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Friday, 2 June 2017

The best watermelon knife

Watermelon is a delicious fruit, which is loved by all of us. It is not only refreshing during summers, but also is full of nutrition. However, the size of watermelon is big so people face difficulty sometimes in cutting it properly. The best way to enjoy a watermelon is with a proper watermelon knife. Yes you need proper pieces of the fruit and they can only be obtained when there is a proper knife for cutting the fruit. Important point that you should understand is that watermelon can’t be cut with an ordinary kitchen knife. 

Ordinary knives don’t do the job
The conventional knives that we use in kitchens for cutting other fruits and vegetables are simply not good enough for dealing with big sized and hard watermelons.

The watermelon knife
Because of this reason specialized knife have been designed for watermelons, which comes with proper shape, sharpness and length. One such product is knife for watermelon that is from Kuhn Rikon. Let’s put a look at its qualities. 

•    There are different brands which manufacture watermelon knife, but the one produced by Kuhn Rikon has its own distinctive appeal for many reasons.
•    It has a long handle of green color that has blade present towards the anterior side. The product features a seed-cut design for the purpose of preventing blade from getting stuck to the surface of melon.
•    The structure of handle has been built efficiently for the purpose of ensuring that a steady grip is present when pressure is being applied for cutting.
•    The presence of non-stick coating on blade allows it to glide through the skin of melon with a lot ease so that slicing can be made easier as well as convenient. 

These qualities make the watermelon knife from Kuhn Rikon an ideal choice and it is something that should always be present inside your kitchen.

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