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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Total Relaxation: Luxury Bed Rest Pillow, Cardiff Wings and More

Want to add to your relaxation hours? Here are some of the coolest total body support pillow you must try your hands on. Take a look!

SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow
The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow will make you feel like you’re floating on water, if not on cloud nine. As a matter of fact, it makes for a great pool float on which you can laze around and snooze as happy as a hippo wallowing in a pond in the African Savannah. You can just as well use it to lounge around and soak in the sun poolside or up on a sun deck or terrace. It’s also perfect for couples who want to frolic together because it’s buoyant enough to stay afloat with two people. The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow is entirely weather resistant, which means you can keep it outdoors in the hot sun or when it’s raining, and it’ll cause no wear and tear or damage to the pillow.

SONO Pillow – A New Class of Comfort
The SONO Pillow combines thoughtful ergonomics, engineering, and aesthetics into one of the latest travel must haves. Support meets style in this modern travel pillow with its custom designed side bolsters, thin neck band, and a flexible spine. The inward curve, the rounded shoulders, and the gentle rise combine to tilt your head gently back towards its natural resting state. A state that opens the airways to promote better, healthier breathing. The side bolsters conform to your collar bone rising all the way to the chin to reduce lateral flexion. So your neck won’t get sores from falling too far to the side. The flexible spine will allow you to contort the pillow into whatever position you prefer. To maintain ergonomic integrity, it was crucial the pillow be rigid enough to hold its shape. After much trial and error, the team discovered the perfect blended memory foam combined with an internal spine that allows the SONO Pillow to stay in place no matter how you like to sleep.

Cardiff Wings – Sleep. Made. Easy
Cardiff Wings are one of the first and only airplane headrests you’ll ever need.  It’s truly a device that makes sleeping on the go super easy. The fully adjustable design of Cardiff Wings can accommodate users of all sizes. By attaching to your seat with a simple, universal mount, the Cardiff Wings provide lateral support to keep the user’s head and body upright and comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep. It is a thoughtfully designed, intelligent and simple solution to a problem that, until now, has been a pain in the neck for travelers everywhere. The Quick Grip Ratchet System provides a secure mount ensuring a tight fit on the passengers’ seat.

The Total Body Support Pillow
Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. The Comfort-U Luxury Bed Rest Pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with firbromyalgia – an ailment that causes chronic joint and muscle pain. On your side or on your back, sitting up or lying down, the Comfort-U Body Support pillow allows you to stretch out and cradle your entire body in support and comfort. This extraordinary pillow helps keep every part of your body in perfect alignment, so a more restful sleep is a dream come true.

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