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Friday, 16 September 2016

Ride Safe With the Lumos Helmet, Babaali Smart Helmet and More

Riding without a bike helmet is not done. Just to make sure you’re up to date with the modern style trends, here are some of the latest bike helmets to go for. Like the Lumos helmet, Babaali Smart Helmet and more.

Thousand – Finally, A Bike Helmet You’d Actually Want To Wear
Thousand is a design-driven lifestyle brand with one mission: to reinvent the bike helmet. Helmets are an age-old industry with limited experts and planet-friendly options—and we want to change that. We’ve used environmentally-friendly alternatives, tracked the origin of our materials and found manufacturers with integrity. We didn’t wear helmets, but after the loss of a friend, we wondered why. Especially after researching the statistics. In the US, there are roughly 1,000 bicycle-related fatalities in a year. That’s why we created Thousand to design helmets that we’d actually want to wear and therefore help save lives.

The Bouclier Visor: Sun Protection On Your Bike Helmet
The first bike helmet-mounted visor that shades your entire face: 98% UV blocking, detachable and easy to install. Sun-safe biking! Riding a bike is good for your body, mind and soul. It’s even good for the Earth and your pocketbook. But you can’t ride in the sun without exposing your face to dangerous UV rays. That’s why we developed the Bouclier visor: to provide full-face sun protection on a bike helmet . Bouclier (pronounced BOO-klee-ur) means “shield” in French — and a Bouclier visor shields your entire face from the sun! The cycling community is a diverse crowd, consisting of commuters, tourers, road and recreational riders – and they all have their own favorite kinds of helmets. We thought the best way to honor this diversity was to offer a visor that can attach to pretty much any helmet you choose – we’re here to help all of you protect your skin, no matter how you like to ride.

Torch T2 Bike Helmet With Integrated Lights
The Torch T2 bike helmet is the only bike helmet with 10 integrated LED lights and rechargeable batteries. The integrated lights project onto shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses which spread the light making you visible from 360 degrees. The in-mold construction keeps the helmet durable and light at only 13oz. and is available in eight different colors including a Midnight Edition with tinted lenses that match the matte black shell. The lights feature four different functions including two flash modes and will run from 6 to 36 hours per charge depending on the light mode chosen. Recharging is easy using the included USB cable and only takes about 1.5 hours. The T2 also features a new battery level indicator that will blink 1-4 times indicating what percentage of charge is left in each battery. The one size design will fit 54-61 cm with the included dial-adjust fit system and two different sets of interior pads. The helmet is CPSC and CE certified.

Babaali Smart Helmet
Introducing to whole new form of safety headgear with the Babaali Smart Helmets. The series includes three designs namely the Smart Cycle Helmets, Smart Ski Helmets and Smart Construction Helmets. They use cutting edge technology to improve performance and safety for all. The Smart Cycle Helmets come with rear view assist and can take phone calls, navigate and listen to music. They also include heart rate monitors and integrated turn signals that enable you to enjoy a futuristic bike ride whenever you are on the roads. The Smart Ski Helmets have been provided with Bluetooth Technology that allows a secure audio connection to your mobile phone along with many other features. Finally, there’s the Smart Construction Helmets, which can be built to customer specification and includes features such as heart rate monitoring, speed, temperature, oxygen, VOC, pressure and more.

Lumos – A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet – Kickstarter Fully Funded
Have you ever forgotten your bike lights or felt invisible on the road? Never forget your lights again with Lumos helmet, a next generation bicycle helmet with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Smashing through its $125,000 Kickstarter goal within just a few hours, Lumos is one of the fastest growing bicycle related Kickstarter campaigns ever, and it looks like its taking the biking world by storm! Its a new and innovative bicycle helmet that improves your visibility and ability to communicate to motorists around you while riding in traffic. Featuring turn signals and automatic brake lights that are built into the helmet, Lumos is for cyclists everywhere.

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