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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Transforming to a modern lifestyle

They were made to upgrade and make our lives simpler; they are the best wearable tech of all centuries. These new technology gadgets improve your lifestyle to up to 80% of the normal. What does this even mean? Check out the following products.

·         Ringly-Smart Ring
It’s a water resistant finger ring that notifies you discreetly of important text messages, phone calls, emails, meeting, anniversary reminder, just anything and everything that requires immediate attention. All you need to do is to sync the Ringly ring to your device and customize colours and vibration patterns for different notifications as per your phone and to top it all, it’s also a charger; such an amazing cool tech.

·         Unyte Interactive Meditation Device
If you can’t get hold of a professional trainer, look no further. This system will guide you through any meditation exercise you wish to engage in. The iom2 bio-feedback device is clipped to the ear and depending on the breathing guide provided; one is able to monitor his/her physiological state. It helps to improve sleep, reduce pain, and some disorders and symptoms hence promoting a healthy living.

·         Vitali Everyday Smart Bra
This is important for women as it helps monitor the heart rate, breathing and sitting posture in real time all day long; such that if there is even a slight abnormality the device reminds you to take a deep breath and sit upright respectively.

·         Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor by iHealth
It is very unfortunate that someone who looks healthy can unexpectedly collapse due to high blood pressure, one of the reasons being not keeping track of blood pressure. This easy do-it-yourself home device not only keeps you updated on your health, but also reduces your trips to the hospital for frequent checkups. Just wrap the band around your arm, connect to the iHealth MyVitals app and in a matter of seconds you got your results which you can easily share with your doctor. Isn’t this the best wearable tech for your blood pressure? For more information, click this link.

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