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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New Technology Gadgets for the Geeks

If you love technology and the good side of it, you must have a thing for the latest gadgets. Here are some of the new technology gadgets you might want to add to your collection too.

Welcome – Home Security Camera with Face Recognition by Netatmo
Smart home gadgets are the new way of protecting your indoor life and Welcome by Netatmo is another example of excellence from that sector. It is a revolutionary smart home security camera that has been designed with face recognition technology. The camera will not only provide you remote security monitoring but also alerts you whenever your kids or elderly parents pass in front of the camera. The names are directly sent to your smartphone via the corresponding mobile app. That way, you’ll know when they are home. It will alert you everytime it comes across a stranger so that you’re able to take a step as and when required. If you see closely, this is actually a great way you can keep a check on your vacation home The videos are privately stored in the camera’s local micro SD card. Home security gone better and smarter.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch
Improve your game and lower your score with the Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch. Using the latest technology in wearables, this smartwatch is able to measure your shot distances and automatically record each one for a detailed post-round analysis. To fine-tune your game, this smartwatch is able to track how many fairways you hit, and putts per round. Additionally, the Approach S20 Golf Watch is equipped with activity tracking and will even remind you to stay active while you’re on and off the course. Throughout the day you can view your steps, calories burned, distance, and even the hours you sleep. Above all, this comfortable watch displays the time whenever you need it and remains sleek and stylish for any outfit.

Hudly – Full Color Heads-Up Display for All Cars & Phone Apps
Project your phone onto a transparent screen on your car’s windshield with Hudly. By projecting the information directly in your line of sight, Hudly allows you to drive safer and keep your eyes on the road. The other features include the companion iOS and Android apps that will help you to drive with much ease. Hudly is compatible with all cars that have an OBD2 port or cigarette lighter adapter. It looks great in any light condition with the built-in light sensitivity sensor and special optical glass. The device will also use your phone’s native voice control features so that you can safely interact with mobile apps while driving. Hudly will always be ready to go since it connects directly to the car’s power source and has no batteries to charge. A perfect heads-up display that will help you keep your eyes on the road in spite of being digitally connected.

Ween – The Life Responsive Smart Thermostat
Introducing Ween, the life responsive smart thermostat. Built with the environment and your wallet in mind, this thermostat is one of the most amazing gadgets that adapts to your lifestyle to save both money and energy. Totally automated and through using GPS algorithms and motion detection, Ween detects when you’re home and when you’re not and adjusts the temperature accordingly or to even turn it off. Unlike learning thermostats, Ween actions each of your absences and arrivals to make your home cozy no matter what your daily schedule. Easily pairing with your smartphone, this super clever device manages your home so you don’t have to. Tap the app to learn about your energy use and savings in real time. Designed for the modern home, Ween is available in glossy white, sport, or nature designs.

RIZE – Spinning Ferrofluid Display
The RIZE is one of the cool new products that works as a beautiful hand made piece of art. It creates stunning visual displays using ferrofluid and directed magnetic fields! Created using a variety of metals and finishes, it looks great in your home or office. The RIZE is activated when you place the sculpture onto its magnetic base. This magnetizes the giant machine screw in the middle and causes the ferrofluid to spin around and rise in a beautiful display that will mesmerize you. The RIZE captivates childlike curiosity and amazement when people view it, and it makes for the ultimate distraction on your desk or centerpiece in your office. Get this spinning masterpiece on your work desk now and enjoy its beauty every day at work. For more information about new technology gadgets click on the given link.

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