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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Give Your Kids Something Special With These Gadgets for Kids

Your kids deserve special attention. Sometimes in the form of little gifts too. Like these gadgets for kids that will surely add some entertainment to their life.

Codeybot – The Fully Customizable Robot
Teach your kids the future of technology with Codeybot, the fully customizable robot. A fun way to learn, this robot educates your kid about the world of coding while playing games. Children can use Codeybot to record audio to hear the robot speak in a silly voice, use the internal gyros to keep it balanced, connect to Wi-Fi to play music, make the robot dance to music, draw a face on the LED screen, and even shoot lasers when playing with other Codeybots in battle mode. Hitting the spot for auditory, visual, and tactile learners, Codeybot can be controlled by voice, through the mBlocky app, or in tilt remote control mode. Connecting seamlessly with the app, Codeybot implicitly teaches your child to learn to code while having the most fun. Do you like the concept?

Edo – The Giant Cardboard Bricks For Building Anything
Edo is easy to assemble cardboard blocks with which kids can build just about anything. Just let your imagination take over. A fort, a supercar you can sit in, a monstrous Tyrannosaurus, anything can come to life with Edo. The bricks are pretty sturdy and solid, and they come in the classic cardboard color (Havana), or Icy White. If they reach their stretch goals, you will even be able to select a mix of bright, modern colors. They’ve also added an idea: each package will now contain several junctions. A junction is used to put together for example two x2 blocks and turn them into an x4. The x4 blocks are necessary for complex builds that need structure, and you can use the junctions to create as many as you like and then disassemble them. You can even create x3 or x6 blocks.

Room in Room – Add a Versatile Room Right onto Your Bed
Help your kids go to bed feeling safe or enjoy your private laptop station and watch a movie in your private space with Room in Room. Just like the suggests, it is an indoor bed tent that will take your sleeping quality to another level altogether. This would be a great space for little ones. Children love small private space because they remember the time in mother’s womb and perhaps because the whole world is way too big for their little body. The distinctive design of Room in Room circulates the heat inside while blocking out the cold air. The large mesh on top constantly ventilates the air inside, keeping the air inside warm and fresh. They guarantee you a warmer winter with Room in Room. Unlike other indoor tent companies that use fiberglass poles, Room in Room is made by using aluminum poles. Aluminum poles are expensive for its strength and durability.

Pokémon Eevee 3D Molded Backpack
Make your hunt for Pokémon more convenient than ever before with the Pokémon Eevee 3D Molded Backpack. Officially licensed, this backpack is one of those gadgets for kids that retains its shape even when empty and is complete with flappy ears. The padded adjustable straps and padded vented back make this backpack comfortable and easy to carry. Perfect for students and professionals alike, the Eevee 3D Molded Backpack even has Poké ball zipper pulls to complete the look. Made of polyester, the Eevee 3D Molded Backpack is outfitted with an organizer on the interior pocket and the 16-inch main compartment closes with durable double zippers to secure anything from your sneakers to your laptop. The Eevee 3D Molded Backpack can be easily spot cleaned when needed. Know the more information, click here.

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