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Monday, 15 May 2017

Kokoon Headphones

Listening to a soothing tune or your favorite song is nice. If you live by yourself you could just push play and listen to your favorite music while you fall asleep without having to worry about bothering anyone else. If you do not live by yourself chances are that you’ll need to put on some headphones unless you are looking to get into some trouble. Have you ever tried to fall asleep with a pair of headphones? It is mighty uncomfortable and that is why the Kokoon Headphones are the solution for this dilemma. You can now rest while you listen to your favorite music. Toss and turn all you want with the latest Headphones.

The Kokoon Headphones utilize EEG brainwave sensing technology in order to understand when you’re falling asleep and therefore lower the volume on the music you are listening to. It also learn from your surroundings in order to understand what helps you relax and rest. Are you afraid that you may be so relaxed that you may wake up late? There is no need to worry since this headphone know when you have reached the lightest point of your sleep cycle to wake you so you may wake feeling refreshed. Kokoon’s app will also monitor your sleep cycle so that you can identify patterns in your sleep and therefore know what will help you get a better good night’s rest. Not only do their design allow you to rest but its features also contribute to a better sleep. These headphones are made out of natural fabrics that allows it to be fully breathable and washable as well. We’d like to see you try washing your normal headphones. Sorry, do not do that. We don’t want you to ruin them. You can wash these though. Go ahead and give the Kokoon Headphones a try.

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