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Monday, 26 September 2016

Best Samsung Phone Accessories You Must Have a Look At

Got a Samsung phone and can’t find enough ways to accessorize your phone? Here are some of the coolest Samsung phone accessories you can go for.

Put2Go – Car Mount with Wireless Charging, Ultra Convenient
Put2Go is the simplest solution for in-car wireless charging. It combines wireless charging technology with a magnetic phone dock. Securely charging a phone in your car has never been easier. It’s as simple as putting your phone on the dock. The Put2Go Team aims to make wireless charging as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi and create a more hassle-free life for everyone. Yes, it’s as simple as putting your phone on the dock. It will hold your phone and charge it at the same time. Put2Go is loaded with amazing features. It offers 1A output, twice the standard USB output (500mA), allowing you to charge while using your favorite navigation app when driving, a feature that has worked perfectly during a test. You’ll be surprised to know that Put2Go is 100% funded within 16 hours on Kickstarter. When are you going for this cool wireless charging solution?

EasyAcc Ubright Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight
Top up your devices even in the middle of the night with the EasyAcc Ubright Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight. Made to fit in your pocket or bag, you can easily keep this charger handy anywhere you go. The Ubright Portable Battery features a 5000 mAh battery which can recharge your smartphone 1.5 times. With 2A output gives you super fast charging speed to save you up to 50% of time. The Ubright Portable Battery also features an ultra-bright flashlight that can last on the same built-in 5000 mAh battery and run for an impressive 10 hours. Whether you’re looking for your keys or exploring at night, the Ubright Portable Battery has got you covered with power and light.

Xiaomi Piston In-Ear Stereo Earphone
Excellent sound quality begins with the diaphragm, which is embedded at the heart of any headphone. In order to deliver a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges, Xiaomi sandwiched an aerospace-grade metal composite layer in between two PET layers. This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal while improving richness in the lower ranges thanks to the incredible flexibility of PET. This breakthrough design has revolutionized Mi In-Ear Headphones, providing balanced output and superior definition across the entire frequency range.

DJI Osmo Mobile Motion Camera Setup
Turn your smartphone into a motion camera with the DJI Osmo Mobile. This will help you shoot every moment while looking smooth, professional and ready to share. Use it with the DJI GO app to automatically track your subject, capture stunning motion time-lapse or even stream a moment live around the globe. ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to keep your smartphone facing you as you move automatically. You no longer have to choose between recording a moment or taking part in it. Do both and share scenes from your life that people have never seen. Osmo Mobile is one of those Samsung phone accessories that smooths and even cancels out the movements you make, stopping camera shake and turning every shot into a cinematic video. It gives your mobile videos that professional touch you desire, and that’s what makes it one of a kind. For more details, click here.

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