent it becomes.

Music Jukebox Dock for Smartphones, Tablets and Bluetooth Music Players
This retro Jukebox Dock decked with colorful neon lights looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a 1950s diner where you had to feed coins to play your favorite tunes. Well, it’s about the same, except that this one eats your smartphones and tablets. You dock your device into the jukebox for charging, they connect through Bluetooth, and the stereo speakers start blaring. It works with iTunes, and also with other jukebox apps that you can download from the App Store.

Combat Sync – First Walkie Talkie and Music Share Headphones
Enjoy the music you love. Share it. Communicate with friends and workout buddies! All with the revolutionary Combat+ Sync Headphones. The Combat+ Sync will allow you to enjoy, share, and connect, even during the most strenuous of activities. From the daily commute, in schools, and at the office, we’re able to carry and enjoy the music we love. Yet, the shortcomings of existing personal audio products continues to prevent us from properly enjoying our music during our workouts or intense physical activities – the periods when music can benefit us the most. At Soul, we recognise the power of music in our daily lives. We use music to block out unwanted distractions. We rely on it to centre our emotions, hone our focus, and motivate us. But just like food, music is also better when shared. Music allows us to connect with others and create new shared experiences.

The Sound Torch – Set your Music on Fire!

Like fire? LOVE music? Now you can combine the two! Introducing: The Sound Torch – world’s FIRST affordable PyroBoard. The Sound Torch is a portable speaker that visualizes your music, connects to your phone, and its awesome! – Also tell your fav Dj or band about us, we might Sound Torch their music! The new and never seen before design of the Pyro board, which you may have seen on Youtube. If you were a fan of the Pyro board you’re guaranteed to like the Sound Torch. The SoundTorch takes the amazing effect of the Pyro board and turns it into a portable and affordable Bluetooth speaker. The list includes a music jukebox dock and a lot more. Use it for your special occasion, your party or as live fire decoration. With our upcoming app you’ll even be able to control the fire!

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