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Saturday, 17 June 2017

What is a peel smart remote?

It is a free application that can be installed on an android phone. A peel smart remote app is basically a remote, but on your phone. This app will perform as equally as the remote that comes with your television.

Requirements to run peel smart remote app

Not all phones can run this app; only those meeting the following specifications and above.

•    An infrared blaster
•    3.2 minimum android version
•    22 MB of space

Most of the latest phones in the market meet these specifications. Some of the most popular phones compatible with this app include:

•    LG G3
•    Samsung Galaxy S5, S IV & Note 4
•    OnePlus One
•    Sony Xperia Z & Z2
•    LG Google Nexus 5, among others

Features of the Peel App
•    A program guide showing what is on TV at that particular time.
•    No need for programming when establishing a connection between the app and your provider.
•   Ability to offer TV listings for up to 110 countries in multiple languages. TV listings are generated automatically after entering the make, model location and provider during pairing.
•    No codes or passwords are needed as the app uses the TV listings for your specific region to pull data.
•    An adjust setting to curate to your package and also the favourites feature to save your favourite channels.
•    An all day-all week schedule of programs, with details of the type and content of the immediate upcoming program.
•     A pause and adjust volume buttons.
•    A reminder feature for a latter program or save option in case you will be engaged during live streaming of your favourite program.
•     A PG restriction capability.

It’s easy to enjoy these features; go to your play store, download the peel smart remote app and install.

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